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In Topic: New Jersey Devils Inside Source/Ticket Info

31 July 2008 - 01:41 PM

Maybe this is a stretch, but I wonder if DevilinLA's letter (or however many like it) had anything at all to do with this...

Colorado Rockies,

I actually just started with the team and have been trying to come up with ways on my own to find people who might be interested in tickets with us.

I do know that upper management took a lot of requests from fans into account when coming up with our new season ticket holder benefits this season. If you haven't gotten a chance to look, we're actually offering more than we ever have in the past (a skate at the practice rink at the Prudential Center, holiday gift, loyalty program, and ability to e-mail and resell tickets online).

In Topic: New Jersey Devils Inside Source/Ticket Info

31 July 2008 - 01:38 PM

gotta give the dude credit for slick marketing idea!! :thumbsup:

So now I gotta ask ya... is there any chance of having a payment program that extends through September??
I know it would make it easier on me and I am sure other people too if we were able to pay off our season ticket invoices over 4-5 months instead of 3 months at the most, I know the Rangers payment plans final payment is just a few days before the season starts and it would be nice and maybe make it more affordable for the family of 4 to have that kind of option to make smaller payments on their tickets!!

Hope you stick around and take the one intelligent question out of the 25 stupid ones you're about to get!! B )


Thanks for the credit on the idea. I'm just trying to find Devils fans and make sure they are informed with whatever information they need so they can get out to The Rock and see the team.

To answer your questions, as you know, this season we offered a 3 payment option (spread out through the summer months) that was interest free.

I haven't heard anything about spreading it out more so, but it does change from year to year.

Thanks for joining the facebook group as well.