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In Topic: Help needed for 1st trip to see Devils

12 April 2008 - 07:01 AM

A bit of a delay after the game but I'd like to say that the trip to the Rock was fantastic.

My son had a great day and really enjoyed the win. (probably even more as it went to a SO)

As advised in previous posts, the train ride was quick and easy and the walk from the station only take a couple of moments.

We were lucky enough to have seats in the club area so had access to the lounge. The food was great and surroundings pretty comfortable (if a little crowded).

Thanks to the lounge staff for taking a couple of pictures of us as we really wanted to both be in at least one of the pictures!!

All in all, we took over 400 pics during the warmup and the game so we're going to have to make some tough choices as to which ones to put up on the wall.

Thanks to those on this board who made some suggestions on travel and food and also on autographs.
We didn't manage to make the Saturday practise but I think the amount of t-shirts, posters etc bought in the shop more than made up for it!

Overall, a fantastic experience! :boogie:

In Topic: Help needed for 1st trip to see Devils

07 February 2008 - 12:50 PM

You might have a better chance of a photo op at the practice they will have the day before (since there's no game on Saturday)... the practice rink is a part of the arena now too... where are you staying in town before and after the game? That will also make it easier to know what your travel demands will be like and how you are getting to an from the game... I'd also think you have a better chance of finding a player AFTER the game then BEFORE... but I've never tried either... I kinda got out of my getting stuff signed phase long ago

the Arena Bar on the way to the building is nice... but there's also so much stuff GOOD stuff inside the arena too... I'd almost suggest getting there at 1:30 when the doors open and ENJOYING all of it too

Thanks for your reply CRASHER.
We are staying near, dare I say it?...... MSG.

We are planning to use the train to get to the stadium, I believe it goes from Penn Street.

Arrival into NYC will be sometime on the Saturday. Do you happen to know what time practice is?

We'll definatly get to there for 1:30 as suggested so we can soak up the atmosphere.

Many thanks again.