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In Topic: WWE/TNA/ROH - Wrestling Thread

Yesterday, 10:44 PM

i think people are overreacting with all of the cancellations of the wwe network. i have both wwe network and njpw world. both worth the monthly price


i am not sure how the wwe is going to dig out of this hole. apparently hhh wants the wwe go to a more pg while vince wants to stay rated g

I don't think people are overreacting at all. I'm not personally canceling, but the only way you're going to truly get WWE's attention is with your wallet. They're like the Leafs, as long as they have a full house and a fat TV contract, they don't have as much incentive to put out the product the fans want to see. At this point, I'm just going to watch the main roster with a grain of salt and an eye towards certain guys (Rollins, Bryan, etc.) and invest my time more in NXT and Lucha Underground

In Topic: WWE/TNA/ROH - Wrestling Thread

Yesterday, 08:28 AM

It was a spectacular sh!t show. I love how they casually tossed out Ziggler, Bryan, etc. as quickly as they could so they could try and force the crowd to root for Reigns over Show and Kane. Sigh.


At least Rollins' Phoenix Splash was cool.

In Topic: Elias reaches 1000 points

06 January 2015 - 10:04 PM

Legend. Looking forward to 26 being up in the rafters one day

In Topic: WWE/TNA/ROH - Wrestling Thread

30 December 2014 - 10:10 AM

It makes storyline sense and gives direction for all of the anti-Authority babyfaces from now until Wrestlemania, so I'm fine with it. Sting has a reason to wrestle Triple H, when Orton comes back he'll be fighting the Authority and not just remnants of it, etc. Not to mention Rollins going super heel last night to force Cena's hand was spectacular 

In Topic: Oates and Stevens both coaching. Lou overlord. Barr Out.

27 December 2014 - 11:00 AM

I think press conferences should have Lou Stevens and Oates answering questions all at the same time.


Something like Mizdow would make this all worthwhile