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In Topic: Friends of NjDevs... guess who is coming your way ?

20 September 2013 - 04:28 AM

From Austria! Just got a little less excited after seeing the first two periods of last nights game :-D

In Topic: Friends of NjDevs... guess who is coming your way ?

19 September 2013 - 12:11 PM

I'm sharing your excitement, I'm another european Devils fan who gets to see the Devils live for the first time next week. And although it's only a pre season game I'm PUMPED!

Hope you have a great experience in Montreal!

In Topic: My first chance to see the Devils live

01 August 2013 - 04:24 AM

Thanks for all your responses, really appreciate your help! Btw if anyone is thinking about the country with the kangaroos, that's NOT where I'm from. Just saying, that mix-up happens quite sometimes to me  :giggle:


Welcome to Hell David!


In case you don;t know, pre-season game rarely have starting rosters playing so you will be watching a bunch of scrubs and minor leaguers play to a larger extent. You will get to see a few fights considering the opponent.


When you get the the Area, go to the Devils' Den on the Championship Plaza side (visit there too) you can buy a jersey there and they will letter it for you and you can walk away with it customized.


Thanks! Yeah I'm aware of that, but unfortunately it's the Devils' only game at home while I'm there. So I got to take what I get, but for a first live NHL game ever even a pre-season game is not too bad to begin with. Really excited for it!


Welcome! The best way would be box office, just to avoid extra fee's. But who knows if any seats or good seats will be available by then. So the other three options you have are ticketmaster, ticketexchange, and stub hub. Or even this forum!

My favorite section would be 129. Its center ice and on the balcony. There really aren't any bad seats. If you get a seat in the fire or ice lounge (sections 7,8,9 or 18,19,20) then it includes free food and better seats, but it's expensive! there is also a trick to buy as cheap a ticket as you can, lets say $20. Then you get a dinner at the Acela club for $65 or 75 (don't remember). Dinner in the Acela club gives you very good seats to see the game and a lot cheaper than the equivalent elsewhere. You could get a jersey at the main Devils Store. But they're not too good there with lettering. You might be better off going to the NHL store in NY.


Hope to see you there!

Auf Wiedersehen!


Thanks for the tips, I guess I'll feel more comfortable if I get the tickets before flying over, so I'll check out stub hub etc for sure. The fire and ice lounge seats sound really great too, but all-you-can-eat/drink usually doesn't pay off in my case, not to mention my gf.  ;) As for the jersey, I'm sure I'm gonna get a chance to visit the NHL store in NYC before the game, so I'll just look there and if I'm happy I can still visit the store at the rock.


I hope you are coming late in September.  That way there's a chance you'll see more regulars than in the beginning of the month.  With the season starting in a couple of weeks, the starters will need to get some banging in to be ready.


I am, if I remember correctly it should be the Devils' final game of the pre-season!


I'm super jealous! :(  Hope you have a great experience. :)


Thanks man, I'm sure you'll get you chance eventually as well  :)


For a fan from such a distance, I'll offer you my tickets to that game for for free.. I sit in section 226 in the front row.. That said, you're traveling such a long way that I won't be offended if you choose to pay for seats closer to the ice or center ice.. Let me know either way!


Wow. That's one really generous offer, thanks a lot Colin, really really appreciate it! I'll just check out my options and the prizes on stub hub and so on, but if that's ok I might come back to your offer! I'll send you a private message. :koolaid: Since I've never been in an arena that big (well except for soccer arenas, that's the only huge arenas over here) I'm not really sure how close I'd like to be to the ice.


It's preseason, grab a STHers freebie vouchers and sit wherever you like. Lots of people will be giving them away.


Is that possible to get some tickets and sit in a different section where there are empty seats available? I guess the rock won't be full for a pre-season game after all right?


Again thanks to all of you, you're really helpful!