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In Topic: Traveling to Florida

09 April 2015 - 07:37 AM

Just to throw out a couple of ideas, as I was just in Sunrise/Ft Lauderdale last week visiting a friend- At sawgrass mill, there's a place called Zin Burger that is phenomenal, we went there after the Panthers/Lightning game this past Saturday and it was perfect. Only took about 10 minutes to get from the arena to there. If you have time and can get to Hollywood, we found a great taco place on the beach, called Taco Beach Shack (original name, I know).Best fish/shrimp tacos I've ever had. 


Also, totally agree with Colin about the Devils fans- there were three people  (not including myself) that I noticed wearing Devils gear at a Panthers/Lightning game. 

In Topic: GDT: Broadway Blowhards @ Devils

07 April 2015 - 02:02 PM

I hate them too, but I'm to the point where I just accept that the Rangers are simply better than the Devils right now, and that Ranger fans are going to be even more douchey for a while.  It is what it is.  Though I'll obviously be hoping for someone to take them out in the playoffs, I'm more in "How do the Devils get back to being relevant?" mode, than getting worked up over the Rangers. 


I'm in the same boat, I want to beat them to shut my Ranger fan friends up, but at the end of the day, this game won't matter when they get bounced in 5 games in the second round. If you're at the game tonight, be loud, support the Devils, and drown out the Rangers fans. No need to stoop to their levels of douchiness. 


In Topic: Streaming Devils' Games

24 March 2015 - 07:56 AM

Glad it worked, HOI! I actually didn't have to use it yesterday because the game was on NHL Network :lol:


I don't know about streaming, but see if there's anything on the subreddit, reddit.com/r/ragecenter


I'm at work so I can't get to reddit, otherwise I'd look!

In Topic: Streaming Devils' Games

23 March 2015 - 05:29 PM

Sounds good, I'l PM you guys now! And pass along the three invites you get with it to others!

In Topic: Streaming Devils' Games

23 March 2015 - 01:59 PM

RSC I'd love an invite if that's cool


Yup, I'll send you the link through a PM