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#1225727 GDT: Kings @ Devils 7pm

Posted by losdiablos103 on 15 November 2013 - 12:45 PM

I know it's sports, but fvck the Kings.  

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#1210838 Devils make cuts

Posted by losdiablos103 on 20 September 2013 - 12:07 PM

Absolutely befuddling that Barch, Sestito(i'm sick of seeing that guy) and Pelley made it. 

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#1192848 is torts fired?

Posted by losdiablos103 on 23 May 2013 - 06:59 PM

Who gives a fvck?  fvck him and those pieces of sh!t.

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#1191651 Rangers fans

Posted by losdiablos103 on 15 May 2013 - 09:51 AM

i once went to a Devils-Rangers game at MSG with my dad when i was about 4, and the Devils kicked ass and won. everytime the devs would score i would jump up and cheer, and this DRUNK AS FU*K rangers fan (some lady) would yell "Shut that F**KING KID UP!" or "tell that little bastard to shut up!" and once she said "What kind of parent raises their kid to be a DEVILS FAN?"


another time my dad went to a Devils-Rangers game at MSG in 1997 where the Devils won, and when we scored, a Rags fan behind him would spill a little beer down my dads back. the first time my dad said "woah watch your beer there!" and the guy was all like "oh sorry man my bad!" second time: "hey careful with the beer!" "oh crap sorry buddy" third time: "watch your damn beer!" the guy takes a swing at my dad and they start fighting in the seats. my dads friend (rags fan) was yelling "oh sh!t" the whole time. NYC police had to escort my dad to the metro station and they bought him a ticket back to NJ and said "its for your own safety, sir" pops just says "because im a Devils fan?"


heres the kicker story:

i was 10 and me and my dad went to game 2 of the 2006 Eastern Quarterfinals where we swept the Rags. Devils are winning 2-0 entering the 3rd, so i ask if i can go watch the Rangers come out. i walk to the tunnel and as Weekes leads them out i just start lambasting the Rangers with insults and taunts, while the rest of Devils Army just stands there stunned! then some rangers player (cant remember who) looks up and starts to yell back, but when he sees its a 10 year old, the ENTIRE TEAM just bows their heads in shame and keep walking. Devils fans just start cheering me and high fiving me, it was a blast. then i come to realize my entire taunting episode was caught by a TV camera in the tunnel. I don't know where the footage went.


so yeah me and my dad have had a few clashes with Rags fans.



During the 08 playoffs when we played the Rag$ in the first round, me and my father went to game 5.  I was a junior in high school and skipped school to get on line for $10($20 playoff) tickets because money was tight that year.  My dad met me in Newark after he got off work.  We both knew that even if we won game 5, it'd be a steep hill to climb to win that series, but we wanted to be there for what could have been the last game of the season, so we were excited to cheer the team to victory.  

This was when the Rag$ fans basically took over the arena.  That whole season where we couldn't beat them till the last game of the season, it was the same, the rock was painted blue and it made me sick.  My dad isn't a confrontational person when it comes to sports.  He goes to relax, be with his family and watch the game.  Me, I live and die with my teams.  So the more blue shirts bothered me before it bothered him.  

The Devils IIRC scored first in that game.  We were in section 233 or 216, don't remember, and we went nuts and cheered like normal.  There was a HUGE gentleman behind us with a bunch of friends (all rags fans) who was wearing a wayne gretzkey jersey with the sleeves cut at the bottom of the numbers and at the bottom of the S in Rangers.  He was a big fella.  He started talking sh!t and saying things like "the rangers still own this series" "we'll give ya one" and things of that sort.  Big deal, we didn't care or pay attention.  

A few minutes later, the Rag$ scored, and the same a$$hole started "whooooo-ing" at me and my dad behind our ears.  We didn't say anything or complain, but it was loud and obnoxious.  Then as the game went on and this fat fvck got more drunk, and the Rags scored more goals, he kept yelling in our ears and eventually put his hands on me trying to "excite" me for a "real team" as he put it.  My dad stood up and told the guy to shut the fvck up and not to touch me or there would be a problem.  I was ready to get into a fight with my dad with that fat fvck because his friends were all too drunk and passed out, being taken downstairs one by one basically.  The guy got in my dads face and my dad got more and more angry and stood his ground.  The fat guy didn't do sh!t when he saw my dad stand up and heard what my dad had to say.  Then another Devils fan, a season ticket holder called security and had that whole row of rags fans thrown out.  Needless to say those drunken bastards didn't go on their own powers.  They fought with security and the game ended and the Rag$ fans celebrated.  Wasn't a great experience watching the Devs be eliminated and I've seen then be eliminated a few times in my life, live at the game.  


Any chance I get when I actually go to a game vs the Rags, I taunt them when we win.  I went to MSG last regular season for the last meeting between us before the playoffs.  We lost, I got popcorn thrown at me leaving the garden.  They are just scummy, obnoxious people.  

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#1153857 2012 Jets Thread

Posted by losdiablos103 on 08 October 2012 - 11:59 PM


I'm sick of this bullsh!t. No need for that fvcking onsides kick. NO need. The OL can't hold sh!t, and the first pick was their fault. The receivers can't catch a cold naked in Antarctica. The second pick in on Cumberland.

Sanchez didn't play great, but this mess is not all on him and if you can't see that after this game, fvck off.
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#1136284 Bernier re-signed by Devils

Posted by losdiablos103 on 29 June 2012 - 09:29 AM

My hockey instinct knows and acknowledges that this is great news and great for our team. My over emotional heart doesn't want anything to do with this guy, and my brain is telling it to stfu and he shouldn't get the sole blame on why we sh!t the bed in game 6.

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#1131261 Earnest Congratulations To The Devils

Posted by losdiablos103 on 11 June 2012 - 11:49 PM

I shed a tear, yes, but Triumph, great post. I still don't think the Kings were the absolute better team, but whatever.
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#1110851 Game 6 Roll Call

Posted by losdiablos103 on 22 April 2012 - 09:07 PM

Who's going to be there Tuesday night?

I'm in 228.

Be there and get off your hands and make some damn noise! Game 3 and 4's crowds were like night and day, and we freaking won game 4..

I know it's discouraging as it's an elimination game and they flat out laid and egg on Saturday, but we need to push this team to play better and with more intensity!

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#1100746 GDT: Devils (yay!) @ Rangers (boo!) - 3/19/2012

Posted by losdiablos103 on 20 March 2012 - 03:13 AM

Was at the Garden, tonight. (well, I just got home). Quite a few Devs fans, which is always a good thing. I was up in 424 with my Oduya jersey.

We played like sh!t, yeah, they clinched, yeah, whatever. fvck them, their sh!t fans and that "new" piece of sh!t Garden.
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