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In Topic: Lou on the Kovy Schmooze

08 April 2010 - 11:50 AM

I believe Lou wants Kovy to feel comfortable as a NJ Devil. Perhaps the Devils can't throw all the money in the world at him, but maybe, just maybe if they create a friendly environment for him he makes the sacrifice to stay in NJ.

It's not all about the money. It really isn't. Kovy is rich enough as it is now. Just ask Marty about that. Marty took way less money to play in NJ, and he did it for the right reasons. Maybe Kovy does the same.

I just hope that the same treatment is extended by Lou to the other players, marginal or not, so that there's consistency. The last thing the Devils need is a "sacred cow" type on the team that creates animosity and dissent from the other guys. That could significantly hamper team chemistry.

FYI - Lou gives baby Devils jerseys with the child's name on the back to the newborn children of all Devils' employees in the front office, so I don't think there's any inconsistency. He is very thoughtful and concerned about the families of all of the Devils' employees.

In Topic: Ted Leonsis Hopes R.J. Umberger Has A Nice Summer

06 April 2010 - 12:20 PM

I hope Ted Leonsis' team enjoys a long summer too.

...I wouldn't count on it!

This from LeBrun:

"There is much focus from the naysayers on the Caps' 17th-ranked goals-against average (2.78), but the statistic everyone should really look at is their five-on-five goals for-against ratio: tops in the NHL at a whopping 1.54 mark. As far back as we can tell, it's the best ratio in more than 12 years."--Pierre LeBrun

In Topic: Jeremy Roenick is still a tool

18 February 2010 - 10:56 PM

I've hated Roenick all of my life and can accurately say he is a tool. I have thought this for nearly 8 years now. But let me tell you why my 8 year formulated opinion has changed about him in the last couple of days. Roenick has took it upon himself to call out on TV one of the NHLs ugliest products, Mike Milbury. Roenick has clearly been bitching out Milbury on TV and it's beautiful. Roenick is a tool but Milbury is the scum of societies creations. Milbury killed the islanders frachise working for Bettman he came in as GM acted as an NHL porthole as he drafted some of the best talent in the 1990's and shipped them out all over the league while taking nothing in return, also Milbury while playing for the Bruins hopped the glass and began fighting fans in the stands in his skates. Finally Milbury and Pierre Pip Squeek Mcguire are the USA's voice of hokcey opinion on national broad casts and they are worse than anyone else at taking a stupid thought and blurting it out over the air. So Roenick even though you are a tool, for telling Mike Milbury what a jackass he is over Olympic broadcasting I say touche, youve went up in my book.

I absolutely agree with you - Milbury can't find anythng good to say about Ovechkin. When asked he'll immediately answer with "Crosby's better" and adds nothing to the debate. During the NBC broadcast of the Caps/Pens game a few weeks ago Milbury made a comment during the intermission (when the Pens were ahead) about Sidney still being "Ovechkin's daddy" that was absurd. And, of course, the Caps won that game, with an Ovie hat trick.

I don't know what Milbury's problem is (other than being in love with Crysby) but he's a ridiculous person to have as a national "commentator."

In Topic: NHL will decide whether Devils and Flyers are snowed out

10 February 2010 - 04:07 PM

The weather was an issue here in DC for Sunday's Caps/Penguins game. Although we were in a similar state of emergency (even though the snow had ended the Metro wasn't fully running and streets were not plowed), the game was not cancelled. Many Caps fans were similarly angry at the Caps for not cancelling, but we were told that the NHL makes the final decision - not the teams. As long as the teams (remember the trek the Pens had to make to get here from Montreal), the officials and the media is there the game will be played.

There's no point in getting angry at the Devils - nothing they can do. Caps fans wanted tickets to a future game, also and that was ruled out, mainly because there are no tickets available. But since hockey is a winter sport, and snow happens in winter, no NHL teams that I know of offer makeup tickets for a game that is actually played, even if it's in a blizzard.

That said - we've got almost 3 feet of snow outside from the two storms and there's no end in sight! You know it's bad when the Federal Government is closed - 4 days and counting!

In Topic: Has this team won a single game that Doc did not announce this season?

09 February 2010 - 12:51 PM

i hate how the entire versus broadcasting team are either former flyer players or fans. the broadcast tonight wasn't even close to objective.

Actually, the play by play guy last night was Joe Beninati, who is the Caps regular guy on CSN. I didn't sense any pro-Flyers attitude - remember, the Caps hate the Flyers almost as much as the Devils do! Meanwhile, although I love Doc and his call of the Devils games, I felt he, and the entire NBC (Nothing But Crosby) team were absolutely falling all over themselves to praise the Penguins on Sunday - some of the Milbury "love" of Crosby over Ovechkin during the first intermission looked pretty stupid given the final result of the game.

I attended the game (through the 2 feet of snow) but taped it and when I watched it later I was astounded at how much they praised the Penguins, how difficult their trip was, how composed they were on the bench when their 4-1 lead was dwindling....but it's especially surprising when Doc, who I like and respect, buys into it along with Milbury and Maguire. UGH!