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Posted by devilsfan525 on 08 October 2011 - 04:23 PM

Is this about the atmosphere at The Rock tonight (and all season long), or, as hurricane mentioned, another desperate plea for fans to support the 'supporters section'?

There have been two vocal, passionate sections for decades - 208 and 233 (formerly 217 and 228 at CAA) - fans who supported the team through wins and losses (including all of last year, not just a few games that the front office wanted to unload seats for) - and fans who didn't need official recognition and a sign and constant jumbotron coverage. The 208 and 233 regulars worked their way to being the 'go-to' sections of the arena for passion, they didn't just beg the front office, and other fans, to recognize them.

I definitely believe that the 'supporter section' adds a much needed vocal section on the Taste of Newark side of the building, but the constant need to promote that section is getting old - they need to earn a reputation for themselves by action, not online pleading and help from the front office.

Bottom line - every Devils fan in attendance tonight (and all season long) needs to be vocal in maintaining home ice advantage regardless of where they sit.
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#990247 DEVILS SUPPORTERS SECTION - August 16th - come name the section and p

Posted by devilsfan525 on 12 February 2011 - 03:27 PM

Exactly unknown poster... there are the diehard fans there game in, and game out, supporting the team. Certain sections of the arena are always loud.

The balconies usually tend to be quiet due to (a) less people sitting there and/or (b) thats where they put the groups of fans that may just be coming only because they're getting cheaper/discounted tickets.

Last night the arena was packed (about 500/600 short of a sellout), it was a huge game with a playoff atmosphere, and the team is red-hot. As a result the noise will be greater.

Some of "the supporters" seem to have a very big ego about what they're doing. The Devils beat Carolina on Tuesday, and the place was loud - no "supporters" section that night.

Last night, 233 started the LGD chant that made its way through the entire arena, as mentioned by several people on the various boards.

Yes, it's nice to get one of the normally silent balconies loud via "the supporters", but don't make assumptions that every time a player says something about the crowd or points your way, its about you.

Rolston has always pointed in the direction of the Taste of Newark balcony when he comes out as one of the three stars. It had nothing to do with "the supporters". I've noticed it for years. Other players do that as well - I don't know why their friends/family are in the balcony and not in clubs/suite, but it is what it is.

Bottom line - winning and excitement translates into noise and crowd involvement all around the arena.

edited: had Wed instead of Tues - we play Carolina this week on Wed, last week on Tues...
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#990045 GDT 2/12/11 Devils vs. Sharks

Posted by devilsfan525 on 11 February 2011 - 10:25 PM

Love that Rolston point at us The Supporters when he came out for his star. That was an incredible win!! Great to the Rock packed tonight as well!!! I got my tix for Weds night!!

Kovy is a beast!! We came out way too flat though need a better effort against the Canes.

Rolston does that every game that he comes out as one of the three stars. He must have family & friends in that section. It had nothing to do with the suporters.
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