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Devils Passing

05 December 2002 - 09:30 AM

I think the Devils passing this season stinks. The outbound passes from the Devils defensive end are usually not on the mark so an offensive player and continue skating with the puck. the center ice passes are dump ins and all (98%) offensive passes are off the mark. This is not a crisp passing team. Enough time has passed and they have played enough games to get their timing and passing down and it hasn't happened.

IMO the Devils passes are too long. They don't use short crisp passing to move the puck forward. They use the long passs which is either off the mark or gets cut off by the opponent.

This Devil's passing makes the Devils look slower and not a smooth flowing offensive team.

Short crisp, hard passes are the answer.

What do you think about the Devils passing this season?

Past 4 Games

04 December 2002 - 04:25 PM

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed their families and friends.

My PC was down so I couldn't post that the Devils did very well during the past 4 games.

I think they really passed the test.

1) They won (not really) the Detroit game with Madden's goal, but that's the breaks, he didn't kick the puck, it hit his skate while he was skating forward. Rule says must take positive action to kick puck into goal, he didn't but that's the breaks.

2) Nashville game was OK they won, they should have blown them out but still a win and Schwab get a win.

3) St Louis, Marty had 3 bad periods, everything that was shot at goal went in, but Devils stayed alive and won in OT. Big win for the mental process. Marty was big in OT.

4) Philly just couldn't get it done again. Tight game, Devils win in OT again.
Thats two OT wins.

Danton has been assigned to Albany, so I guess Lou can't find a trade he is happy with at this time. Too bad, why take skating time from Albany players and why have Danton disrupt the Rats which are having enough problems trying to win a couple of games.

I had posted before that the next 15 games would be the test and the first 4 were very important. Devils passed the EARLY test. Big game tonight against Vancouver. Should be a tough one.

Stevens played well during the past 4 games and it seems he acted as a Captain and open his mouth about lack of consistency after the Dallas game. I hope he gets he act going it will be good for the Devils.

Nieder seems to have woke up, I hope for the rest of the season.

Little G, I didn't think he belonged on the Elias line but he is proving me wrong. I still think he is too small to have a major impact in the NHL.

Triumph, you were correct about the past 4 games and I hope about the next 11.

In my opinion these were exciting games the past 4, except the Nashville game. Not the usual boring Devils hockey. Now if Elias and Niewy would get started with the scoring it will be a cake skate.

I can't imagine all the press about the Devils money problems, Lou denys stories, but there is too much being made about it to not be true.

Teams Are Evenly Matched

24 November 2002 - 01:28 PM

When the Devils played the Rangers on Thursday night at CAA, 11-21-02, Doc and Chico kept making the statement throughout the game that the Devils and the Rangers are so evenly matched.

If that statement is true!!! Did the Rangers improve their team and play? Or did the Devils come down to the level of the Rangers?

I think we would have all agreed last season and in the past few years that the Devils were a much better team than the Rangers and the records speak for themselves to prove that point.

What about this season? Is Doc and Chico correct that they are so evenly matched. The first time they said it was early in period 1. The game ended after 3 periods in a tie 4-4, that speaks to evenness with the Rangers who used a backup goalie in the game. Would you have imagined the Rangers scoring 4 goals on Marty and the Devils defense before the game started? I wouldn't have thought that. Would you have thought that the Devils, with their weak offense, would have scored 4 goals against the Rangers during 3 periods and an overtime goal to win? I know it was against Blackburn the backup goalie. I wouldn't have thought that.

So did the Rangers improve or did the Devils regress this season?

I don't see the improvement with the Rangers so far this season. I do think the Devils aren't as good as they were last season or other previous seasons. The Devils record doesn't speak to that point, but then they have played mostly weak team so far this season.

Certainly wasn't a strong Devils team defensively or offensely that played Tampa Bay last night.

Premier Show Tonight On Yes -- Nhl Cool

16 November 2002 - 05:40 PM

Tonight at 10:30 PM on YES the will have a new premier show called "NHL COOL" which is advertised as being the best hits and shots of the season I think it said. Comes on just after Nets Game on YES and Devils game on Metro and NHL Center Ice.

Trottier Out 2 Games

15 November 2002 - 03:18 AM

While Bryan Trottier sat out a suspension, assistants Terry O'Reilly and Jim Schoenfeld directed a 5-4 win Nov. 11 in San Jose and a 2-1 win Nov. 14 against Calgary. Back to back wins, WOW. Is there a message there for the Rangers? Are the Rangers considering a replacement for Trottier? They should IMO and not just based on just these two games but there is a message.