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#981345 Devils Alumni Charity Games

Posted by ThreeCups on 17 January 2011 - 07:49 PM

It is a charity event, so I can not say I was disappointed. Everyone had fun so it was good, and best part is they earned some money for the charity. Jim Dowd and Bruce Driver were rather nice at the dinner also. Did not speak to anyone else however.

I am still shocked at winning a kovy and madden signed puck and elias signed stick as the "opening" bid price.

EDIT: Dano was suppose to be there also, wonder what happened to him? Getting ready for the Devils @ Isles I guess? ;)

Most of the people there did not seem like hardcore fans. Instead of buying their kids autographs from legit NHL players in the raffle, they would rather let them get autographs of Rob Skrlac and goaltending sensation Anthony Felice! I actually cringed when I saw kids getting Felice to sign their jerseys...he must have had the time of his life signing too
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#981274 Devils Alumni Charity Games

Posted by ThreeCups on 17 January 2011 - 03:08 PM

I went yesterday and was disappointed with the alumni team lineup. Still a fun event go to. I will post a recap with photos and video later.....
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#980306 Devils may have future general manager in Martin Brodeur

Posted by ThreeCups on 13 January 2011 - 10:35 PM

He certainly has the ego for it. For me, that would be the last straw. I'd be forced to become an Islander fan.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out bud.....
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#978260 I've had enough...A longwinded look/critique of this DEBACLE ON IC

Posted by ThreeCups on 08 January 2011 - 02:31 PM

I stayed optimistic like many of you here thinking "we will get through this" earlier on in the season. I thought we were just going through a rough stretch and would end up fine. By mid November I knew it was all over and that we were headed for a disastrous season. When the local NFL teams had more wins than the Devils on Thanksgiving, you should have known it was well over. Many will agree with some points, and many will disagree. I am not claiming to be a know it all or anything like that, but this is how I feel about our current situation. So where to begin with this?

It was revealed that LL asked Jamie to waive his NTC in camp and he declined. I am sure this did wonders for Jamie's game. I am not making excuses for him, but that must be a sh!tty feeling know the team you are captain of wanted to ship you out before the season even started. Lou should have pushed hard to trade him in the OFFSEASON; ditto with Rolston. I am sure he put some feelers out, but after we signed Kovy one or both of these guys HAD to be shipped out PRIOR to the opening faceoff of Game #1. Both of these players knew they had bullseyes on their back going into the season, and maybe they felt the pressure of it.

We start the season with a heartbreaking loss to Dallas and it was all downhill ever since. A quick summary (I am doing this quickly so I may be forgetting a few items and may mix up the order of events slightly): Salvador gets a concussion that likely will end his career, Devils start off the season in a slump, our best player Zach Parise goes down with a long term injury, we put Rolston on waivers and nobody wants him, our rookie coach Johnny Mac becomes the sacrificial lamb, we being back Jacques who everybody wanted gone last season, we put Brian Rolston on re-entry waivers and STILL nobody wants him, Jacques says we now have "co-starting goaltenders". What a sh!tshow of a season.

I thought Mac should have either been A. Fired much earlier in the season while it was still salvageable (which I was originally hoping for- I believed a turnaround was possible under the right coach), or B. Given the entire season to see how he finished. Firing him on December 23 was completely pointless. What made it even more dumbfounding was that we went BACK IN TIME to bring Jacques back, KNOWING that HE WOULD NOT BE BACK NEXT SEASON! Why?!?!? If Lou wanted Mac gone so badly, he should have had the phone glued to his ear looking for a LONG TERM replacement for Mac. sh!tcanning him 2 days before Christmas and bringing Jacques in made no sense to me. The season was already gone at that point, and we are not building any system of sorts for future seasons. I think Lou has been the best GM in hockey for years, but I think his career should be coming to a close soon. Whether he does it own his own accord, or is nudged by Vanderbeek, it has to happen relatively soon.

Now fast forward to early January, and Lemaire is BENCHING TEDENBY?!? To me this is completely unacceptable. Tedenby earned his stripes (or should I say horns) in my opinion long ago. He has shown an offensive flair and is a BIG piece of the future of our organization. Let this kid learn on the job and get some experience for next year. Benching him is only going to mess with his confidence and curb his development.

OFFSEASON (or sooner for some of these) AGENDA:
-Find Long term coach
-Find Long term replacement for Marty who he can play 25-30 games/season for a year or 2 while learning from #30
-Find Rollie a new home.
-Reconstruct our defense. We need a PMD as we all know, and we need to create an identity as a whole on the blueline.

I still love this team, go to games, and watch on TV. It is just becoming more frustrating than ever. The future is bright with Zach (if he resigns), Zajac, Tedenby, Josefson, Merrill, Henrique, Taormina, Urbom, our upcoming lottery pick. We will return to the level that we as Devils' fans have been accustom to. I am confident of that. I just hope that we do not go through a season like this one again for a long, long time. The new era of New Jersey Devils hockey should be an exciting one for years to come. :cheers:

EDIT: I forgot that I wouldn't be opposed to shipping out Greene....
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#976134 Anyone see Bettman at the game tonight?

Posted by ThreeCups on 05 January 2011 - 11:40 AM


What gives you the right to yell something like that at another person?

Are you 13?

I think it's....the First Amendment? Freedom of Speech? He didn't threaten him or anything, just told him what he thought....

Would 'excuse me sir, but i highly disagree with your policies' have been better? We should change our name to the New Jersey Puritans. People are getting upset over yelling you suck to a man who certainly does and has royally screwed our franchise around so often? wow....lets bring our red carpet and manners for him next time :rolleyes:

Nice! I wonder if he ate the food in the clubs....hmmmmmm
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#974044 No longer for sale

Posted by ThreeCups on 30 December 2010 - 12:31 PM


Ahemmm.....shouldn't all items now be in the "Classifieds" section?!?!?
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Posted by ThreeCups on 30 December 2010 - 11:21 AM

Why do you continue to stick your head in the sand and not see that Marty is costing us games now. That goal totally took the momentum away and every game now for the past year I have been expecting him to let in at least one soft goal. That is unacceptable. When he was younger I would expect a weak goal once every few games, but not every friggin game.
Yes we continue to score, but that makes every goal of ours count even more. When we take the lead, that is an instant confidence booster for this fragile group and to let a softie in less than a minute later is unacceptable and changed the momentum. Yeah we outshot them, but that was the case in the 90's when we would outshoot the other team, get only 1 or 2 goals, and then win the game. With Marty's play now, we cannot even do that. Marty needs to retire soon before he really taints his career.

You are obviously one of the mentally challenged Marty pilers-on. I have agreed that yes he is not having a good season. HOWEVER, he is in no way "costing us games". Our offense is beyond putrid, and even Patrick Roy in 1986 playoff form would be able to get wins on this squad. Do you expect him to pitch a SHUTOUT EVERY GAME??!?!? That is the only way this team can get wins. It is quite simple- when you only score 1 goal a game, your goaltender needs to be PERFECT to win. PERFECT as in SHUTOUT. You are obviously are a young fan who does not know much, and for this I do not blame you. But please do now spew these absurd, venomous anti-Marty posts because they are beyond outlandish.

Do you realize that this team team has scored 1 goal or less in 22 games (Two of them were 2-1 SO wins where the Devils were awarded a phantom goal for winning)? They're averaging 1.72 GPG...take out the phantom goals and it drops to 1.67. This is comically, laughably, insanely bad. Marty hasn't been good this year, no disputing that, but NO GOALIE ANYWHERE (even Marty playing at the top of his game) is going to be able to do much with a team that's this offensively impotent. I'd say there's plenty of other candidates costing the Devils games.

EXACTLY, but it is all Marty's fault. Maybe he needs to start scoring goals too!

Nobody (right now, at least) is disputing that Brodeur isn't who he was. But when the offense is this insanely inept, looking at the goalie is like paying attention to a bruised pinky when your arm is broken.

Bingo DiG. Marty has slowed down for sure, however he is FAR from THE problem this season....

ticker tape parade down mulberry is scheduled for jan 2nd!

Not so fast my friend, we were not awarded the #1 overall pick yet! :rofl:
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Posted by ThreeCups on 30 December 2010 - 08:40 AM

Send Marty to Albany for conditioning and bring up Frazee to alternate with Hedberg and allow Frazee to get some NHL experience. Marty has been killing the momentum by allowing soft goals like the first GA.

We did not lose that game last night because of the weak goal allowed. We lost it because Queen Henrik has our number and we struggle to score as it is. If Hedberg was in there last night he would have given up 3 or 4 easily....
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Posted by ThreeCups on 30 December 2010 - 12:34 AM

i forgot to add in my past post: looks like the team has responded better to Lemaire than to MacLean. i don't know if it had to do with the opponent tonight, but Lemaire definitely had our boys prepared to work their tails off.

We have been outscored 12-3 in the 3 games he has coached so far......judging by the current pattern, I predict we lose the next game by 2-1.....
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Posted by ThreeCups on 30 December 2010 - 12:22 AM

For anyone ripping Marty early in the game....yes, the first goal was sh!t....however, shortly after he robbed Gaborik with the glove and then had a couple more absurd saves during a Rangers PP I believe...overall, many goalies would have given up more than 2 tonight....Lundqvist has our number, and it is starting to become ridiculous
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#973649 2012 Jets Thread

Posted by ThreeCups on 29 December 2010 - 07:23 PM

As the season has progressed, so has the laundry list of *proof stages* from Jet haters far & wide.. in an effort to look for sufficient evidence, to discredit them to the average fan.
"Beat a REAL team, and then I'll give credit" ~ "Make the playoffs, and then I'll give credit" ~ "Get to the AFC Title game again, and then I'll give credit" -etc..

..the reality is, people like you will never give credit to the "things" in your paradigm you have abolished long ago. Your theory is; "I have a foundation in hating this _______, and I must defend it"
You've patterned your concepts on dogmatism, and will not deviate from your framework one bit. Instead.. you'd rather stand there defiantly (even in the face of defeat) and make excuses, to defend your flawed logic.

If the Jets win the Superbowl, I'm sure they'll be 10 reasons of luck & fortune, to 'why it happened'.. as opposed to kudos on skill & ability.

Nobody has to "look for sufficient evidence" to discredit the Jets. Look at their season and their games, and any non Jets fan will tell you plain and simple that they are not that good. I will give credit when they win a couple playoff games on the road. But even then, anything short of Super Bowl Champions is and should be a disappointment to Gang Green Nation. I am sure you will do your normal extreme homer/delusional fan spinjob after they are ousted and say "We have so much to be proud of! Back to back playoff appearances! Sanchez improved from last season!" as well as tons of other nonsense. Sprinkle in a couple of emoticons and that will be your post to a T. There is nothing flawed about any logic. The Jets won multiple games against terrible teams by the skin of their teeth. Good/great teams usually do not cut it so close against garbage competition. If the Jets win the Super Bowl by some miracle, I will give them all of the credit in the world. It will take a run similar to the 2007 Giants' run; and the 2007 Giants this Jets team is NOT.
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#973174 Brodeur should retire immediately and spare himself the embarrassment

Posted by ThreeCups on 28 December 2010 - 02:53 PM

Oh god shut the fvck up already. What an idiot. What he does in bars with girls? What he did with his wife? Who gives a sh!t? Honestly. Mr. fvcking high horse. Get off it you piece of garbage. I'm sure you're an angel.

You see what you want to. Your first sentence says it all. You have never had respect for the guy, never gave him a fairshot, can talk until the cows come home about his defense was the only thing saving him from a career like Trevor Kidds. The bottom line was it wasn't. The guy is hall-of-famer whether you like it or not, is regarded by GOALIES and HOCKEY PEOPLE alike to be in the top 5 all time.

Has he played well? Not really this season. Has he had the playoff success post-lockout? No. If you're trying to relate that to the loss of Stevens/Niedermayer - you may have a point. But to base the whole point that he was a product of a system, is such fvcking hindsight garbage. The truth of it is - it doesn't matter. He won 3 cups, a gold medal, and was INSTRUMENTAL in all 4. He's the shutout king, the wins leader, and so on.

But the last few, depsite the season he was hurt, there were largely times he was the only one standing in between us being blown out of the water. This season we're seeing now what should've have happened a lot sooner.

ANd yes, he's getting older, and slower, and breaking down - but for the fanbase to jump on him like this is fvcking disgraceful and makes me sick.

This is no different than the majority of Devils fans who couldn't find APPRECIATION if it hit them in the fvcking head. Same people who boo Niedermayer, Gionta, and so on. We are by far the dumbest fan base in the league, as a whole.

He's allowed to be criticized but this feeding frenzy, and piling on is disgraceful.

Excellent post...and the truth. I have said time and again we have the dumbest fan base in the league, and the posts about Marty that have been on here in the past week or so prove it....
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#956072 Free Tickets 11/12 Vs. Edmonton

Posted by ThreeCups on 14 November 2010 - 02:07 PM

Everyone keep your eyes peeled for the next ticket giveaway extravaganza! I hope it is soon....
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#931479 2012 Jets Thread

Posted by ThreeCups on 16 September 2010 - 10:28 AM

Bottom line is that Sanchez was all hype coming out of USC, and he really *ISN'T* that good. The weakest link on the Jets by far...
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#928868 2012 Jets Thread

Posted by ThreeCups on 08 September 2010 - 12:24 PM

..to a Jets fan, I'd sign up for that in a heartbeat. We haven't had a season averaging 20 points-per-game, since the days of Vinny Testaverde.. Curtis Martin.. Keyshawn Johnson.. & Wayne Chrebet. :P

Be prepared to see alot more Brunell than you would ever want to this year!
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