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#784346 Brodeur also excited to see Lemaire return

Posted by nyrsuck26 on 14 July 2009 - 02:04 PM

Kinda feels like 1995 again because we have a lot of young new players.

Dude weren't you 2 in 95? :P Not that I'd know how 95 felt either.

Me neither :( .. I was 6

Ugh, you people.... you're making me feel so old.... I was in my early twenties.

LOL, I was a sophomore in high school in '95... I feel old too with all these young'ins. :P

I was a freshman surrounded by Ranger fans. Too bad school was out by the time the finals were over.

Unfortunatley, I was surrounded by a lot of Ranger fans at my school too. One of them, who was a good friend at the time, busted my balls mercilessly for '94. So the night we won the Cup, I called him to give it right back... he hung up on me. I immediately called back. He hung up on me again. I smiled a wide smile and proceded to party all night. Ah, the great memories of the '95 Cup. :D

I was but a mere 3 years old. :(
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