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In Topic: Kovy to Russian media: "Stanley Cup remains my target."

05 September 2013 - 02:35 PM

I've been absent from this board for a long long time and I'm guessing everyone forgot that I always stated that Kovalchuk was a waste, a mistake, and I got a thorough thrashing for it back when he came to the team.  NO one listened they were excited to see when Kovy would take a dump, how emotional it was when he scrapped his glove across the ice when he scored a supposed "big goal", and how big one eye from the other which perhaps made him as "sick" as he was.  I was not the only one, but people failed to see the writing on the wall.  They wanted him to be the messiah when all he really did was make a mess.  The Devils organization should take some blame for it, but Kovalchuk and his mother should too.  No matter what kind of player you are you don't quit, and this guy quit from day one.   He was only after the money and nothing more.   I still laugh at how wrong people were and yet they never probably said, "you know what... so and so was right and I need to say 'I'm sorry'."   


Hockey Fans to Russian Media about Kovalchuk:   "Keep him, let him stay there and die as we do not want him back... ever!"  PS Tell his Mom we said "hey!"