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In Topic: Formal Ticket Policy Re: 1/8 vs. Lightning

12 January 2010 - 07:47 PM

What are they doing for Suite ticket holders? Are they going to give them a second suite for a game?!?! I'm confused!

In Topic: Gulitti: Devils STILL a Mickey Mouse Organization

09 January 2010 - 05:37 PM

I was there last night and I was lucky enough to be in a suite so when the lights went out we just popped open a bottle of wine and hung out (now, that being said, the tickets were given to me by a friend so he would get any compensation rather than it coming to me). We had the MSG feed in the suite and we had a general idea of what was going on, but anyone who didn't have access to that was pretty much screwed. At one point MSG switched to the Isles/Stars game... around 10:00 a friend sent me a text to let me know the game was canceled, a good 5-10 minutes before they made the announcement to the fans. It was really low-class to send the ice guys out to remove the nets before making the announcement to everyone in the stands. It was like a big fat F-U to the fans who stuck it out for that long.
It even would have been enough for them to get on the PA after an hour or so and let the fans know that they were still working on the problem. Some sort of update - even an obvious one- would have been nice. It felt as though they forgot we were there. It also left us wondering if they stretched it out as long as possible without an announcement to keep people buying food and drinks.
I can tell you first hand that TG is not far off on his assessment of the organization. We had friends in the suite with us who had never been to a Devils game and when they asked why no one was updating us I told them it was because Lou would be the only one to OK that announcement and everyone else it terrified to do anything without his say-so.
TG has seen a lot more than most fans see and he's not only speaking for himself but for many people who have been involved with the non-hockey side of the organization. Mickey Mouse may be a little harsh, but they're far from top-notch and last night didn't help at all.

In Topic: Devils Throwback night Bogus ?

22 November 2009 - 02:00 PM

The individual game suite tickets for that night include a throwback jersey for everyone in the suite, so I would imagine that they will be selling them in the team store as well. They sold Stevens jerseys when they honored his HOF induction, I doubt they'd pass up the opportunity to make money on this, too.

In Topic: Get Rid of 'You Suck'

15 November 2009 - 12:42 AM

Yay! Another thread where people find some silly reason to take issue with the rare occasion where Devils fans actually unite to make noise at a home game! Yay!

It's a freaking sporting event. In the '70s, fans at the Garden used to heat pennies up with lighters before thowing them on the ice during play, imbedding them into the skating surface and causing the players to trip. But Devils fans are classless for saying You Suck! toward an opponent we just scored on. Around that same time, Rangers fans used to smoke weed in the 400s. But people here are afraid their children might overhear fellow Devils fans chant You Suck! toward an opponent we just scored on. Phillies fans beat another Phillies fan to death this past season. But Devils fans are accusing other Devils fans of acting like "losers" because they chant You Suck! toward an opponent we just scored on. Phillies fans threw batteries at Scott Rolen, Pistons fans fought Ron Artest, Mike Milbury beat a Rangers fan with a shoe, Eagles fans booed Santa Claus, Giants fans destroyed a random Porche and a truck after a game, Los Angeles broke out into a riot after the Lakers win a championship ... and we're all getting worked up over whether or not to say You Suck! toward an opponent we just scored on.

Lighten up. It's just two silly little words. They aren't curse words. They aren't racist or bigoted in any way. I don't see any reason to take issue. On the occasions where someone makes it personal? Then yes, that's a serious problem and we should all do our part and speak up. But on the whole it's harmless fun.

(I also think it's funny how the prevailing opinion in this thread is that You Suck! is classless, yet the majority of fans at the games participate in the chant. Either the offended fans here don't go to games or they claim they don't like but actually participate. Something just doesn't add up.)


In Topic: Get Rid of 'You Suck'

10 November 2009 - 10:03 PM

I prefer in order:

1. Unaltered RR part 2
2. Another Song
3. Altered RR part 2 with "You suck"

I realize you are frustrated from your position in the company, but I don't think my position is that hard to understand, and I don't think I need to "get over myself." I think its classless for one, but what really annoys me is what Triumph states. Insulting someone is the trademark of the insecure. I don't enjoy rooting for a team that feels the need to insult the other team when celebrating (and especially the Rangers for no reason whatsoever). I think it's lame and frequently pathetic.

I personally don't use the "You Suck" when celebrating, but I'm certainly not going to let other people saying it ruin my enjoyment of the goal. Just like I hate smokers, but I'm not going to let the fact that someone smokes near me ruin my day. People are always going to do things that you don't agree with. In my opinion, letting it get to you is neither smart nor healthy. There's enough stress in life... how the guy next to you celebrates a goal should be at the bottom of the list of worries in today's world.
The team itself does not feel the need to insult the other team while celebrating. It's actually quite the opposite, for the most part the players have a very high respect for their opponent (with obvious exceptions when it comes to Brodeur/Avery). I don't understand why your seat neighbor saying "You Suck" after a goal should have any effect on your ability or willingness to root for the team.