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General loss of fanship interest

05 November 2015 - 10:14 PM

Didn't want to derail the (non)scoring thread.


After reading some other threads and talking to other fans, I think many of you agree that there has been an overall lack of excitement going into this season. That being said, this teams start has been quite more enjoyable to watch then expected, so that's a bonus!


But I just wanted to summarize/discuss what is everyone's specific reason for 'not getting up' for games like they used to. I'll start by listing a few:


Poor on-ice product

Losing seasons

Rule changes

Success of other division teams

Reorganization of divisions

Lack of talent

Too expensive


and for me


Lack of superstars


I got interested in the team during their 01 cup run. I remember walking up and down the seaside heights boardwalk, and a playoff game was on a tv. I started watching, and what do you know this hockey team from new jersey was winning a bunch of games. I was devastated when they lost, but that allowed me to truly appreciate how exciting the 03 cup was. I wasn't really around for the 95 cup, so I can only imagine how mind-blowing paradigm-altering that must have been. I missed how utterly dominant the 00 team was.


The common thread from our glory years: superstar players. Obviously we had role players to, but look at the names from then.















There are 3/4 Hall of Famers, plus a bunch of other greats who could get the job done. Not to mention Lou and his stable of coaches. Look at any dynasty in any sport. There is a core of great players who play together for multiple seasons, such as the Yankees in the 90's. Even the 12 cup run had Brodeur, Elias, Zach, and Kovy. (Thinking about how Zach and Kovy left makes me want to puke).


Look at our team now.




We have Scheider and


(more crickets)


A bunch of good players, but not league-best game-changers. I mean I love Henrique and Green. But they won't be Hall of Famers, or even get their numbers retired. The game is a struggle for them. We need better players. Players where the game is easy for them. I sorely miss rooting for winners.




Don't know if there is much to be added, but I would love to hear from everybody!