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In Topic: traveling to away games

Today, 01:12 PM

Yeah two fun games at the garden last season. That first one DJ was Carts scoring twice and Zubrus jamming home the game winner. The second MSG game was my favorite gm if the season.


Yep that's right!!! And Marty played lights out for both of them. Devils contingent was super loud in MSG last year. That second game was something else: come-from-behind victory, with Cam Janssen with a controversial goal to the absolute ire of Rangers fans, and a Gelinas OT winner... Phew...

In Topic: traveling to away games

Today, 12:50 PM

After seeing our fans invade MSG last year, I think we should get an organized trip to MSG (and LI) going.


I'm planning on it. Islanders are always a good one because it seems like our away games on the Isle are almost always weekend games!


As for MSG, the only drawback is our first game there is 2 days after Christmas. If those tickets aren't priced out because of being people's Christmas presents, then they'll be priced out because everyone who's off that week or every kid home from college will be penciling that one in.


The next one's a Saturday right at the tail end of the season, and we know Saturday games are always in the $110+ range at MSG.


Last season, we were lucky, there was a game on a Tuesday that I was able to go to for $60 in a sweet section (they call it "gallery" seating), buying it last minute. It was the one where Carter, I think, scored with 3 minutes left. And then there was the one that Gelinas ended in overtime, which I think was on a Saturday but in the middle of a slump. Doesn't look like there'll be any cheap games this time around.

In Topic: traveling to away games

Today, 09:48 AM

Pretty sure Montreal is closer to most points in Jersey than Toronto.


To answer the OP's question, I too am thinking of going to 1 or 2 "away" away games (outside of maybe MSG and Long Island).


- If I have some money to burn in February, I might do the Montreal game. After the cost of the ticket, flight, and hotel, it could get pricey for just a weekend.


- If I don't have too much money to burn in February, I'm eyeing up that Nashville game that month. Snatch a cheap flight, tickets will be pretty cheap, and hotels are pretty cheap. Nashville could be a pretty fun weekend away from the cold of NJ.

In Topic: 2014 Rookie Camp

Today, 09:42 AM

Well, nothing justifies anything that's done in the rookie draft; everything's a big question mark until 4-5 years from now in most cases. But knowing 29 other teams didn't take Lemieux made me step back and think (like Daniel said) maybe we just liked the idea of drafting him. We won't really know who's better for a while.

In Topic: 2014 Rookie Camp

Today, 08:54 AM

That's also under the assumption that all 30 GM's and their scouts know what they are doing all of the time.  Many times we see that is not the case.


I'd trust at least 15-16 of the other teams' scouts over ours (and probably more) consider our track record the last 11 years.

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