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13 April 2008 - 01:55 PM

Schoolbusses + public intoxication arrests + an hour in the tank in Newark (sounds like fun) = revenue for Newark and a possible way to crack down on it.

The drinking is out of control, and it's not just Rangers fans, imo, the biggest dick of the night was the Devils fan (who I think was mentioned here) who got ejected out of the first row behind the Rangers attack zone, grabbed someone's beer on the way out, chucked it over his shoulder, soaking around 50 *Devils* fans, and then punched an *usher* for good measure. Some hundrednothing 18-20ish fvcking punk. There's tons of them at these Rangers/Devils game. Thankfully, none near me, because I pretty much made it my mission that if one gave me problems (no matter who they're with, they could be Blue Jackets fans for all I care), I was really going to hurt one. I've just had enough of it.
I understand the frustration of people at these games, and there's really no recourse other than sucking it up or not going. It's not like you can just beat them out of the building, because they don't give a sh!t. If I go too far, I lose my account and after 11 years and almost six figures, it's not going to happen.

I know people that work for the building, and they take the train home, I feel sorry for them last night. Who knows what it was like at the train station, but it was probably bad enough that the hardest-ass Newarkite would hide in a bathroom.

I was in the section over from that, 13 row 4 :D, and saw some of that. It appeared to have been winding down (Rag fans were quiting that is) when genius decides he's gonna spit across 6 seats. Didn't know he was the beer guy too, but it's fitting.

From where I was sitting pretty much all chants died off pretty quickly either turning into hatefests or being drowned out. Almost all the chants I heard sounded like they were coming out of the 120s and 220s.

Well good luck to y'alls devils. I'm going to watch the Wings game I tivo'd and listen to the silence from the Joe.

PS nice arena