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Finally getting there!

21 March 2010 - 10:12 PM

Hey all. If this isn't the place for this thread, I do apologize. I just felt like I've seen them around here before. But to get to the point:

I recently got a friend of mine really into hockey, and she became a huge fan of the Devils, naturally (smart girl.) Anyway, I haven't been to a game at the Rock yet and now that I finally have a fan to go with, I'm putting my foot down and making it happen. Problem is, she can only go to a game during her Spring Break anddddd we've kind of waited to the last bit of the season to get things in gear. But at any rate, which game do you guys think we should go to?

March 30th against the Bruins or April 2nd against the Blackhawks? What do you feel would be a better game/draw a bigger crowd? Obviously you can't see into the future, but some outside input never hurts. ALSO, as a P.S, my two friends who are Rangers fans said they wanted to come with us and they frequent MSG because of season tickets. So, I definitely want to show them that the Rock "rocks" just as hard.

Anyway, this is very scatter brained, but...any input you have would be great. :) Thanks a bunch. At the end of the day, the most important part of this whole thing is, I GET TO GO TO A fvckING GAME. I'm so pumped.

Also, what's a good section to sit in? I just went to look for tickets and realized I didn't know where was a good place to set. I'm so new to this haha.