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In Topic: parrish waived by wild

30 July 2008 - 11:02 AM

The Devils are done adding. If they add anything more of significance, it will be after subtracting. Lou will not back himself into a corner as he did in 2005-06.

Maybe. Lou still might be trying to upgrade the D. I think when Sundin Finally signs then you might see some more trades. We might have something in the works with Vancover, but we are playing the waiting game.

As of right now we have about $2.2 in cap and VV is probabaly gone or demoted, so that frees up $1.8. So we have $4 million in cap space.

The only thing I question is if everyone thinks Bergfors is ready then where will he play? Unless you trade a Winger all our spots on the first two lines are taken. Unless you drop Lagenbrunner to the 3rd line and Pando to the 4th? I looks liek this. Sorry Mike Rupp odd man out!

Gionta-Rolston-Elias Parise-Zajac-Bergfors Zubrus-Madden-Lagenbrunner Pando-Holik-Clarkson

In Topic: N.J. Devils hopeful about younger Federov

23 July 2008 - 12:56 PM

Anybody else have high hopes for young federov??

I want Vrana and Bergfors making the team before this guy. If Federov can play well in camp then it is a bonus and we can throw him on the 4th line instead of RUPP. I hightly doubt he makes the team. IMO. Where would he fit anyway? This line-up is pretty deep unless we trade someone.

Reserves: Bergfors/Vrana

I have high hopes for either Salmela, Corrente, or Eckford. I think one of these guys will make the team and be a good puck moving D-guy we needed.

In Topic: Pelley still unsigned; Fedorov intends to play in NJ

22 July 2008 - 04:03 PM

I have a feeling Zajac and Bergfors will be the players traded for a defensmen, If any. I really can't see Gionta being moved.

Zajac is only 23 and the kid just had a down season. I expect him to get better and rebound. Bergfors is only 21 and we have no idea what his potential is. These two guys are young and are the future of the Devs. Gionta is 29 and a FA next year. (I doubt we keep him)- we all know how crazy FA is. If anything GIO will be traded if we need a missing piece on D. IMO.

In Topic: Pics from Devils conditioning camp

22 July 2008 - 03:50 PM

Where is this Lou quote from?

Here you go. Nj.com http://www.nj.com/de..._prospects.html

Article: N.J. Devils warm up to prospects
by Colin Stephenson/The Star-Ledger Monday July 21, 2008, 7:16 PM

Lou's quote is about half way in the article. This is where it came from.

In Topic: Pics from Devils conditioning camp

22 July 2008 - 02:04 PM

"We've added two players, in Bobby Holik and Brian Rolston, and certainly we're looking for a defenseman or two to come in and play -- or push somebody -- and then we'll see what happens from there." Lamoriello said the three players who could most likely challenge for a spot in training camp are defensemen Anssi Salmela, Matthew Corrente and Tyler Eckford."

I guess this means LOU is done and expects one of these guys on D to make an impact and make the team? I guess LOU wants to see what he has with the lines and D before he makes a trade. I hope we get a nice suprise from one of these guys and become a puck moving d- guy we need. Salmela fits the mold of that, but Eckford has really impressed with his progress and he might be ready.