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In Topic: Should Daneyko continue as color commentator next year?

Yesterday, 04:13 PM

Totally agree about LaGreca, would love him as the radio PBP guy. Poor bastard has turned into a shill for the Rags though... I wonder if he got rid of his Devils tattoo... As far as Dano goes, I'll give him one more year to get better. If he shows no improvement after next season, I'd let him go as the color guy and move him back to the studio co-host with hopefully someone who will have replaced Deb by then.

I've heard second hand about comments on air where he's generally pretty open about the fact that he's a Devils fan, but that he roots for the Rangers because he works for them and that it benefits his career when the Rangers do well. Sort of like if you played hockey and got drafted by a team you rooted against growing up. I've never heard of an instance where the player makes even a small issue out of it.

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In Topic: 2014-2015 Around the league thread

Yesterday, 03:01 PM

Disagree about them being over the top. It's a tricky situation. I understand his frustration 100%. The players are not tanking. They are playing their asses off, with embarrassing results. It must be demoralizing to hear the home team cheer an away team's OT winner.


I also don't blame the Sabres' fans reactions. This was a gigantic game, and they've been through so much the past few years. That's a big time "win" for them, and what they've been through, they felt they deserved/needed that loss, so I get the excitement. 


And actually, for what Weber is a part of, so to speak, his comments are fairly tame.

In Topic: Should Daneyko continue as color commentator next year?

Yesterday, 02:57 PM

For the most part I don't find him annoying, which is for the most part what I care about.   But he really doesn't add anything at all except to tell old war stories that we've heard a million times already. 


The quintessential awful announcer is John Sterling, who actually makes me dread when the Yankees do something positive (to the extent I still care about baseball).


On a related note while I like the what the new owners have done so far as arena upgrades and the pregame presentation, would have loved it if they took the amount they paid for that to land Don LaGreca as our play-by-play either on the radio or tv. 

In Topic: 2015 Draft Thread

26 March 2015 - 04:29 PM

You have no idea if this was the case. Just because CSS didn't rank him doesn't mean this is true.

No I haven't interviewed every GM to verify that. However everyone on the telecast that said he wasn't projected anywhere close to that or even on their draft lists, and not just a matter of CSS rankings. When you hear stuff like that it's a good bet that he would have been available much later.

It wasn't the end of the world though.

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In Topic: 2015 Draft Thread

26 March 2015 - 03:41 PM

Foster was the exact kind of pick that people are kind of begging for, except, in hindisght, it came way too early.  Going into midget he was ranked as highly as Dany Heatly, but had injury issues in junior.  It was a total swing for the fences kind of move by arguably the best Devils' team ever.  The major problem with the pick was that it was pretty obvious that you could have gotten him at least two rounds later.