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22 December 2009 - 06:19 PM

ahhh omg, i am so so so excited!!! my sister and i were counting down the last minute like it was new year's eve :yay:

i feel so lucky to have been watching since his rookie season!!! i remember my very first devils game when i was about 10, and our seats were really good, right near brodeur's net for 2 periods and right up against the glass, he has been my favorite ever since!! luvvvvv me some marty!!!!!!!!!!

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12 October 2009 - 09:15 PM

oh yeah -- and Clarkson is falling into to the "he's just too into himself" place Stevens started out in. When you start out there you're safe -- but when you're relegated there after -- then, well, you've lost me.

It was the "Clarkson's Girlfriend" website I think that just made him a little distasteful -- not the content but the fact it's there and stuff... and he's looking - just too pretty for me - just off...

and my daughter has saddle shoes just like Stevens golf shoes... think Donna picked them out for him?

don't they all have those "girlfriend" sites though???

In Topic: Ladies? Who's Starting The Cupcake Picture Thread?

11 October 2009 - 12:03 PM

OMG clarkieee clarkie how i love you <3

and i wouldn't mind going a few rounds with parise either, but i think my sister would kill me - that's her boo right there hahahahahahaha, hey i'll take his brother jordan =]

and ladies, i CAN'T be the only brodeur groupie here, am i? well, if so, that's cool - more for me hahaha. i fell in love with him when i was 10 and have been ever since...le sigh le sigh.

and i agree with pepperkorn about weeksy...yummmy =]