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In Topic: RAY SHERO = NEW GM. Coach decision is Shero's.

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Read about what happened with the 76ers. Get ready for the same story here.


Our owners paid more than TWICE the payroll for the Devils' roster this year than they did for the 76ers'. They've shown they're committed to spending money and making moves, your comment is apples to oranges. I think they realize that a 23-man NHL team requires different strategies than an NBA team THEY hired Sunny Mehta. And THEY just hired a new GM whose achieved success in the new NHL.

In Topic: RAY SHERO = NEW GM. Coach decision is Shero's.

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HOLY fvck

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Today, 12:40 PM

At our skating rink in Sussex county the youth hockey program is called "Future Rangers - Learn to Play !" It makes me sick every time I see it. The Devils really need to protect their territory better.




Yup, exactly... sh!t like this.


To be honest, they've gotten better in the past 5 years, there are a lot more programs like this sponsored by the Devils now, but they were pretty much inexistent prior to 5 years ago I think. Still, it IS indeed a turf war and they need to be more aggressive and play the "Jersey Pride" angle a lot more. That, and only that, will resonate with New Jerseyans while the Rangers are the league's best team and our team sucks for a few more years.

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Devils used to hold official viewing parties at various bars across NJ at venues that would take them.  They would come with a couple of the Devils dancers and would also give out free tickets and prizes during the game.  There were 2 major issues though.


1) Some of the bars treated the events as afterthoughts.  I remember a couple of times the bar would shove all the people who came for the viewing party into a corner which killed the atmosphere.  Also, a certain well known sports bar in north NJ had the balls to hold a Devils and Rangers viewing party at the same time to maximize profits.  Yikes.


2) Apparently the Devils stopped doing the viewing parties because they found out that the people attending them were already Devils fans or ticket holders.  These events had very few casual fans come out and join and possibly want to go to a game later on.  More than 1 employee of the Devils have told me over the past couple of years why they stopped doing team-sponsored viewing parties a couple years ago as it attracted no new fans to come out to the arena.



Sounds about right. Personally, I know I and the diehards I know would go out of our way to the viewing parties they had at Texas Arizona in Hoboken. They did pretty well there with attendance, but we were all most likely season ticket holders. There needs to be a few more steps before the viewing parties that activate the casual/local potential fanbase. Those parties did in fact only appeal to us diehards. There's a lower level more broad level of marketing that needs to happen.


I think they still do viewing parties though, I know they did a couple recently at The Office in Montclair and another few before that somewhere in Wayne, but yeah, not as many as previous years I think.

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Today, 11:27 AM

On ice success is far from necessary for marketing


Eh... Maybe. But imagine this, imagine you're the web designer for the Devils' website at the beginning of last season. Who the hell do you put as the focal player of the website/splash? 29 other teams can answer that question in an instant, and maybe even lay out different options. Our web designer couldn't. We had Salvador on there for most of the season.... Outside of Schneider, there's no obvious choice in 2015-2016. Who on our team is even marketable?




Marketing isn't about winning or having a star. You just need to get the brand out there. Buy more billboard space, do promotions at bars all over the state. Get the logo out there. Make it the thing people see when they go to a sports bar or drive up the parkway. People in Winnipeg that hate hockey know the Jets exist


I do agree with you a bit there though. I go into bars in Hoboken and Jersey City and I find Rangers stickers or banners there. That doesn't mean the bar owner's a Rangers fan, it was probably a street team or marketing team that showed up to the bar one day and gave them Rangers swag. There's no reason not EVERY bar in New Jersey should have a Devils logo somewhere, simple as that.