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In Topic: NFL Off Season 2015 - Coaches, Caps, and Combines OH MY!

Today, 02:16 PM

It's extremely unusual for one court to overturn something only for a higher court to then overturn that, no? Like someone posted on Twitter the NFL got to choose the venue and STILL lost this one just like they lose pretty much every time they go to court since repeatedly going around their own stated guidelines isn't looked on kindly by courts.

What's extremely unusual is for a court to overturn the decision of an arbitrator. While I haven't read the decision, the NFL I believe argued that the NFL's disciplinary process is legally the same thing as an arbitration, but I don't know whether the judge accepted that premise.

As for losing in the venue that the NFL chose, it's not as significant one way or the other as some are making it out to be. The NFL chose the venue, probably because they wanted to avoid a specific judge in Minnesota who tends to side with the players (but who also frequently gets reversed). There are something like 20 judges in the particular court where the case was heard, and the judge that gets assigned is picked at random.


EDIT: NFL filed its notice of appeal, but didn't seek a stay and nothing that indicates they want an expedited briefing schedule.  So Brady is playing the entire season.

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In Topic: NFL Off Season 2015 - Coaches, Caps, and Combines OH MY!

Today, 12:06 PM

NFL is appealing, of course. If they win, Brady will be suspended later in the season or next year. This 'ain't going away yet...


Depends on whether the NFL can convince the Second Circuit to hear the appeal on an expedited basis.  I think it probably should, but it's ultimately discretionary. 


I bet you that Goodell is praying that Greg Hardy, as rumored, takes Berman's decision as precedent and challenges his suspension in court.  Hardy, truly a bad guy, will be Exhibit A as to why the Commissioner should have final say on discipline.  It would be an opportunity to get the Second Circuit to really consider whether federal courts should decide whether every player that beats the crap out of some woman got treated fairly by the league.  While Brady obviously did not do anything like that, the authority that the commissioner used to suspend him, is the same that he used to suspend Hardy. 


Even without something extraneous like that though, I think the NFL will ultimately win.  The idea is that the players union agreed that these sorts of grievances would be handled by the league, and, as the saying goes, they wouldn't make a federal case out of it. 

In Topic: Salvador Retires - The Players's Tribune

Yesterday, 01:42 PM

This is one thing that I've always felt a little odd about during Lou's reign.  It always seemed like concussions were not a real injury.  Why was Clowe constantly trotted out?  Same with Salvador?  I feel like the team was a little too "old school" in this respect where a concussion would be cured with some smelling salts and a kick in the butt.


Err, since there was a concussion protocol, I don't think Lou ever hid the fact that certain players, especially players like Clowe, had concussions.  I mean, the official note might have been "upper body injury," but when asked he would plainly acknowledge that certain players had concussions.  And in the case of Salvador, it appeared that it wasn't even a concussion that kept him out so long. 

In Topic: Salvador Retires - The Players's Tribune

Yesterday, 12:13 PM

the booing was unacceptable - of course. of course. and yes, i was thinking to go into Louis CK "but maybe."


here's the thing - you read the article and the pre-Cup run stuff you can say, "now I get it." but the issues come AFTER the cup run when it comes to Sal and how fans viewed him. now knowing just how hurt he was, the 3 year contract was a terrible idea from Lou. I mean, we all hated it the minute is was signed and it created a log jam of defensemen that conceivably affected Larsson's growth as well as other players not getting a shot and moved out.


last year, for the month that he played, the PK was historically bad and he was a main reason why. the year before, he was essentially done also.


this takes nothing away from the great person he is, "warrior", captain, leader. he was excellent in the SCF run.


TG brought up on twitter that lots of people put too much of the blame for the devils on sal. The truth is that since that SCF run, there's LOTS of blame to go around for the Devils play/record but in the end, one man shoulders more blame than any. And now he's in Toronto.


We'll never know, but I suspect that the contract he got in 2012, had something to do with trying to convince Parise to stay. 

In Topic: Patrick Kane

Yesterday, 09:51 AM

Thoughts? Looks like the Hawks might be looking to get rid of him. Should the Devils be interested? We have the cap space. 




It's been discussed in the general offseason thread.  The Score, which isn't quite like Hockeybuzz rumor mongering, suggested that the Devils as one of three teams that would make sense as a destination, whatever that means.


Still, unless the Hawks are going to give him away, no one is trading for him if and until he's cleared of the charges.  And at that point, the Hawks would keep him anyway.  And even if that's not the case, based on what the Hawks would ask for, what the Devils have, and what the Devils are missing, it would basically be a zero sum return. 


Although I don't have the inclination to see if it would work capwise, the Islanders would make the most sense if it ever came to pass.  They have prospects like Barzal, Del Colle and Ho Sang, who they may not even have room for in the near future.