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In Topic: Marcus Naslund and Dimitry Kalinin to Rangers

04 July 2008 - 03:23 PM

For those of you curious, I did some math to with the points from the 6 departing Rangers with the 6 coming in...

Jagr - 71
Shanny - 46
Straka - 33
Avery - 33
Tyutin - 20
Backman - 18
229 points

Zherdev - 61
Naslund - 55
Redden - 38
Fritche - 22
Rissmiller - 17
Kalinin - 8
201 points

How I see it, Naslund and Redden are on the major decline. Look for their numbers to dock down to 45 for Naslund and 30 for Redden. Who knows about the chemistry of Gomez with Zherdev or even how Zherdev will handle the pressure. Look for Zherdev to finish with about the same number of points tho. This team is a huge downgrade from last season. No fire without Avery and they are much slower.

How is Redden on the decline? And your last sentence proved that. Slower???? Shanny resembles a cone, jagr lost a step on speed and played with his size. Zherdev, Naslund and Fritche all have very good speed. The Rangers got Voros who will take the place of Avery and he is on the upside.

Yes the rangers lost a few guys but it was time to get younger and bigger with speed. Time will tell but me as a ranger fan thinks they will be a better team because of this.

In Topic: Devils VS Rangers Game 5 GDT

18 April 2008 - 09:38 PM

Brodeur hands in another abysmal playoff performance. He's not tired ok, he's just bad.

Or he is thinking about banging his other sister in law.

In Topic: Disgusting garbage

18 April 2008 - 09:31 PM

marty and lundqvist were both equally bad. it wasn't a series decided by goaltending.

Lundy was not bad at all, how many lucky goals did the devs have????? About 6