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In Topic: Trade Proposal

25 August 2009 - 05:09 PM

Doubt they would give him up. He is so underrated. One of my favorite players on the sharks, he works so hard every shift.
I think alot more people would be talking about him now if it wasn't for him being out all last season.

i can't wait to watch him this year. he's one of my favorites, too.

In Topic: Marleau stripped of captaincy

25 August 2009 - 05:07 PM

What was the excuse the year before when they lost to the Stars in the 2nd round? Bad matchup. This team has underachieved for a while now and maybe this particular group just can't get it done in the playoffs. You have to look at the core guys. Thornton and Nabakov may be more responsible for the failures but those 2 aren't going anywhere. Marleau is the next in line and he is the most tradable.

I like Patrick Marleau but lets calm down a little bit, you are making him sound like the MVP of the league. The truth is is he isn't even the best center on his team. To replace Marleau with Heatley would be a nice upgrade. You can sign someone else to replace Marleau's pk ability. Hell, you could sign Blair Betts tomorrow and the pk unit would be upgraded as well.

no, i wouldn't consider the stars nearly as bad a matchup as the ducks were last year. if you don't think they were absurdly good for an 8th seed, you're dreaming. and yeah, the sharks still should have beaten them.

marleau is no more tradeable than joe or nabby. they, along with boyle, all have ntc's. nabby has said he would waive his. i doubt patty would.

guess who the nhl players voted most underrated player in the league? oh right... patrick marleau.

i'm not deifying the guy, but i get sick of him being the subject of trade rumors. he's one of the few on the team who ISN'T the problem.

What? He didn't prove enough this past season? Clowe was VERY good last season. It seemed as if he was everywhere doing all the things that help the team win. I won't say there weren't games where he left you wanting more, but I'm willing to chalk that up to playing an 82 game season. If Ryane Clowe were to don a Devils sweater, I'd be ecstatic.

um... no, clowe was very good the season before, especially in the playoffs. this season, he played timidly. we all want to see the fiery clowe from 07-08 again.

In Topic: Marleau stripped of captaincy

21 August 2009 - 03:33 PM

I don't believe in bringing back the same team that has continually shown that can't get it done in the playoffs. They have to make a change not a tweak. If they traded Marleau and got Heatley in a seperate trade then I think they got the better player.

You can make all the excuses you want. They have not been a great playoff team the last few years and last year they won the Presidents Trophy and they still choked in the 1st round. I don't care who they played. It's time for a change in SJ.

i do care who they played. it was an awful matchup. aside from that, there were weak links all over the place: nabby, the ineffective pp, etc. but who scored the gwg's in the two games the sharks won against anaheim? patrick marleau.

if you dump patty and acquire heatley, you have a better goal-scorer... that's it. would it help the pp? probably. but patty is invaluable on the pk, and is defensively responsible. who's going to be defensively responsible on a heatley-thornton-setoguchi/cheechoo line?

Agree for the most part with this. Don't agree that Marleau is underpaid, but he's a very good player who fills a lot of roles for the team. Also don't agree with the players/salaries you think should be moved, especially Clowe. The player/salary that absolutely needs to move, IMESHO, is Michalek. In my mind, he is a definite weak link for that team in the playoffs.

yeah i left out michalek. michalek/cheechoo and murray/ehrhoff are the likely trade-bait. clowe isn't trade-bait, i don't think, but he's a tad overpaid... i haven't been impressed with him in a while, but i'll gladly retract the sentiment if he proves himself this year.

In Topic: Trade Proposal

20 August 2009 - 05:58 PM

Marleau> 1st and Halischuk, Ehrhoff>>>>>>> Greene and a 4th. Really nothing in it for SJ, we get the best 2 players in the deal and they don't even get a NHL'er


marleau necessitates a pretty large return. error is fairly valuable, especially on the pp. if you want to pick off sharks, go for the likely trade-bait: cheechoo, michalek, murray, ehrhoff (but not in combo with another highly-skilled player).

In Topic: Marleau stripped of captaincy

20 August 2009 - 04:27 PM

How steep could it be? He's on the last year of his deal which makes him a rental. The whole league knows the Sharks want to shed salary, whatever the reason may be. I personally think they want Heatley. I also think it's a mistake for SJ to bring back the same team that choked last year and they have to make some sort of change.

some would also say it's a mistake to blow up a team that won the presidents trophy. anaheim was the dumbest eight-seed in nhl history. they were the worst match-up the sharks could have gotten. they took detroit to 7 games. they had two of the best defensemen in the nhl and a goalie playing like superman. san jose needs tweaks to the roster, not a blow-up. there's not much they can get in return that makes losing marleau's talent okay. patty's one of the few consistent playoff performers on the team (unlike thornton), and he's as solid defensively as he is offensively. he's actually underpaid, in my opinion. he's not the salary that needs to be shed. there are others making more than they deserve (cheech, murray, maybe clowe).