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#1335258 Mid-November Devils Tidbits

Posted by DJ Eco on 19 November 2015 - 09:51 AM

John Moore? I've liked what I've seen from him, though I've only watched the games since the Mets season was over. He's at a -7 now but from what I've watched he's made some physical and savvy plays. Kind of like the anti-Zidlicky 


Moore's been a great signing, and he's still only 24, pretty amazing that he's been overlooked/expendable by other teams. I guess certain players show their strengths under certain coaches.


He reminds me a lot of Mark Fayne (in a good way; Fayne was really good for us his last two years) although I can't pin-point exactly why.

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#1334013 General loss of fanship interest

Posted by DJ Eco on 06 November 2015 - 12:16 AM

I keep my season ticket plan alive because it will be that much sweeter years from now when we're back in the race, when we're back to being successful, and maybe get another Cup.


I would have a hard time being that type of fan who magically shows up then out of hiatus once we're good; it's a philosophical thing. I go because I know right now the team needs fans like me the most.

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#1323182 Devils Prospects Camp: July 13-18

Posted by DJ Eco on 15 July 2015 - 02:08 PM

Was lurking around HF Boards, which I don't usually do, and saw a couple pretty detailed comments about the 3v3 today scrimmage. Figured I'd quote them on here for people looking for a little more insight on who did what, as it doesn't sound like many people here could make it...




Devil XMy take: 

Black Team:
Blackwood was clearly the best goalie on the ice. It was not even close, he takes up so much of the net, is flexible and maybe some glove saves. 

Severson was normal Severson you could see he was the "vet" if you will.

Tyler Kelleher, Darcy Murphy, and Alexandre Goulet (all tryouts) were the black teams offense. Kelleher has great hands he was dangling around Dman and goalies all day. At one point he made a really nice move around a Dman and put it top shelf short side. Was impressed, but have no idea who he is lol. He also has a lot of speed. All 3 of these guys did. 

The rest on black were ok, Kalinin had at least 1 goal i noticed him more then most. Fitzgerald got 2 in the champion ship but they both were off great passes from Kelleher. Jacobs had a goal in the championship but other then that didnt really stick out. 

Red Team:
At times Brodeur looked like a dead fish all over the ice. But over all not too bad i guess. He got ripped apart by the black team in the Championship. I also think he might have got hurt during that game. He came up slow after trying to stop a goal on a pass across the crease and was flexing his right leg. 

Coleman was physical all day, he wasnt afraid to hit some of these guys. 

Colton White had a nice pass across the crease to get a assist on a goal, you can see he has some talent for sure. 

Pavel Zacha did well he has great acceleration, it seems like he is coasting and then move fast within a step or to. He also has a quick release and hard shot. He looked like he was a little shy with the physical part of his game he would slow up before hitting guys or stop. He got batter as it went. They switched every 30 seconds you could see a couple times it looked like he was getting into it or carrying the puck with a lot of room but had to switch. 

Blandisi and Speers looked really good i felt. Blandisi had a nice little break away he went 5-hole on Blackwood and had some other chances. Speers has a very nice hard shot, i was impressed by his offense. 

Sweeney is huge and seemed to have a very hard shot. 

Rest were not to noticeable. 

White Team: 
Boucher was underwhelming to me. For a guy that had NHL time and AHL time i felt i should have noticed him more and i didnt. He was physical, he has a couple nice passes but i dont recall him shooting at all. 

Miles Wood, Wood was impressive to me. First i think he is bigger then he is listed, he was physical, had a couple of very nice shots, got a goal or 2. ALso had a really nice assist i believe. He was far and away the best player on the White team. No one else really stuck out like him today. 

Gray Team:
Appleby wasnt all that impressive today. Made some nice saves but i expected more going into it. 

Scarlett had a nice penally shot goal, other then that not much else. 

Kujawinski had some nice plays and a really nice defensive play to stop a goal. He was pretty physical all day also. 

Dudek has a nice shot with accuracy had a top shelf goal that was pretty. 

Chatham and Boddock did well, Baddock has more offense then i realized. He was playing good has a hard shot. Both were very physical.

Overall it was a good event. Lou was sitting with the fans, Shero was there also. White was signing things for people, Dyno was wondering around taking photos with people. Hynes spot to the crowd before the games started. They did a nice job with it and it was fun to watch. They had food and things for sale. Also a nice added touch, all the fans that were given black wrist bands got 2 freeticketsicon1.png to a Devils game in October because the Black team won. 

Hockey wise the 3 unknown forwards clearly were the best on the ice (Kelleher, Murphy, Goulet). Blackwood looks like he will be a great pick he was solid all day and made some impressive saves. 

Zacha i saw flashes from and i think when we get into a normal hockey game (Saturday) he will shot it more. 

Any questions let me know, thats just my take on the eventicon1.png.





ForeverJerseyGirlMy fiancé and I enjoyed the eventicon1.png. It was great to see how many other fans were there. Now, some quick thoughts:

Black Teamicon1.png:
-Blackwood showed his flexibility and had some nice glove saves. 
-Severson was Severson, so basically great to watch. 
-Kelleher has nice hands and good speed. I didn’t know who he was before today, but he caught my eye this morning. 
-Kalinin scored and played pretty well all-around. 
-Jacobs had a goalicon1.png, but other than that didn’t stand out, although that can be good for a defenseman. 

Red Team:
-Brodeur isn’t going to be challenging any of his old man’s recordsicon1.png any time soon, but I think we all know that. 
-Coleman had no qualms about playing physical. 
-Colton White showed some nice vision and puck-moving skills on an assist. 
-Zacha has great speed and acceleration, and a quick release and hard shot. 
-Blandisi scored five-hole on Blackwood on a breakaway and looked good overall.
-Speers has a harder shot than I thought. Cool to see. 

White Team:
-Boucher was passing more than shooting. I wish he would have taken more advantage of his shot. I hoped to see more from him, honestly. 
-Wood was good (and that rhymes). I think he scored twice (at least once), had at least one assist, and he wasn’t afraid to get physical.
-Rest of team was pretty meh to be frank. 

Gray Team:
-Apart from a few nice saves, Appleby had a rough go of it today. Not a tournament he’ll remember with fondness, to be sure. 
-Kujawinski had some good plays offensively and defensively. 
-Chatham and Baddock both played physical, as would be expected.

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#1316519 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

Posted by DJ Eco on 13 May 2015 - 08:30 AM

Oh man. Ive been waiting for this day for months. With the devils been irrelevant, waiting for mtl to be knocked out of the playoffs is my one and only joy.


Well you got yours, now I just hope we get ours tonight.

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#1316385 Josh Harris is clearly calling the shots now for the Devils

Posted by DJ Eco on 11 May 2015 - 04:06 PM

Boston, why do you have so much faith in these owners?  Since when does being the best money mover mean you know what you're doing running a team?  From what we have seen with them running a team is the 76ers "collecting players instead of building a team".  Oh wait, that's apples and oranges though.


They only bought the 76ers two years before buying the Devils. If anything it's indication that they're putting their money where their mouth is. Their M.O. is to be in it for the long haul. In the 76ers' case, it's a full rebuild. In the Devils' case, it's a partial rebuild (and imagine them trying to tell Lou this). Let's look at your comparison further though:


For starters, the 76ers weren't some successful team that Harris/Blitzer bought, gutted, and caused to plummet into oblivion. They were one year removed from finishing bottom 5 in the league and then the year they bought them, they somehow made the playoffs but were bounced out in the second round. They were 10 years removed from their last NBA Finals appearance, and made the playoffs off and on throughout that time, but always bowing out the first round. That's a bad indicator in the NHL but is even worse in the NBA, the way NBA teams and the league is structured. A perennial first round exiting team in the NBA is not on the bubble, they are far from it. The mentality isn't like the NHL's, to "just get it in and anything can happen". Nothing will happen for a decade or two or three if you don't change the strategy and do so drastically; which they did. I mean, that's the reason alone why NBA Playoffs are less entertaining than NHL, and why I don't follow it too much. The more favored teams usually win, there are very few x-factors.


Fast forward 2 years when they're eyeing up the Devils purchase. The similarities abound when you look at where the Devils were at that point. First (and second, rarely) round exits for the better part of the decade, missing the playoffs in 2010-2011, then making an unexpected run to the Finals in 2012, then missing the playoffs again in 2013. Sounds familiar, huh? Except they gave Lou a much bigger leash (a 2 year leash, and a bigger budget; keep in mind our payroll at the beginning of this season was 2x what they're spending in Philadephia on the 76ers), who then proceeded to not make the playoffs again the two ensuing years.


So when Lou comes out and says "we're 2 top 6 players away from being a playoff contender", he sealed his fate. People much smarter than I am agreed that this is the opposite way the Devils should go, and I get the sense Harris/Blitzer felt this way as well. The little that Shero has said since being hired seems to indicate that he agrees with that as well (and not Lou). So, while I don't have 100% unwavering trust in this ownership group (I think their sample size of 4 years in Philly and 2 years here is way too small), I definitely am not contesting every little move they make (like others here and elsewhere) because I think their general strategy will end up being the right one 5, 10, 15 years down the road. Lou will never have seen eye-to-eye with them on a partial rebuild (the "R" word that Lou has never uttered in his quarter-century of tenure) and that was his undoing. 


My guess is that Harris' gameplan is to have 2 marquee Cup-contending teams under his ownership by 2018-2020, with a 5+ year window on the success they can achieve. Financially speaking, they bought low on both teams and it's in their best interest to build a "Blackhawks", to build a "Red Wings", to build an "LA Kings". I don't think they would've been satisfied with the odd sporadic 1, 2, 3-round playoff run here and there. They want several Cups. Even after this year, through his words and actions, Lou just seemed incapable of seeing past 2016-2017.

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#1315965 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

Posted by DJ Eco on 07 May 2015 - 12:22 PM

Honestly, they all talk about bounces. It's true. Couple, just a couple, go the other way and the series is reversed.


Simplistic, I know.


Caps need to win Game 5


Yup... Bounce here or there is the difference between Devils being up 2-0 on the Kings in 2012 after 2 OT games vs. being down. Same with the Rangers last year actually lol... Bounces are everything in the playoffs.

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#1315919 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

Posted by DJ Eco on 07 May 2015 - 09:18 AM

honestly caps have been the worse team for much of the series, holtby, shot blocking and timely goals have carried them.


Eh, I'd say 60/40 Rangers at most. They really haven't done anything special; seriously, what have they done? Rick Nash can't generate squat, Martin St. Louis forget it (he's too small and old for playoff hockey), Chris Kreider's been outmuscled and neutralized, McDonaugh's even making mistakes, Yandle and Girardi are almost certainly injured. 


You say "holtby, shot blocking, and timely goals" like it's no big deal, but 1) great goaltending, 2) suppressing chances or quality of chances, and 3) clutch scoring is a trifecta of qualities that can win the Stanley Cups. Tortorella's Rangers had the first 2 in 2012. We had 1 and 3 and won out, but they weren't far off. They could've easily made the Finals if not for Martin Brodeur's "scorpion save", and that's a fact. That was the momentum shift.


Regardless, by game 3 or 4 the superior team (with a superior coach) should have found ways to adjust to the Capitals' system. DeBoer did it in 2012. Otherwise, the old cliché rings true, that "they're not built for the playoffs" (see: Penguins, Canucks, Wild, Canadiens past few years). It's problematic that the injured Zuccarello plays with more speed and grit than their $8 million dollar man Rick Nash. It's problematic that Chris Kreider seems to be Rangers fans' only hope come playoff time, and after all the talk and hype he gets he only has 2 points. It's problematic that Martin St. Louis has gone invisible.


They have the depth to win the Stanley Cup. But they're just really not playing well. They haven't been playing well since their 4-2 win against the Capitals in the final game of the regular season. However, the lead is tenuous. I'd still give it a 60% chance to go 7 games, but the way the Capitals have been playing, I can't see them not winning 1 of the next 3 games. They are not the Penguins, not by any stretch of the imagination, they're not even the 2007-2013 Capitals. They may be the 2012 Devils.

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#1314668 Changes to Prudential Center

Posted by DJ Eco on 24 April 2015 - 08:31 AM

I don't think the mini-suites are much of a gamble. Or at least, in my head, I'm imagining those mini-suites as the smaller and cheaper alternative for the average fan who wants a suite for a game here and there.


I know a lot of people who want to get a suite for their birthday but it's just way too damn expensive, and most times you don't need all that room. I think a suite for 8-10 people max might catch on much better with the average fans and smaller businesses.


I know they've done much better selling suites/corporate plans so they must be anticipating the demand in a year or two for more suites, which is a good sign.

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#1314579 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

Posted by DJ Eco on 23 April 2015 - 12:41 PM

I wouldn't call the Rangers too lucky, or any luckier than they were last year, at least. They're getting way more banged up in this series than they did at any point last year. I think I've seen Girardi hobble off and/or go down the tunnel 2-3 or so times these past 4 games? Staal and McDonaugh are getting beat down too. I think Yandle's gone down the tunnel a couple times too. Yandle and Zuccarello aren't practicing in today's mandatory full practice... Etc., etc...


What stood out to me LAST year was how little physical adversity they had to deal with in all of their series, especially how little of it was in the Flyers series. The Flyers barely put the body on and before you know it, the Rangers dominated them. Ditto on last year's Penguins, who were soft as a rose petal. And then Montreal beats Boston somehow and matches up with the Rangers in the ECF and there was absolutely no physical edge to that series outside of a Prust hit on Stepan.


This year, we can say what we want about how awful the Penguins are, but they've played them hard and have taken the body. And oh man, if the Isles get them next round, it'll be more of the same, but worse; and against a more skilled team than any of the teams the Rangers faced last season (Isles have their problems, but I'd still rank them higher than last year's Flyers, Penguins with a bad Fleury, and last year's Canadiens with PK/Price and no one else, anyday). The road will be harder this year than it was last year; even the Caps are a tad better than they've been in previous seasons.

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#1314380 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

Posted by DJ Eco on 21 April 2015 - 04:42 PM

The reason they're getting the majority of the power plays is because they're faster. The Pens aren't very disciplined. When the Rangers skate, they're going to draw penalties. Unfortunately, the power kill is unbearable. Crosby has always played this way. He gets away with a lot. They just have to take it and skate away. The Pens want to mix it up. Lapierre and Sutter have been their best players.


haha "Power kill"


But yeah, it's really uncanny how much the Pens shoot themselves in the foot. High sticks galore, very obvious slashes, etc., a ton of calls where there's no grey area, they leave the refs no choice.. Like, c'mon have some control! Fundamental stuff, it's infuriating, I couldn't imagine being a Penguins fan watching this stuff... 

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#1306212 I really am beginning to hate our fans.

Posted by DJ Eco on 23 February 2015 - 11:12 AM

I've sat near the Supporters Sections at Red Bull games.  yeah they curse out the other team but they also sing songs and do chants that support their team.  For every chant that puts down the other team, they do at least 3 or more chants that support the Red Bulls.


I go to about 3-5 Yankees games a year as well.  The crowd there is fine and don't really have issues there.  There are certain pockets (mostly in the bleachers) that go on and on forever about how much the Red Sox sucks, but the whole stadium doesn't do chants all game about it.


Fair enough, but yeah, there's a lot more vile stuff we say in the RB supporters sections that some people in this thread "would have to explain to their friends":


"Dig a hole and fvckin' bury him!" (when a player goes down/dives)

"Can you hear (opposing team) sing? I don't hear a fvckin' thing!"

"Fuuuuuck DC Uniiiiiiiited!" (every 5 minutes during the playoff run haha; they got the whole arena to do it)

"DC United went to Rome to see the pope, and this is what he said: fvck OFF! Whoooo the fvck's DC Uniiiiited? etc."


And countless others. But you ask many people around the arena, and they see the supporters atmosphere as the draw. People who aren't into soccer go to the RB games and first thing they rave about is the supporters and the atmosphere and how much fun it was.


I know it's apples to oranges, but just saying: you need some dumb, immature, and yes, sometimes offensive atmosphere at the games.

I'm just amazed that management hasn't banned the vuvuzelas from the arena.


Oh that's definitely happening next season. I think they know there'll be a sh!tstorm if they get rid of that this season, but I can't see that vuvuzela being around next season.

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#1305109 Insulting fans' intelligence

Posted by DJ Eco on 16 February 2015 - 10:01 AM

Good read, took the words out of my mouth.


Although, I don't feel as strongly against the broadcast team as some of you do. Steve isn't bad, he has a good voice for the job, and doesn't have much to work with in terms of actual game entertainment. These games are BORING. Even Doc might've struggled to entertain... Only one I agree with is Dano, I'm just not sure his voice is suited to be the second in command. Deb I don't mind, I think she gets a bad rap...


Our senses of this stuff are only heightened because how bad the team is, otherwise I don't think most people would have a problem with the broadcast team.

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#1300500 2015 All-Stars...Elias NJ's lone rep...

Posted by DJ Eco on 13 January 2015 - 05:34 PM

If someone can look at all of that and still have a problem with Schneider, then they will never like him. He could win a cup and some people would complain that he let in too many goals on the way. 


Those three Cups were of course a blessing, but we're seeing the curse now, man... Think about it. No roster we have will ever match up to those rosters, in a certain vocal minority's eyes. Unfortunately, they're vocal.



- Schneider's "not good enough" to write his own legacy. People already have his future all figured out, and he's only 28. He'll never match up to Brodeur (and it's dumb to expect him to, but "Schneider sucks!" because he won't). God forbid any goaltender we have in the future of the organization doesn't match up to one of the best to play the game. Kinkaid has otherwise been accepted as the anti-Schneider and because he's a Brodeur fan, otherwise they'd be ragging on him. We can't accept change. Kinkaid is ironically the safety blanket for this crowd.


- Kovalchuk, one of the most elite players this team has ever had, was booed throughout his entire stay here, even while leading the team in goals and points. Even in the playoffs... How many times did you hear, "C'MON KOVY?!?!? WHAT THE HELL AW YOU DOIN'?!?!" in the stands on the most trivial of bad plays. People can't accept change. Even after he broke his back for this team and changed his entire style of play to complement the team, he was still "selfish" and his $6.6m cap hit was always brought up, ALWAYS.


- Larsson has been labeled a bust for years now. Everyone's only thinking in terms of Neidermayer-standards, "Why isn't Larsson amazing at age 22 yet?" (people have been ragging on him since he was 20)...


- Boucher could very well turn out to be an amazing player, but will probably be held unfairly to Elias standards. We'll see how that goes, but I'm already seeing a growing number of fans magically label him a bust (LOLOLOL)



Our fanbase is unable to accept change. It's important we do, because we can't stop this change. We can't put Stevens or Rafalski back on the ice, we can't make Brodeur not be 42 years old, and we can't slow down Father Time's effect on Elias. We need to accept and celebrate what we do have. The Henriques and Schneiders and yes, even Zajacs (when he's reaching his potential) and the young defensemen (who I think will be fantastic) deserve our respect and we should latch onto them emotionally as our core, as we begin this new era. We have no choice and I know I'm preaching to the choir here on NJDevs, this is more of a problem of the kind of hatred and resentment I hear in the stands lately.

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#1299705 Sad News about JP Parise

Posted by DJ Eco on 08 January 2015 - 02:23 PM

It's times like these you're happy he went back to Minnesota, spent an extra year or two's worth of time with his dad that he otherwise wouldn't have had here in Jersey.

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#1298647 'The Dancin' Larry discount'

Posted by DJ Eco on 31 December 2014 - 11:54 AM

Most Ranger fans I know don't like him.

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I almost got into a fight with his friends, biggest scumbag-type Rangers fans you could imagine. My friends and I just came from the skate at Yankee Stadium (and we were playing the Predators that night). Dropped my friends off at Penn Station but we went to get drinks/food at the Molly Wee Pub before their train. We all had on our Devils jerseys and we expected some heckling because the Rangers just beat the Islanders something like 4-1, big margin.


We sit down, order, and this guy's friends get right in our face, "You know the Devils lost tonight right?" (Predators just scored on the Devils in OT a minute earlier) and hold his phone up to us. We're like, "Yeah," and he's like "Devils lost," and we're like "Okay," and he's like "Devils got scored on in OT, why aren't you watching?" and we began to ignore him. He was holding his phone to us the entire time and gradually kept moving it closer and closer until his phone is literally touching my face, like pressed firmly against my cheek and he keeps telling me the Devils lost and who scored the OT goal, etc., and asking why we weren't watching, and all hell broke loose.


I let out my usual barrage of insults, asked him how young he was when he saw their last Stanley Cup parade, must have been in elementary school, actually had to explain that we just came from skating at Yankee Stadium because our team actually cares about its season ticket holders (although I later found out Rangers did something for theirs a week later, but he clearly didn't know about it because he didn't believe that we just skated there), he kept making fun of my one friend who was drinking water, no beer, kept asking him why he was a fa***t and only drinking water. 


Long story short, my buddy who goes to Harvard had a French exchange student (a girl) with him who defused the situation, thank god. Imagine, it's her first day in New York, we get her to come with us to skate at Yankee Stadium and then she defuses what was seconds away from becoming a hockey rivalry saloon-style brawl; must've been something to write home about haha... If not for her, I was probably going to get blacklisted from the Molly Wee Pub, I was seconds away from smashing his face in with a broken bottle, I was ready to go to jail; this guy was that very special kind of antagonist/instigator, Sean Avery level. The whole time, Dancing Larry was sitting there eating wings while his "special" alcoholic friend was being an idiot.


So yeah, fvck Dancing Larry and his stupid fvcking inbred friends.

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