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Move Over Panera...There's a New Hot Spot in Town

24 February 2015 - 12:35 AM



Schneider credited defenseman Marek Zidlicky with saving a goal with the Devils hanging to a 1-0 lead and 8:59 left in the second period. Joe Vitale had batted the puck out of mid-air in the left circle and it bounced past Schneider's left pad, but Zidlicky was behind him in the crease to swat it away with his stick.


“I didn't really get a good look at it, but it looked like he whacked it away, so I guess I owe him dinner for that now,” Schneider said.


When Cammalleri said after the Devils' 4-2 win over Vancouver on Friday that Schneider owed the team dinner for finally getting his first win over his former team, Schneider joked that he would take his teammates to Red Lobster.


Schneider had a different restaurant chain in mind for Zidlicky's dinner. “Applebee's,” he said.



The worst 'best' goaltenders in the league.

15 February 2015 - 03:48 PM

I've been itching to start a topic on this for awhile. This league is suffering from a whole lot of goalie overrating due to the teams in front of them being super. I am no expert but it seems to me that some goalies, like Quick, are held up as iron walls of goaltending, when their true level of skill is questionable.The 1-1 battle between Crawford and Fleury today was laughable. Both goalies sucked but both finished the game with .969+ sv pcts. Shooters scored 5 out of 6 times in the shootout. Now, given with guys like Kane and Crosby shooting it's difficult but what I witnessed was just pathetic. MA Fleury didn't come close to even stopping 1 of the 3 shooters he faced in the shootout. After letting in the third straight shot and losing the game, he slammed his stick on the goalpost. I don't blame him; it's difficult when you are exposed and realize that you are not as good as your team is making you seem. I can only imagine how good Cory would be on some of these teams.


Here's what comes to mind in this conversation in general:


MA Fleury - 8 shutouts on the year, 26 wins, .922 sv pct. on a good team (Somehow he has managed good numbers across the board). Though, with a career .911/2.59 though, on the juggernaut he has played for, that's just sad.


Jonathan Quick - Often included in discussions about the league's best netminder; 21 wins but a .909 sv pct. and a 2.50 GAA on a good team.


Ben Bishop - TB's widely heralded goalie; 27 wins on the year but a .910 sv pct and a 2.47 GAA on a good team. He has been outplayed by his backup Vasilevskiy by a wide margin (.932 and 2.00).


Ryan Miller - 26 wins, 6 shutouts but a .913 sv pct. and a 2.46 GAA on a good team. Does anyone really think he's that good?


Antii Niemi - 23 wins, 4 shutouts, .912 and a 2.60 GAA on a good team. 


Jimmy Howard - Has a .919 and a 2.14 GAA but is on a pretty good team and has had two seasons of .910 or below play in the past 5 years. I don't think he's that good.


Frederik Andersen - 29 wins, .916 and a 2.37 GAA on a good team. Does anybody actually believe this guy is as good as the Ducks make him out to be?


Corey Crawford - 22 wins, .920 and a 2.29 GAA. I don't think he's very good though. 2011-12 seemed to reveal his true self with a .903 sv. pct. and 2.72 GAA in 57 GP despite playing for a good team.

Why are players like this allowed to play in the NHL?

21 January 2015 - 06:51 PM

Zac Rinaldo is a piece of sh!t and he is out there trying to injure other players. I said a few years ago, that it's only a matter of time before he ends someone's career. He and a small handful of other players around the league need to be banned long term, none of this 5 game suspension crap. Players need to be protected.


Last night he injured Kris Letang with a vicious boarding penalty. He was interviewed (below) after the game and not only does he show no care for Letang's well-being, but he implies that the league is unfairly targeting players like himself to protect star players like Letang. At the end of the interview he even jokes about the hit, giving himself credit for helping the Flyers win and if you ask me, reveals the intentional nature of the hit.



He clearly has a screw (or two) loose but that's no excuse to let him run around on the ice.


The hit:




I can't really stand Wysh anymore, but I am glad he called out Rinaldo for this.




The backside of the shoulder not being “from behind” aside, the other issue for Rinaldo was that he was charging in to make the hit on a prone player and left his skates to drive Letang’s head into the glass.


Rinaldo’s response? “Hey, quit watching hits in slo-motion or else you’ll see all the illegal stuff!!!"


“I was going pretty fast. I think the impact of me hitting him sent them up a little bit. If you slow down any hit, you see guys every single hit [doing something] that can be criticized.


“I don’t think they should slow it down and dissect every little thing.”




But if there’s one thing we love about Zac Rinaldo, it’s that he knows to always leave’em laughing after discussing how he potentially concussed an opponent with a hit that will likely earn him a half-dozen games or more suspension.


Say Zac … didja see how crazy the game was in the second period with all those fights? As he said with a smirk:


“Yeah, I changed the whole game, man. [Expletive], who knows what the game would have been like if I didn’t do what I did?”

Ryder Blames His Ice Time for Scoring Drought

22 December 2014 - 04:27 PM

So how do we all feel about Ryder blaming his lack of ice time for his inability to score?




“When you only play 14, 12, 10 minutes a night, it’s hard to produce. Guys that score 25 goals in the league, just look at all their ice times. It’s a big difference.”


Ryder is averaging 14:30 in ice time per game. He played only 10:08 in Friday’s 3-2 shootout win over Tampa Bay, but that was partly because he spent eight minutes in the penalty box. He played only 12:02 in the 2-0 loss to Ottawa last Wednesday after playing 14:22 in a 3-2 shootout loss to the Islanders last Monday.


He played 19:02, however, in the 4-3 loss in Dallas on Dec. 13.


“When you do play more, the games I did play 19 minutes, I think I played a lot better,” he said. “I’ve been like that my whole career. As the game goes on, you get more flow and you feel better. As the game goes on, the more you get in a rhythm and things happen a lot easier on the ice. When you don’t (get more ice time), it’s the same old stuff where you’re trying to force thing sometimes.”


Ryder sees the magic number as 16 minutes per game. As he noted, he’s played more than 16 minutes nine times. He’s played fewer than 13 minutes eight times in his 33 games.


“If you look at guys around the league who score goals, their average ice time is above 16 minutes a night,” Ryder said. “I just find it tough to produce when you play 12 minutes, 14, 10. It’s hard too because you get one chance a game, two chances, instead of five chances a game. I’ve played over 16 minutes nine times this year, so the games when do get (more ice time), I think I play better. I’ve been like that my whole career.

We aren't getting McDavid or Eichel, it's time to realize this

18 December 2014 - 11:06 AM

Okay, at this point I feel like this needs its own thread. The hope that we will get McDavid or Eichel by playing poorly has been uttered so much on this board that it has almost become a reasonable expectation for some. It's not going to happen, not unless we win the lottery again (aka not happening).


Triumph is right when he says our only hope is the draft, and so don't get me wrong, I hope that this prediction is wrong (I'm not). Unless of course you want to try and win the Cup year in and year out by signing the Michael Ryders of the world. We are not going to make the playoffs and we are ALSO not going to finish as one of the worst two teams. Such is the unfortunate result of being a team that has had years of low draft picks, bad draft picks, and retiring/fleeing stars and a GM who can always at least put a semi-decent team together.


And CR76 is also right when he says it looks like this team will be a mess for years to come. So buckle up.


We need to focus on the following scenarios:


1. One of our current prospects surprises us and matures into a star


2. We draft a steal in this years draft with our top 10 pick (unfortunately though, we aren't going to get the kind of talent that has launched dynasties like the Kings, Pens, and Hawks)


3. We trade this year's pick at its (potential) highest value and build from there (not rebuild)