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In Topic: Promo Schedule

04 November 2014 - 09:07 AM

Look at what the Islanders are doing.  I'll admit, these are fvcking awesome:





Those are sweet.  We have plenty of worthy players to do something similar with.


yea those mini lockers do look like a pretty awesome give away



So these are not quite a standard "giveaway", it comes with a special ticket you need to buy.  $45 for the upper level ticket, and this is included.  Pretty sweet deal in my opinion.  I would be in for any and all games the Devils did something similar.




Those are sweet. This isn't a knock at ownership but a knock at whoever is in charge of sponsorships and promotions. Look at basically every minor league team in hockey and baseball and they are always having some kind of giveaways because sponsors paid for them. I find it really hard to believe that it's that hard to find sponsors for giveaways for the Devils.



So these Isles lockers do not have sponsor logos on them, and were produced out of pocket by the team to entice fans to buy tickets.  With that being said, teams routinely get sponsors to pay for tons of giveaways.  The Devils have to be one of the worst in sports in this regard.  I am not sure if it is out of completely laziness/not giving a sh!t, or lack of the right personnel in marketing.  It is probably a combination of both, but more of the "not caring" attitude than anything else.

In Topic: Scott Clemmensen Placed On Waivers

03 November 2014 - 02:45 PM

Lol this board would have a melt down



Wouldn't a return by #30 be something...



In Topic: Promo Schedule

03 November 2014 - 02:44 PM

The cap giveaways have been pretty good.  I remember the 2012 retro night was the cap giveaway too with those green and white retro-ish hats and they were pretty nice.  Much better than the CAA days where I remember they used to give away crappy painters hats for "hat day" with a huge DevilDog logo on them (it seemed between 1993-2000 everything was sponsored by either SportsChannel/Fox Sports/MSG, The Wiz, DevilDog, Modells, Konica or Carvel).


I remember I believe during the 2010-11 season they gave away one of those "As seen on TV" items to everyone during a game against Columbus I believe.  They had a vote amongst the 5 items and the one that "won" was that interior car windshield cleaner thing.  I say "won" because I don't believe that is what most people voted for as the other stuff was nicer (MagicJack, some sort of soda can topper, jeans button mover, etc).


Mystery (Misery) Puck night is always fun and that's coming back tomorrow.



They did a nice winter hat a few years ago too, mainly red with black and a thin white stripe....


The windshield cleaner thing was random; I want a Devils item as a giveaway

In Topic: Promo Schedule

03 November 2014 - 02:24 PM

This is the truth.


I mean come on, no puck night even.



The promos have sucked since we left CAA


I am trying to think here; I think the best Pru Center promo has to be the Niedermayer Retirement Night Mini Banner....and the Marty 552 mini stick


I can't even think of any other decent ones....

In Topic: Entering First Critical Stretch of Season

03 November 2014 - 08:32 AM

thats going to be a rought group of games with out a doubt..no wonder why the players are concerned they know that they will get rolled by most on that up coming schedule.. really hope camms and hav are back but i doubt it.. book cam for a concussion at this point.



I do not look at any opponent and assume a loss.  I think we really are capable of playing with anyone when we are "on".  Cory is the huge X factor in these games when he is playing well.


I hope they show some heart and win some of these games.