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Alternate History -- Lou doesn't trade for Schneider

Yesterday, 11:57 AM

I don't think anyone has posed the question before, but would the team have been better off in the longer term had Lou not made the deal?  This is a reasonable alternative history, while minimizing the butterfly effect. 


June 2013, Devils keep the pick and draft either Bo Horvat or Max Domi.  From what I've heard generally, the pick would not have been Nischushkin, and Domi's name has come up the most in who the Devils would have selected. 


The Devils are terrible in 2013-2014 with Marty and Hedberg as the goalie duo, but it makes no difference draft-wise. 


2014-15, Devils sign an average to decent starting goalie of the Halak type, and do a whole lot worse in the standings than they did.  For purposes of the exercise, I won't say the Devils are bad enough/lucky enough to land Eichel or McDavid, which I think makes the answer a no-brainer yes, but instead end up in a slot where either Marner or Hanifin is available.  So you either end up with Marner or, for fun, I'll say Hanifin gets traded to Columbus for Rychel and eighth overall, who turns into one of Rantanen, Crouse or Barzal.  I'll buy into the media reports that Zacha was the player the Flyers wanted, and would not be available at eight. 


Note, I don't want to complicate things too much by saying that as early as 2013-2014 Lou sees the writing on the wall and trades players like Elias and Jagr, and we manage an extra low first round pick either this year or the year before. 


A tough call, but I'll still lean towards pulling the trigger on the deal. 

NHL To Allow Fans To Purchase Out of Market Games A La Carte

12 June 2015 - 03:23 PM

A while ago, there was a thread that discussed a lawsuit that challenged the legality of the restrictions in the NHL Center Ice package that prevented viewers in from watching in-market games on Center Ice.  So, if you live in the NY Metro area and had Center Ice, you couldn't watch Devils/Rangers/Islanders games on Center Ice, but would have to watch on MSG through a local cable provider.  I recall the suit also challenged how the NHL would not allow networks that have a national presence from broadcasting games outside of a local market.  So, if MSG Network was available in Florida, Devils/Rangers/Islanders games are still blacked out there.


Well, apparently a settlement has been reached where, sometime within the next five years, you will be able to buy the games for the specific out of market teams you want to watch at a lower price.





They said this forced them to buy costly bundled game packages, rather they purchase games "a la carte" at lower prices, if they wanted to want their preferred teams.

According to papers filed Thursday in Manhattan federal court, the NHL agreed over the next five years to let fans buy single-team packages for at least 20 percent below the cost of bundled packages. Early subscribers would also get discounts.



Center Ice's restrictions appear to be the norm for MLB and the NBA.  So I wonder if those will be the next dominoes to fall. 

Lou's Future

10 April 2015 - 10:47 AM

I didn't want to derail other threads where the discussion inevitably comes up. 


In my opinion, he should be given one more year to demonstrate that he can improve the team significantly ("significantly" being in the eye of the beholder).   Aside from the MacLean era, which I will always consider an anomaly, the fundamentals were fairly sound.  Even if the performance wasn't the most exciting thing in the world, they did enough where playoff berths in 12-13 and 13-14 were realistic enough but for certain things going wrong.  In the lockout season, there's a good chance they would have made the playoffs if Kovalchuk didn't get hurt.  Last year, it was the shootout (which is not something a GM has much control over, or if he does, it's not something towards which he should be devoting time, resources and energy specifically) and Marty getting too many games, although the team lucked out on the latter part in that he got enough goal support that it wasn't a disaster.  


However, I can't recall a Devils' team that got outplayed on an every night basis as much as this one, and it's difficult to see what he can do to change that.  I don't think the game has "passed him by."  It's clear that he realizes what the problems are.  He's just probably too old, and perhaps too attached to certain players that if a real rebuild needs to happen, better it be with someone else.  If he's still got the "special sauce" this is the time to use it. 


Next year isn't the worst time to hit rock bottom, or be close to it anyway.  While not McDavid and Eichel, there is a good amount of buzz surrounding the top 3 or 4 projected picks.