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02 December 2008 - 11:41 PM

Whats up everyone, decided to join up on this board, pretty much gave up on devilsrule.com. Saw a post a few days about how all they do on there is fight and hate each other, and there is no hockey talk, and i pretty much agreed with everything i saw

just a quick background: been a devils fan since 95, became a fan when i went to a devils vrs panthers game while i lived in florida, thinking i would like the panthers, and the devils just amazed me. Came back to jersey and got season tickets, been doing the whole season ticket thing for about 8 years now. Moved to south america a couple of years ago, still followed the team though, and now im back in jersey and loving the new arena!

I do have a few sources placed in the NHL, and within the team, i wont disclose them, but i have been the first to know a few things and posted them on devilsrule, but amazingly, since they just like to hate, i got some heat for it. hopefully were a lil more open on here, haha

Anywayss, sorry, i spoke WAY too much! LETS GO DEVILS!!!!!!

JUST A QUICK EDIT: Apparently the guys at Devilsrule seem to believe that I'm bashing them. Its not the case. There are some great people over there, and some of them have been very helpful in the past, and Bill has done a great job over the years. But ultimatly, I only have time for one board, and i'd rather post somewhere that i know hockey will be responded with hockey, and not personal attack.