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Yesterday, 11:44 AM

I think that the only reason Zidlicky isn't signed is because he is so obsessed with location and situation (ie. place he wanted to go, that needed a PP righty specialist and would feature him more than most). It makes sense; it's what I would probably do too if I were him. When the Wild wanted to move on, he made sure he had a NTC and would ONLY go to the Devils because the situation was great for him. Then when the Devils were done with him, he had a NTC and would ONLY go to the Red Wings. It's just that he has only a couple of teams and they don't want him I bet because he's too old.

Bernier is still a good hockey player. I would've loved him, especially in comparison to having Tootoo. I really hope it was that he asked for too much because the RW situation is brutal right now and him anchoring the 4th line and being good enough to jump up to top 9 was highly underrated. I hope everything wraps around and he signs back here for under a million.

As far as Zidlicky, that's not a surprising or unreasonable thing. If someone said to me hey, I've got a job for you you don't want in Denver, I'd tell them to go fvck themselves. The man's made his money. He can probably live off his savings and whatever he'll make coaching here or back in the Czech republic. He shouldn't subject himself to living LA or Winnipeg.

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30 July 2015 - 01:26 PM

Lou probably wasn't wrong with the 2 top 6 forwards away thing. That's 33% of the group you expect to produce most of your offensive numbers. Add two top 6 forwards to any non playoff team, chances are they're now a playoff team. Problem is is that top 6 forwards don't grow on shrubs

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27 July 2015 - 05:19 PM

I've always said the only third jerseys I could stomach would be the retro(s) made into permanent alternates, or if they were going to do any redesign, something simple and traditional with the state.

But stomaching isn't supporting, or even tolerating. I'm afraid the fan base is getting a little too liberal with the idea of a third jersey now that Lou's gone, and ownership may find the climate favorable enough to do it now with every Devils chat outlet flooding with these disgusting mock ups.

Adding both green jerseys as alternates would let them sell more shirts, as the white ones obviously haven't been produced in how long, and would retain a shred of our traditions and integrity.

In Topic: So now that Lou is gone...

27 July 2015 - 11:47 AM

Remember that our name comes from the Jersey Devil, not any kind of satanic or hellish figure. To try to depict it outside of any of the renderings of the actual Leeds Devil would be silly.

Over the past half decade or so, more and more teams in every league are returning to simpler traditional designs as these sleek 90's-2000's ones become outdated. We could be safe. They did do a redesign in Philly with the Sixers, and aside from the Ben Franklin alternate, they stuck with the traditional design.

In Topic: So now that Lou is gone...

27 July 2015 - 01:53 AM

You mean like this?


Might as well let Messier take a dump at center ice. That's how I'll feel when it inevitably happens