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In Topic: How Bout A Lil Hockey Survey?

08 May 2003 - 04:55 AM

As I am new to this forum, I might just as well jump into the play.

1) What's your favorite team(s)? - NJ Devils, Chicago Blackhawks, in that order, and after them, I guess I usually root for the underdog.

2) What's you least favorite team(s)? - Avalanche, Rangers, maybe the Leafs as well. Not in any particular order.

3) Who's your favorite player? This is a tough one as there are so many great individuals. If I had to name just one, I´d go for Marty Brodeur, though.

4) Who’s your least favorite player? Read the answer to Question 3, but replace the word ´great´ by ´miserable´. I guess I´d aim at someone like Eric Lindros, or perhaps Pat Quinn. Yes, Pat Quinn. He qualifies for my list of least favorite -anythings-.

5) Favorite American team? The Devils

6) Favorite Canadian team? Probably the Canadiens.

7) Favorite International team? I don´t think there is one, although I guess I often root for my home team, Finland. Besides that, Slovakia, perhaps.

8) Who’s your favorite goalie(s)? Martin Brodeur... Martin Brodeur.

9) Least favorite goalie(s)? Patrick Roy... Patrick Roy. Oh, what the hell. Throw in Mr. Cujo, as well.

10) Favorite fighter? I loathe violence, but as it is a part of the game, I´d have to go with our Big Jim.

11) Least favorite fighter? Anyone who enjoys his job too much.

12) Favorite jersey/uniform/outfit/sweater? A tough one. I´ll take the easy route here and say any jersey of the Devils.

13) Least favorite jersey/uniform/outfit/sweater? Too many uglies to choose from, but you can´t go wrong with the Rangers´ blue. Nashville and Pittsburgh are high on the list, too.

14) Do you like home, away, or "third" jerseys best? Home.

15) Who do you want to win the cup? Devils. If not, then the Ducks.

16) What player do you most admire? Saku Koivu.

17) Which player would you most like to sit and have coffee with? John Madden.

18) What about a beer? Or a soda? Scott Gomez.

19) How about just watch the game with? Marty Brodeur, or Ville Nieminen.

20) Have an in-depth hockey conversation with? John Madden, or perhaps Joe Nieuwendyk.
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