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In Topic: 2014-2015 Lineup Thread

Today, 05:41 PM

I wouldn't mind Harrold If I knew Pete wasn't going to get silly and throw him out there on the PP and give him more than bottom pairing minutes. I have no faith in him to do that whatsoever though.




Players magically go from 0 to 60 (AHL banishment to on the PP down 1 with 2 minutes to go) on this roster lately, way too often. It's unsettling.


And vice versa: a week and a half ago, Brunner was made a key piece on the PP. Now he's been benched altogether a few games consecutively, and we see Bernier on the PP at times. 

In Topic: 2014-2015 Lineup Thread

Today, 04:34 PM

honestly i think Harold is a better overall defenseman than gelinas so IMO it's no big deal. Merrill is probably not game fit yet.


At his very best, Harrold is an invisible player who makes a neutral impact on the game; and that's on a good night. I'll say Harrold is better than Salvador, but in terms of risk/reward, I'd pick Gelinas everytime. Especially considering we've somehow begun to click on the PK for an extended run of games, why the kneejerk reaction to throw Harrold into the lineup? Last game was an anomaly, our biggest problem is scoring.

In Topic: 2014-2015 Lineup Thread

Today, 04:28 PM

"Devs' D pairs: Greene-Severson; Harrold-Zidlicky; Helgeson-Larsson; Gelinas-Merrill. Goalies: Schneider, Clemmensen." per @TGfireandice


If Harrold takes Gelinas or Merrill's spot starting the lineup right now, I'll lose my sh!t.

In Topic: 2014-2015 Around the league thread

22 November 2014 - 10:15 AM

isles beat pitts last night 5-4..wow


One of my favorite matchups to watch in the past few years ever since that game a few seasons ago where they had 346 penalty minutes. They then went onto play in the playoffs the lockout year and Isles gave them a huge run for their money.


This "rivalry" (in the making) has replaced Penguins-Flyers in my heart, because it seems like the Flyers always seem to beat the Pens nowadays. Isles-Penguins is a lot more entertaining.

In Topic: GDT: Devils @ Edmonton 9:30 PM

22 November 2014 - 10:04 AM

I know it's easy to shrug this win off as a win against Edmonton (and they suck) but teams like Edmonton are usually our Achilles Heal, so I'm thrilled with the win (and the performance).