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In Topic: Is tanking the right move?

Today, 03:25 PM

really? i feel like theres way more incentive for an NBA team to tank


This is sort of "all your bases are belong to us."  Tanking is all about being as bad as possible.  Roughly, I suppose, a Crosby type player comes along just as often as a Lebron type.   So the incentive in both leagues probably works out the same.  Once you get past being around the fifth worst team overall, you just had a bad year, and weren't intentionally trying to do anything.


In the NHL, it's not uncommon that the most of the best players drafted in a particular year can be in the bottom half of the first round or later.  In the history of the NBA since there were more than ten teams, you can maybe count the number of all-stars on one hand that were drafted in the second round.

In Topic: Is tanking the right move?

Today, 03:18 PM

Tanking is just different here. What is the definition of tanking?


Lou tried to put together a solid squad this season and everything blew up. Is that tanking?


The players are trying to win, Pete is icing the best line up he can every night. Is that tanking?


Tanking is a concept that really doesn't happen. 


Now if we want to trade our pieces at the deadline (or a little before it) and gets some value back for Free Agents - that's not tanking either. That's prepping for the future.


And again, the analysis is different when you have a generational talent, or perhaps two, there for the taking.  If we were talking about the 2011 draft, then it's sort of who cares. 


I don't follow the NBA at all, and couldn't tell you who the top picks are in most years without looking it up.  But unintentional tanking worked out really, really well for the Spurs in 1997. 


So there's no statistical analysis that can tell you the probability of whether it might work out.  It depends on who you're going after.

In Topic: Is tanking the right move?

Today, 03:11 PM

1: No.  We do not tank.  We are the Devils.  It annoys me that so many here feel that we should.


2. The NBA draft is almost incomparable to the NHL draft.  Theirs has more depth, you have a better chance of picking up real talent in 2nd+3rd rounds, whereas the NHL draft is front-loaded with talent; thus why you rarely see teams trading 1sts


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I think you got point 2 mixed up.  It's extremely rare that you get a good player past something like the 10th pick in the NBA draft. 

In Topic: Severson out 4-5 weeks

Today, 12:39 PM

This probably fvcks his Calder chances too.


He wasn't going to win that anyway.  Forsberg or Ekblad were well ahead of him already. 

In Topic: We aren't getting McDavid or Eichel, it's time to realize this

Today, 12:30 PM

At this stage, I honestly wouldn't put it past the league to heavily favor the Devils at the lottery. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, to think it WILL be done, but it's in the league's best interest that Philly, New Jersey, or Colorado get that 1st round pick. Maybe Arizona too (big maybe). And I can't see Philly staying down in the cellar with us honestly, they'll improve; we won't, and Colorado might not either.


The league wants us to succeed more than Devils fans will give them credit for. Having the entire NY metro area turned onto hockey while local football and baseball goes down the toilet. They got their Rangers playoff run last year, they're getting their Islanders re-birth right before the Brooklyn move, they got their Devils change of ownership (who they love). They absolutely want us to succeed.


The league doesn't favor anyone in the lottery.  They get an auditing firm like KPMG to monitor the results.  Firms like that do not risk their reputations in order to facilitate a pro hocky league conspiracy.