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Yesterday, 10:55 PM

No, that isn't true at all. Salvador got more ice time than Volchenkov before he got the C. They used Volchenkov in a more limited role but I'm not sure he would be better than Salvador if he had to go out there for 20 minutes a night. That's an effect we don't really have a handle on.

They also used Salvador in a much bigger PK role than Fayne ever got, so that's why he would dress over Fayne.

Also I'm not going to address the Marty stuff except to say that if you don't get it re: wins the first 20 times I wrote about it, you never ever will.

Ugh, with Marty you are missing the frigging point, almost to the extent that the pro You Suck people do, and perhaps moreso. I am not saying that he was good his last two years, that he didn't get more starts than he deserved or whatever. The point was that he has accomplished stuff in his career that gets him a longer leash than almost anyone else, that I wouldn't go nuts over it, and in the end, he had an above .500 record in his last season, so it was a lucky break that he got good goal support.

If we were talking about Scott Stevens at the tail end of his career then I could live with him getting more ice time than he deserved, and would get it. But Salvador is not Scott Stevens and has not accomplished much in his NHL career, and may very well have been bought out or traded for spare parts at the deadline if he did not wear the "c" right now.

But ultimately, you're right and I should know better. Marty is the worst thing that ever happened to the Devils and perhaps the NHL. The Devils would have won nine Cups if they only had Thomas Vokoun, especially the last two years.

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In Topic: 2014-2015 Lineup Thread

Yesterday, 08:38 PM

If you're referring to Volchenkov, thing is the staff NEVER believed he was better than Salvador, just look at the TOI/roles they played for Pete while both were here.

Sal was also playing ahead of Fayne for a certain stretch. The point is that if Sal didn't have the "C" they wouldn't perceive him as any better than Volchenkov, and probably worse.

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Yesterday, 08:20 PM

No he didn't - the Devils gave Hedberg an insane 2 year deal after 2012, so as to provide Brodeur with absolutely zero competition. So yes, when Hedberg and the offense sunk the Devils' season in 2013, you can say oh Brodeur wasn't the problem, he was just terrible instead of being season-ruiningly bad. And of course you consider to pretend that the Devils weren't hurt by playing Brodeur an insane number of games last year.

If Salvador continues to play this poor they will notice. It won't happen in 10 games, but it will happen by the All-Star Break. The Devils cut Ken Daneyko's time severely by the end, they sent McGillis and Malakhov packing, they demoted Matvichuk, they bought out Colin White, and they bought out Volchenkov. I don't believe that they've lost the ability to evaluate defense - they are just wishcasting at this point that Salvador will provide them with what they need. I think ultimately what they will want is for Salvador to be a 16-18 minute a game guy.

The point with Marty, is that he was the all-time winningest goalie, holds the shutout record, and won three Cups, among many other things. He got a two year deal after going to the SCF, which is a bigger accomplishment for a goalie than a second or third pairing defenseman. Last year, he won more games than he lost, and he got fewer starts than the other guy.

Salvador, at his best, was an ok defenseman. There was a player that got bought out that was better than him, and a defenseman that's probably better than him that is sitting on the bench, and another defenseman in Gelinas that, for his faults, at least has a unique and useful skill set. If DeBoer had zero issue sitting Fayne or Volchenkov last year, if he was being honest, he would say the only reason Salvador doesn't get the same treatment is because he's the captain. And while you're saying his minutes will go down, that's a day late and a dollar short.

Again though, if there's better information that says he hasn't been that bad yet, fine.

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Yesterday, 06:56 PM

Sorry Daniel but that tweet is garbage - the guy is using all situation stats, because war-on-ice inexplicably defaults to all situations. Here are the real numbers: http://war-on-ice.co...&splitseasons=0 - which is of course not great but is not the dire situation that that guy made it out to be.

The samples are so small at the beginning of the season and the 4th line has taken 6 penalties - I bet some of their territorial issues are related to the fact that 6 times already when they touch the puck their shift ends. I'm not prepared to make conclusions about anyone until 20 games have gone by, though I do think both Gelinas and Salvador are struggling mightily.

Fair enough, although I'll just say that the numbers are so out of whack, that it's not nothing. I also don't see a huge anomaly like someone that we know is good like Andy Greene having close to the same horrendousness.

And yeah, right now I wouldn't rake PDB for not sitting him or Lou for giving Sal the "C" over the coals with this sample size. And, I'm not the Larsson uber alles type. But, you have an untouchable player who could prove to be really, really bad as more and more games are played. If that player's name was Mark Fayne, Anton Volchenkov, or perhaps even Marek Zidlicky, Larsson or anyone else for that matter would be playing instead of him.

At least with Marty, he actually did earn the benefit of the doubt for his entire body of work, and he got lucky enough that his playing time wasn't an enormous calamity in the short term or long term. All Salvador has to have "earned" his status, is a letter on his jersey and a surprisingly effective playoff performance two years ago. I suppose I get it, it doesn't mean I have to like it though.

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Yesterday, 03:09 PM

It hasn't been direct. It won't be direct. These guys go in the locker rooms every day talking to the players. They go to the captain quite a bit for quotes. There's one thing to ask why a player isn't in the lineup. It's another thing to name a certain player and ask why he is in the lineup. 


You just hit the nail on the head. It is just sports. In the end, does TG want to piss off the captain, piss off the coach (and he will piss off the coach, maybe so much that he'll have trouble getting a good answer for the rest of the year) and make his job that much more difficult? 


That's just if TG has the knowledge to ask that question. It's his job to possibly extract interesting answers from Deboer. He knows what Deboer is going to say in the end. Why phrase it in such a way that pisses everyone off?


This is true I suppose.  And I guess you can't expect this kind of stuff from Chere who has a long enough tenure to have that "I don't give a crap who I piss off" attitude.  Or, perhaps we might get more insightful questions when the team goes on an extended losing streak, and his play sticks out to even the most casual observer.  Or even better, the twitter verse can keep harping on it until someone with some level of influence takes notice.  That's probably a bridge too far though.