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In Topic: Chico Resch Talks Ceremony, PDB, Brodeur's Future, Playoffs

Yesterday, 06:20 PM

TheMazz, if Chico told you this is off the record, maybe it's not the best to share with the board, even if it didn't make the piece.

You are doing some great interviews...I just don't feel great reading something Chico asked not to be printed.

I agree, I don't think anything was that juicey in there but if Chico asked for that not to be printed than why risk future access over pleasing people on this board. The risk just isn't worth it to me, especially cause you said Chico does browse these boards.

In Topic: General Questions about Devils History

Yesterday, 01:01 PM


Here is the whole list of you're interested.

Damphousse and Ari Ahonen and Adrian Foster were all first round busts, there's a lot of garbage that we have selected browsing through that list I completely forgot about.

In Topic: Join the revolution oust Hugh

Yesterday, 12:56 PM

I'm embarrassed for a number of reasons, not really because they like to say "you suck". As another poster mentioned, and quite sharply, the new ownership and management team is the reason the team is not bankrupt, has spent millions of dollars upgrading the arena, and is committed to keeping the team in NJ and building its own identity. Yet these morons will make t-shirts that tell a member of that management team to get lost because of a chant that half of the fanbase didn't care for in the first place. They've tried several times to have a goal song that everyone can get behind, including taking the effort to make an original one. Yet their low IQ baboon brains can't resist the urge to say "you suck" when it doesn't work, especially when we're losing 3-0. And not to mention that they boo after the Devils score a goal because they don't get tell the other team that it sucks at that particular moment.

That's an utter embarrassment.

I just simply don't care enough either way and while I don't dislike the new owners I don't feel any loyalty to them either. This team wasn't going anywhere anyway.

In Topic: Join the revolution oust Hugh

Yesterday, 12:25 PM

Chanting "You Suck" is a privilege, not a right. The fact that these "fans" are acting as if a right was stripped away is ridiculous.

Do you really care that much if that's how people feel? The outrage over a word on both ends is amazing. I'm in the camp that simply doesn't give a sh!t if the word is said or not. I don't know why people on both sides of this argument let it bother them so much

In Topic: Join the revolution oust Hugh

Yesterday, 12:07 PM

The more the YS people talk, the more I despise them because they make me embarrassed to root for the team I have followed for more than 25 years. A complete and utter bunch of a$$holes. You morons ruin everything.

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I'm indifferent to this debate but come on, embarrassed to root for your team cause people say you suck? Gimme a break. Who gives a sh!t what other people do and even more so who cares what other people think of our fan base.