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09 January 2009 - 11:01 PM

welcome to the boards, nice post.

As far as TO is concerned... he's an issue, but he's a happy, funloving guy when he's getting his way. The old phrase "if you can't beat em, put the fvck up with em" kinda comes to mind. Nobody can control Terrell, it's like trying to control a 4 year old who had his lolli-pop taken away. He's going to tirade, rant, and rave until he's either dead asleep or he gets his damn lolli-pop back. There's a reason you didn't hear anything from TO 2 years ago, and it was because he put up some of the best reciever numbers in Cowboys history.

I think that goes back to Garrett, to be honest. His play calling was bland and innefective, and when even your QB (who should be your best friend) says to the media "We couldn't figure them out 'till the end of the 4th quarter. That's a problem", you know something's wrong. TO's request (request, demand: tomAYto tomAHto) was simple, get me the ball more. But how many recievers don't think this? You'd be hard-pressed to find an NFL reciever who doesn't deep down think he deserves the ball more... TO's just the only one who voices it. But look.. they got him the ball more and they won. He had over 200 yards recieving against SF, the cowboys dominated. He gets another 100 next week, the Cowboys win. Then they stop going to him for some absurd reason, giving it to him a total of 13 times for 214 yards in 4 consecutive weeks (which really isn't close to enough) and they go 1-3. There's a trend. He saw it. I saw it. Jason Garrett didn't.

As far as the defense is concerned... I'm not worried. Wade, as much as he's a dumbfvck of a HC, has some nasty blitz schemes; and I expect Ware to lead the league in sacks again next year.

So, for me in short, I'd like them to start mixing schemes to, no matter what, get Terrell Eldorado Owens' hands on the football more. I want Romo to work with RW11 and get to know him, because obviously they weren't on the same page last year. And pick up a few position players that will fill in when needed and maybe even start a few snaps. Use the second round on either a) safety help or b) a new MLB (Zach Thomas says he's out of Dallas) and we'll be okay.

I think Garrett was a victim of having too many things in his head. This was the first season where he was considered a legitimate head coach contender. He got his fat deal with Dallas and was told he was the coach in waiting and i'm sorry, but that's Jerry Jones' fault. This isn't Dungy to Caldwell...it's Wade Phillips (who wants his job) being told after Dallas had a great season that Jason Garrett is going to succeed him. I'm sure the tension was super tight between those two.

I think Garrett needs to take one of these jobs and see if he has what it takes to be a head coach in this league. Detroit is a great one due to the expectations (or lack there of).

In Topic: Fix the Dallas Cowboys

09 January 2009 - 10:34 PM

I do nothing major. The problem with the Cowboys is cohesiveness.

Nobody has the balls to sit this TO down and tell him how it is and make sure he knows that he can't get out of this one. The Niners traded him the second he became a nuisance, the Ravens signed him and TO threw a fit and traded Owens to avoid him, the Eagles cut Owens to avoid him...there's a theme to this and Dallas shouldn't repeat the cycle.

For all the drops, he's still a monster playmaker and whether you want to admit it or not...having Owens on your football team makes you a better team offensively. Between Owens, Williams, and Witten they have a monster trio. If I am Wade Phillips, I lock these guys and Romo in a house with all the supplies they need to live and let them settle this sh!t out.

The defense needs minor tweaks and they're not far from having a top notch defense...especially with defensive minded Wade Phillips taking over the play call towards the end of the season; Dallas was a much better defense when he took over those duties.

So in summary: Make small tweaks in areas in the lines and gain more depth there, lock the most important offensive players in a room and let them settle their sh!t out like men do, and don't give into TO.

How's that from a Panthers fan?

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10 December 2008 - 10:47 AM

Carolina totally dominated the Fagaqueers. It was poetry in motion!

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