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In Topic: Coyotes in trouble again?

Yesterday, 10:52 AM

Absent winning the Cup in the next year or two, I really don't think the Coyotes have much more of a shelf life in Arizona.  While it looks like this particular issue won't be the final straw, it's just more fuel to the fire of a deal that appears to have been very unpopular with the electorate when it was struck.  A winning team (more precisely, an elite team) might change the perception, but it seems to me that there just aren't enough people that care about hockey to overcome what a loser the deal has been for the taxpayer. 


There are enough places and people that are willing to pay top dollar for an NHL franchise that I'm sure the owners of the Coyotes will at least break even on their investment and that the city of Glendale might at least get a decent chunk of its losses back. 

In Topic: The East is the Key

22 July 2014 - 07:49 PM

Interesting? Maybe for you, but that means it has to be interesting when big media types say the Devils won't make it as well. For all the hatred that some people got for picking the Devils to miss the playoffs in 07-08 or 09-10 here, a lot of people were unfairly criticized for being right three of the past four years here as well.

They are predictions. I don't care what anyone things, and I don't think people have agendas either. The same people that knew the Leafs would miss the playoffs are the same ones that had the Devils in there.

If people have the Devils in the playoffs, it'll be for the same optimism that we think they might do well. And for those that don't, it'll be for the same reasons that have us concerned. I don't think there are any big agendas out there about the Devils.

Dude, chill out. It's interesting because in years past the conventional wisdom would be that a team that missed the playoffs the previous year, whose best forward is 43, and does not have a can't miss prospect ready to play, would not make the playoffs the next year. Vegas odds have the Devils ranked near the bottom. So it's interesting that people are coming around to the idea that's there's more to the story than meets the eye.

Otherwise, I'm well passed the stage of caring that the Devils don't get enough respect from the talking heads.

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In Topic: The East is the Key

22 July 2014 - 06:30 PM

This is interesting.

@CraigCustance: If you think Devils & Islanders get in the playoffs, which seems to be growing notion, who from Metro are you taking out?

The big media types (well relatively speaking, it is the NHL after all) seem to be picking up on the Devils being a dark horse team.

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In Topic: 2014 Yankees Thread

22 July 2014 - 05:22 PM

Man, it's amazing how much interest I've lost in baseball. I remember the days when I would soak up those lame post trade deadline deals. I don't even know who Chase Headley is.

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In Topic: The East is the Key

22 July 2014 - 03:31 PM

I don't think Larsson is a guy who we should be worrying about either. Posted very good possession stats with average-ish zone starts and competition.  He's definitely an NHL caliber defenseman, but I think a lot of people underrate him because he hasn't panned out like we all had hoped (yet). I don't expect there to be a huge dropoff from Fayne to Larsson if they decide to play AL with Greene.


I don't have much faith in Gelinas to be honest.  I don't think he has the brains to play in the league and play a prominent role. His potential is obviously sky-high but I just hope he can play 3rd pairing minutes and play well on the PP


With Larsson, I just go on the eye test.  He seems to turn the puck over a lot in his own end, and despite his supposed "COMPOSURE WITH THE PUCK" there does appear to be a panic factor there.  I recall that the same possession stats said that Dougie Hamilton was the best Bruins' defenseman in the 2012-2013 playoffs, but he got benched for a few of those games.  It also tells you something that he got demoted last year, which, contrary to popular belief, was not due to DeBoer not liking young European players.  To be honest, I didn't notice Gelinas making as many mistakes as Larsson in the defensive end, but obviously something was going on as he was demoted as well, which a team that has trouble scoring does not do unless there are serious problems with his defensive game. 


Ultimately with Fayne and Volchenkov, and even with Salvador, you knew what you were getting, which was a defense unit that presided over one of the best shots against and goals against despite having 35 games played by a below average goaltender.  I understand that the forwards and the system contribute to that, but at least you know that the defenseman who left were part of the mix that made that possible. 

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