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2015 Devils Prospect Scrimmage - 7/18 @ 3PM

07 July 2015 - 01:05 PM



It is open to the public. Season ticket holders will be getting an exclusive presale window starting this Thursday. STHers are allowed 2 tickets per account, $5 each which will go to the Devils Care Foundation. The limit is 2 though, per code/account.


I figured we'd open this topic for discussion, for people:

- who will be going,

- can't make it but are willing to forward their presale code,

- want to go but don't have the presale code, or

- may go but not sure so may tentatively sell,

- etc.


..and keep it within the community, so we can avoid scalpers and people trying to charge $35 and sh!t. Let's get this started. I, for one, will be going and using both tickets. My buddy who sits next to me may not, so I will keep you all posted on those.