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In Topic: Alternate History -- Lou doesn't trade for Schneider

Today, 01:38 PM

I have to take issue with a few things in this alternate timeline -


A:  The Devils were not going into the 2013-14 season with Brodeur and Hedberg as their goalies.  They were going to upgrade their goaltending for sure, it's just a question of what it would've been.  A trade was the best way because that person would just have to deal with the fact that he was sharing the net with an egomaniac who wanted to start every game.


B:  This is wildly underestimating how excruciating the 2013-14 season would be.  Can you imagine?  Horrendous and no pick.  Would be an endless season, probably culminating in Lou's firing or being kicked upstairs.  The season was bad enough and the Devils were in the playoff race for most of the year.


C:  It's really impossible to imagine how things go if the Devils don't get that goalie.  Does Jagr come here?  Does Zidlicky re-sign?  Very difficult things to answer.  


A.  I think it's pretty a good bet that they go into 2013-14 with Brodeur and Hedberg.  Maybe Hedberg gets the boot eventually, but the fact that Lou still called Marty the number 1 goalie after they got Schneider, and that Marty played 35 games, leads me to believe he gets at least 55 starts if no Schneider.


B.  It's more to say it wouldn't be that bad so you don't have to account for McDavid or Eichel, which in my mind makes it a no brainer yes.


C.  Don't think it's impossible at all to imagine both Jagr and Zidlicky here in 2013-14 without Schneider.  Zidlicky wanted to be in the area, and I don't recall other teams beating down Jagr's door at that time. 

In Topic: Alternate History -- Lou doesn't trade for Schneider

Today, 12:10 PM

Alternate time line? Did someone see Terminator this weekend? Lol


Nope.  And judging by the box office no one else did either.

In Topic: 2015 NHL Off-season Thread

04 July 2015 - 03:09 PM

I haven't thought about it and I don't want to think about potential battlegrounds, but a lot of people were saying "well we'll lose a month max" last time around.

Information I had from a certain someone that knows a certain member of the NHLPA was that the players were told back in June of 2012 was to expect to miss at least a month of the season.

It's still a ways away, but I think it's ultimately a fight over a few numbers. I think fundamentally everything else is pretty much in place. Although maybe the players will want to add relocation and expansion fees to hockey revenue if the cap doesn't get to $85 million by the time the CBA is up.

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In Topic: 2015 NHL Off-season Thread

04 July 2015 - 11:32 AM

If there is a lockout coming, I don't think you'll lose much if any of the season. The last lockout went beyond just coming up with a number for revenue splits. Contract length and cap recapture were apparently more contentious issues last time around than the revenue split. Those issues are basically taken care of.

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In Topic: John Moore to NJD

03 July 2015 - 02:10 PM

Santini could be an exception, but even defensive players usually score decently at lower levels. You don't find many good defensive forwards or defenseman who never put up points anywhere.

This is what I was getting at. Even Volchenkov put up pretty good point totals in the AHL. It seems like it's a post lock out phenomenon, but generally defenseman that don't maintain a half point per game total in the CHL by age 18 don't pan out in the NHL. College and the USNDT have something of a different dynamic though. But even if the point totals are an issue, Santini seems like one of the few who has never put up good point totals at any level will be more than Fraser type in the NHL.

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