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Yesterday, 06:31 PM

shame on u tanehill. those practice squaders have more heart than half your team.

I've read a little more, and I can kind of understand why he got pissed off, or perhaps can infer it, that those walkthroughs are supposed to be at half speed, and that it might not have been Tannehill taking out his own frustrations on someone else.

It's the whole "I make more money than you" which is a real classless thing to say. Dan Marino was a notorious prick to his wide receivers, but I can't imagine him ever saying something like that.

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In Topic: 2015 Miami Dolphins thread

Yesterday, 03:01 PM

And Tannehill is a complete douche by the way:



During Saturday's walk-through practice in London the Miami Dolphins defense took offense to derogatory comments quarterback Ryan Tannehill made to the scout team defenders and eventually stopped practicing during the dry run for Sunday's game.

Multiple sources say Ryan Tannehill had committed a couple turnovers early in Saturday's walk-through and was bothered by scout team defenders intercepting his passes.

During an exchange with linebacker Chris McCain, who picked off a poorly thrown pass from Tannehill, the team's starting quarterback told the defenders "enjoy your practice squad paychecks," a source said.



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Yesterday, 10:53 AM

And BOOM goes the dynamite: Omar Kelly
3m3 minutes ago
Omar Kelly ‏@OmarKelly
The Sun-Sentinel can confirm Joe Philbin has been fired and Dan Campbell is the interim coach of the #Dolphins
Get Coyle out too!!!!


Too little, too late unfortunately. 

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Yesterday, 10:51 AM

The last person you want to hear from is a Jets fan, let me put aside my fanhood for a second.


The Dolphins do not need a full on rebuild they have the talent to be a playoff team right now...but when it comes to the head coach you must go get Bill Cowher in the offseason. He says he doesn't want to coach anymore? Tough, throw more money at him. Throw ridiculous money at him. Make him refuse to say no. He is really the discipline that the franchise needs. He's what Suh needs. He is accountability and instant credibility.


If Ross wanted to go the route of throwing a ton of money at someone who said they don't want to coach anymore, I would prefer that he give it a shot with Gruden first.  Ironically, it has a lot to do with the fact that, at least from what he says on TV, that he's a huge believer in Tannehill and he's something of a QB guru.  (Yes, I know, Gruden does have that Jaworski kind of thing where every QB he reviews could be the next Tom Brady). 


Whether we like it or not, Tannehill is the guy for the next couple of years, and there doesn't appear to be an Andrew Luck type QB available in the draft any time soon.  Might as well bring in someone where we know for sure what we have. 

In Topic: 2015 Miami Dolphins thread

Yesterday, 10:00 AM

Ian Wharton ‏@NFLFilmStudy:

Every exec and agent I’ve talked to expects Joe Philbin to be fired today. One source: this is opportunity to show everyone is on same page
Please let this guy be right...


I guess you sometimes don't have a choice, but I'd really hate to see anyone in the organization be named the interim.  If that's unavoidable, since it also appears that Coyle is going to get the axe also, promote someone internally to HC and bring in Schwartz to be the DC.  That way you don't have to slow things up to satisfy the Rooney rule.