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In Topic: The Devils are bad and it's time to tank

Yesterday, 03:43 PM

Tanking is not the right way to do this, just draft and develop better like Tampa Bay.



Notice how Tampa's roster has players who were picked numbers 1, 2 and 4 overall all of whom are under 25.  And they sold high on an aging player for two first round picks, albeit he forced their hand, and not everyone has a player that can fetch that kind of return. 


Again, we're not talking about getting rid of everyone.  Just players that are likely not going to be here after this year, when there's a legitimate shot at a generational talent.  If the foundation of a good team is already in place (debatable, but that seems to be your premise) then there's no downside to taking that approach.

In Topic: The Devils are bad and it's time to tank

Yesterday, 11:54 AM

The team as currently constructed, does kind of suck but you don't decide to tank after you are already half way through a rebuild. We couldn't be in better position for the future on defense and we just locked up our goalie of the future for the next 8 years. Basically, we need to accumulate some decent assets so that we can acquire good forwards as they become available, Dallas Stars style. Getting lucky on a forward or two in the draft wouldn't hurt either. We need to add a few top 6 skilled forwards but there's absolutely no reason to tear it all down and start over.

I would agree with those saying that if we are still a few points out at the trade deadline, you pawn of Jagr, Zidlicky, Rydar and Havlat for whatever 2nd or 3rd round picks you can get. I doubt Brunner has any value but he could be shipped as well. No reason to part with Zajac or Cammallerri since they have a lot of years left and I believe Elias still has a lot of value to the team in terms of being a leader and role model for the young forwards.


As I noted before, I don't want a Sabres "blow it all up" approach.  So that means trading players that will not be here in the long term if there's a good deal to be had.  And that would even mean trading players like Brunner, Bernier (who's playing decently), et al. for 5th - 7th round picks.  Chances are whoever you draft in those rounds won't turn into much, but you increase your odds of finding someone that's at least useful. 


Otherwise, I'm not offended by the new guy for questioning my fan bona fides.  I posted more  dumb crap when I first got here than I do now.

In Topic: Players for whom you have outsized memories?

Yesterday, 11:02 AM


In Topic: NFL Week 11!

20 November 2014 - 03:08 PM

In 2005 they played a MNF double header when the Saints played their "Home" opener in Giant Stadium because of Katrina


According to Shefter, they're thinking of moving the game to Pittsburgh or Detroit on that Tuesday. 

In Topic: NFL Week 11!

20 November 2014 - 12:14 PM

They've moved games to Tuesday before (the Philly snowstorm against the Vikes a few years back, the Vikings Metrodome falling in they moved a game that week too I think). It won't be Monday cause heaven forbid they take away attention from their regular MNF game.


I heard something that the temps are supposed to get up to the high 40s by the weekend, so maybe enough snow will melt by Tuesday so the game can be played then.