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Good Luck ! ! !

07 June 2003 - 06:32 AM

Loyal Sens Fan here saying I am pulling for you guys to clinch the cup this game.

Bring it home to the East boys!!!


Congrats From Sens Fans

24 May 2003 - 05:18 AM

Well guys, it was a battle well fought. Both teams deserved a win, but unfortunately, only one can go on to the final.

Congratulations to the Devils on their success. Now GO GET THEM DUCKS!!!!



Devil Fans Behavior

21 May 2003 - 10:19 AM

How do you guys feels about this?.......

This is taken from the Ottawa Citizen on May 21. This is the SECOND or maybe even THIRD series in a row where Senators fans have been accosted in the other team's arena. And it's been the same type of thing each time too:

(note that I'm typing this out, not grabbing it from the website, so excuse spelling errors)


Four Ottawa Senators fans say they won't be heading back to the US anytime sson after they say they were verbally and physically abused at last Saturday's Senators/Devils game in New Jersey.
Lee Piazza, Ted Mirsky, Brian Herman and Mike Prior, all 18 and from Ottawa, left here at 6am Saturday to travel to East Rutherford, New Jersey, to take in Game 4 of the NHL's Eastern Conference final.
They were decked out in Senators and Canadian national team jerseys. Mr. Mirsky also had a Canadian flag draped over his shoulders. They say they expected some taunting from New Jersey fans, but didn't expect things would degenerate as far as they did.
Mr. Piazza said as they got out of Mr. Herman's car, Devils fans yelled at them. But the taunts weren't the things one would expect at a sports event. Instead, they were political and focused on Canada's non-role in the Iraq war.
People called them "f***ing communists," told them that "Canada sucks," and told them to go home, Mr. Piazza said.
In the stands before the game, a few even booed the Canadian anthem.
"We told one young man that he had no right to mock an entire nation and that we were here to see a game, not engage in a foreign policy debate," Mr. Piazza said.
During the 1st intermission, a Devils fan grabbed a sign Mr. Piazza had and threatened to knock him out. Other told them to go home. In the washroom, people told Mr. Mirsky that they were going to burn his flag. Others told them that all Canadians are homosexuals.
"By now, we were feeling uneasy and we were sticking together," Mr. Piazza said.
During the 2nd intermission, things really got ugly. On the smoking patio, the men were surrounded by dozens of people yelling obscenities at them. One tried to butt his cigarette on Mr. Mirsky's flag. Some just kept screaming "SARS." They also say they were called terrorists.
"They told us they were disgusted by our presence," Mr. Piazza said. "They called us pussies for not participating in the war on Iraq. All of these people were full-grown men."
The situation became so intense, security guards intervened and asked people to leave them alone.
Mr. Mirsky said when confronted, the group vainly tried to get their points back across at their accusers.
After the game, while leaving their seats, Mr. Prior and Mr. Mirsky were physically attacked by two men. Mr.Mirsky said the men first went after Mr. Prior and he came to his friend's aid. Eventually, all four got involved before security guards pulled the melee apart.
Mr. Piazza described the parking lot outside as a "battlefield."
"Dozens of people threw food at us, uttered discriminatory insults, shoved us, pointed at us and laughed at us," he said. "It felt like a nightmare. The hate directed toward us was like nothing any of us had experienced before."
It got so bad, six police officers eventually escorted them to their car.
"I can't even imagine how some minority groups must feel (being) subjected to this kind of discrimination on a daily basis. For me, the 2003 Stanley Cup playoffs have lost their innocence."
The group had plans to stay in New York City on Saturday night, but after getting into their car they wanted nothing more to do with the US and made the decision to drive back to Ottawa.
Police in East Rutherford said two people were arrested at the game. Continental Airlines Arena security said there are generally a few minor incidents at Devils home games.