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Posted by TomsRiverDevil on 13 November 2013 - 09:04 PM

As far as my original post, I think we was an awesome player who made the team more successful. It just never felt like he fit in. Almost like he was too good for the team. Things had to be adjusted to fit him him, it just never seemed natural. From my singular fan perspective, it is just more fun to root for a team like our current lineup, as opposed to one with a superduperstar. I guess it works that our greatest superstar over the last two decades played goal, and not so much a teamlike position.

All this was a brief thought I had after the last win over the rangers, realizing in a quick moment that was having more fun following this team without having to worry about kovalchuk, for whatever reason. I think it sucks he left, but am also thankful. I don't really harbor any deep hatred or resentment of him.

Go devils!
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