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In Topic: Slow News Day: Kremlin Edition- Could IK Come Back to NHL?

Yesterday, 12:58 PM



According to this, he can sign with New Jersey only after only one year, if the article and myself are interpreting it correctly.


"the Club on whose Voluntarily Retired List a player’s name has been registered may transfer his name back on its Reserve List at any time after the expiry of one year from the date of registration on the Voluntarily Retired List by filing any currently valid contract, option, or try-out."

In Topic: Slow News Day: Kremlin Edition- Could IK Come Back to NHL?

Yesterday, 12:43 PM


Per @plysenkov: Kovalchuk's mother called report that he's planning to return to NHL "nonsense."


That's like when I go home for the weekend and tell my grandfather I'm only staying the night and leaving Saturday afternoon. Then he tells that to my grandmother who says "nonsense, he'll be here until Monday morning".


Just to clarify, I don't know/care if Kovy is coming back. I'd probably be fine with it if it happened, but I'm not picturing the 2017 top line with him on it right now. But this is a stupid way to try to prove that you know he isn't coming back, when in reality, you know as little as people who are guaranteeing his return,


If bringing back Kovy, an older and slower player, then this strategy will only perpetuate what we have today, last season, probably next season and longer.

Kovy is an explosive talent, and is one of the best athletes in the sport. I don't think 33 year old Kovalchuk is going to be any slower than 28 year old Kovalchuk. Even if he was a full step slower, he's one of the best forwards in the league.

In Topic: Help needed from the NJDEVS Community.

Yesterday, 09:29 AM

Ugh, I hate NYCFC (Rangers of MLS soccer, sort of, essentially), but will help your buddy out.

Rangers of MLS if we had moron owners who identified the Devils as New York. I hate them both, but Red Bull has got to be the least acceptable monstrosity. But God do I hate New York sports. Professional soccer in our market makes me sick.


I'll vote for the guy though.

In Topic: Slow News Day: Kremlin Edition- Could IK Come Back to NHL?

24 March 2015 - 04:26 PM

In your Parise hatred rant

What the hell are you talking about.


I'd be thoroughly shocked if any GM didn't approve Kovalchuk's return. I can't imagine that sort of petty unprofessionalism in the NHL in 2015. Teams want to compete against the best, and fans want to watch the best. GMs aren't running around trying to apply any disadvantage they can to any other team.

In Topic: Slow News Day: Kremlin Edition- Could IK Come Back to NHL?

24 March 2015 - 03:10 PM

I really do not want Kovy to come back.  Parise left for money/family/friends, but he at least honored his contracts with the Devils.  Kovy just left for money (I do not buy the playing home in Russia nonsense)

OK, so you buy Parise wanting to go home to a place one time zone away, that speaks a slightly different version of American English, practices most of the same customs and traditions as people in New Jersey, where he still had instant telephone and text access to all of his family and friends in Minnesota, but Kovalchuk going back to a place nine time zones away where he had almost none of the luxuries Parise did here and had to adapt to an entirely new lifestyle to, you're not buying? It was just money for Kovy but Parise's reasons were noble ones?