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Larionov piece that's been making the rounds

23 February 2015 - 05:04 PM

It's been talked about in the twitterverse, so here's the link




I'll call myself skeptical of his thesis even though the man has obviously forgotten more about hockey than I'll ever know.  I can't speak to the Russian league back in his time, but with 30 teams each having to field twenty players a night, not all of them are going to be as good as the Russian Olympians were back in Larionov's time.  I also get the impression that the KHL actually has less scoring than the NHL.


I also don't really see evidence of creativity, i.e. offense, being squelched at the younger levels.  I mean, in the CHL teams seem to put up videogame like scoring numbers.  His idea that there have been several Pavel Datsyuk's waiting to be discovered in the KHL that never got their chance, seems a bit implausible to me.  Would be interesting to see an NHL scout's rebuttal to the claims about specific players.