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In Topic: Tom Fitzgerald named Assistant GM

Yesterday, 01:01 PM

I can buy the idea of Suter and Parise not staying in touch if it weren't for technology, but remember that besides the 90s, basically all the hockey players knew each other anyway because they were all mostly from the same regions in Canada.  And in addition, do we really see that many guys leaving their teams?  No.  It really doesn't work that way.  Martin St. Louis left Tampa for a myriad of reasons but I don't think any of them had to do with the rise of social media or cell phones - his family lives here and he wasn't put on the Olympic team and those were reasons enough for him to want to leave.  Kevin Hayes was a free agent and left Chicago for lots of sensible reasons and this was a thing that was done before this stuff was popular.  


We're not seeing this sort of thing become a trend.  People like to stick with their team, still.


May be true. Although, indirectly (and I agree, maybe this is a stretch but it's worth noting), someone like Martin St. Louis (in 2014) is more prone to hear about Ryan Callahan's contentious contract negotiations going into the trade deadline. It's being reported on a daily basis with feedback and opinions all over the "Twittersphere". The progress (or lack thereof) is making daily headlines suddenly in this day in age. The world knows when Callahan's agent walks into MSG and what his mood is going out. Someone like MSL (or his family or his agent) are all tuned into it as we are.


Whereas the details surrounding this stuff may have been much more opaque in the 90s, every little factor leading up to his trade request was right out there in the open, for him and his agent to look at and react to. 


He has a guy on the inside in Brad Richards who he can shoot a quick text over to talk to Glen Sather. And, like you said, the "Olympic snub" situation comes up, and MSL/his agent already have the whole situation surveyed and figured out a week before the trade deadline.


I'm not saying this trade doesn't happen in the 1990s. I'm just saying it happens a lot more easily and directly now, and almost without any qualms on MSL's part. It's almost a new-era form of collusion at the player-level, although there is no paper trail to investigate, and we're just satisfied with chalking it up to "people are more connected now".

In Topic: Tom Fitzgerald named Assistant GM

Yesterday, 09:52 AM

Who knows if the Devils are going to borrow another blueprint...just because some new Devils shot-callers and personnel are ex-Penguin execs doesn't mean that they're married to one way of thinking.  Guys do evolve and adjust as they do. 


Some people bring up Shero's firing more than a year ago to discredit him or his experience. I personally think it's great that he had one whole year to rethink his approach and rewrite a blueprint of his own. I'd actually feel less encouraged if he were hired directly from being active the Penguins office. A year off gives you time to really study and re-evaluate the game, which it sounds like he's done (with USA Hockey mostly).

In Topic: Tom Fitzgerald named Assistant GM

Yesterday, 09:45 AM

To go back to the couple thing. Its one thing to have a girl whos not 100% happy with her bf but restrained in social activities or network or wtv back in 1987. Its a other one to have a girl "on the fence" seeing pictures of her "happy looking" friends with their bf scrolling in her face all day long and then have a bunch of guys messaging her at the same time in 2015. Theres a lot more temptation these days.

Its really no different than in the nhl these days. Guys are unhappy and they see twitters and videos of other teams having fun in the locker room and doing cool sh!t, they can go and see exactly what teams have to spend and if they could fit on a team etc etc I would have never wanted to go play in dallas before say i was an nhl player... But SEEING how seguin and benn are having fun. That would make me think twice now.


Damn, you really hit the nail on the head, that's actually a great comparison.


Previously, maybe you had 5-10 guys you kept in touch with regularly. Maybe someone left the team who you and your family were close to so you keep in touch. Maybe he tells you stuff about the organization he's at that piques your interest; similar to what I think went on between Elias and Zidlicky in 2012 before that trade (and maybe Elias and Havlat last offseason).


Now, if you're 25 years old and a future/big name player, chances are you've met every similar player of your age and stature; between EA Sports commercials/events, All-Star Weekends, NHL Awards, etc. They had these events before, but there are more now, and they are more publicized (and possibly more fun for the athletes). Athletes in the 90s weren't scheduled by the NHL to do John Varvatos suit fittings together and/or Snapchat takeovers with rival teams' players. In the 90s, you probably wouldn't have taken down one of these guys' home phone number and kept in touch throughout the season, but now with Twitter and iMessage, all the guys you've met are at your fingertips. These guys keep in touch, they text and Tweet each other publicly. They go out to dinner now when they play each others' teams, and show everyone on Instagram.

Just think about Ryan Suter and Zach Parise during our 2012 Playoffs run. I don't think Suter and Parise talk during the playoffs it were the 90s. I don't think Suter calls Parise's home phone during the playoffs to "check in". I don't think that distraction ever comes up at any point before the iPhone is invented, and Parise and Suter probably do not BOTH "end up" in Minnesota with identical contracts.


I don't think Kevin Hayes or Martin St. Louis go to the Rangers last year, without the iPhone, social media, and the internet rumor mill. Mike Richards would still have a job, maybe he and Jeff Carter never get reunited in LA in 2012? Maybe they're both still Flyers? 

In Topic: Fan Misery Index - Devils #1....really?

Yesterday, 08:46 AM

We're not even in the top 10 honestly. This guy is way off base. 

In Topic: So now that Lou is gone...

24 July 2015 - 09:10 AM

i hope now as fans that we get to see a little more of the "behind the scenes" type of stuff, i remember when the stadium series games were going on they had a couple tv shows and each team got air time of locker room and behind the scenes stuff...every team but the devils, and i always felt shorted when it came to stuff like that. Lou wouldnt allow any of that so i hope that experience gets better for us now


What pissed me off about the Stadium Series was it was well publicized at the time that Lou was heavily restricting access and even vetting the footage; Gulitti and some others mentioned it at the time, that NBC staff were being given a hard time covering the Devils.


And looking back, it's just so ridiculous, so inexplicably silly. A locker room with titans and legendary heavyweights like Stephen Gionta, Bryce Salvador, Dainus Zubrus, and led by the inspirational game-changing Peter DeBoer, keeping it under wraps like Area 51, like it's something special and unique that must not be emulated.


Little did we know at the time that we'd nosedive after that game, as would the end of Brodeur's career; we'd miss the playoffs for the second and then third year in a row. That win would spark the Rangers' Eastern Conference supremacy the next year and a half.


And looking back, you just have to shake your head at how much energy and thought Lou was putting into TV/media access and other trivial things at the time, while our team and organization was literally falling apart. It's like spending the whole day boarding up your garage before the big hurricane hits, and totally ignoring or forgetting to do your house.