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In Topic: 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

30 May 2014 - 12:20 AM

1.  I would hate to be in NY/NJ right now dealing with this mess.


2. Let's Go Kings!



In Topic: GDT-Flames @ Devils-7PM

07 April 2014 - 08:45 PM

That's a wrap. Let's go UConn!!!!! (time to get drunk)

In Topic: Kenny Agostino

07 April 2014 - 05:16 PM

The Shore can't survive on its permanent residents alone because all the permanent residents are gone. What can't you understand about that? I can't tell you in any more a creative way that 365 days of economic activity is going to have a bigger impact than forty. It's simple.


For what reason do I have to be spiteful? I care about the interest of my home. That's where my interests lie. I have no reason to resent or have some ill feelings towards anything that is beneficial to the culture and economy of the place I've spent my entire life. The way the Shore has been exploited is not in the interest of the people or the wildlife of our region. Ask the baymen. Ask the pineys. Ask the decoy carvers and scallop fishermen. Ask the families who have been here for generations. Your interests lie elsewhere. It's attitudes like yours that has led the feeling of resentment to be focused not only on the unfortunate market conditions that have created this environment, but to the people like you.



Dude, you and every other person who lives near a beach/ocean/body of water/Mother Earth on the planet.  You are of a very provincial mindset, clearly.  Ever been to Florida?  California? Costa Rica? Anywhere but NJ?  Wake up.  Your problems are far bigger than what's occurring at the Jersey Shore.  

In Topic: Kenny Agostino

07 April 2014 - 05:13 PM

You're spiteful and need to learn more about where you live and the economic impact of people who spend the Summers there. Problem is you're too spiteful and ignorant to think any other way. The shore can not survive just on it's permanent residents alone, whether or not they are there 9 months more. Not everyone who lives there can afford to or has the same level of disposable income and are willing to spend it all year there. There are affluent people there for three months and they spend money every night for three months. I personally know residents who have rented and spent $20-25K a summer. Even 10k a summer. Figure rental, boat storage/fees, gas, dinner every night, 3 kids, etc....and you'll see what i mean. Then try to sell me on your little economic theory some more. It's a hell of alot more then i spend!


I've been a Summer shore resident (LBI) for 30 years or probably anywhere from 5-10 years before you were born. I've seen people sell out, people who were "proud" of where they lived until that check was handed to them. Shanties and small housing torn down and rebuilt into rentals. Properties with trailers and abandoned boats turned into million dollar homes. Restaurants that once drew local color turn into social hubs. I've seen the social and economic revival of the Shore and that's just where i was. 


And by the way, that last line? Thanks for putting words in my mouth, punk. I've donated more money and spent more money last Summer to help LBI and it's businesses then i care to admit or could spare, but i did because i love the area. Again, just like 24 years worth of Devils tickets from a previous thread you attacked me in.....how about you?


And I will jump on board and make a broad-sweeping, presumably "ignorant" statement....2-3 years ago, my dad got wacked with a property tax increase of something like 2-3x what he was paying in the past for our home in Berkeley Township (I can't recall the exact figure but he, along with our neighbors and friends were besides themselves).  As the residents of this particular area of this township(the non-365 day a year types) began to fight back, the reply by the mayor and the "365 day a year" residents: "welp, you come down here from North Jersey with all of your money, this is your second home, you can clearly afford it..." so on and so forth.  So to attack people who come down and spend lots of time, dollars, etc. in your "home" is foolish and misinformed; not only are WE helping to support the local economy, we are ALSO footing the bill for a lot of property tax increases and other associated costs.  The best part of this story is that the "365 day a year" residents all had a slight increase in their property taxes and did not feel the pain that my dad and others did in our area.


For the record: my family is by no means "rich" or "wealthy"...simply afforded a comfortable lifestyle by a long line of extremely hard-working people who made a lot of out a little...specifically in real estate.

In Topic: Kenny Agostino

07 April 2014 - 05:05 PM

Why would I be arbitrarily spiteful? I, and many others who grew up and reside on the shore have our reasons to resent the summer resident.
People spending 365 days a year in any location will have a greater economic impact than people spending forty. More people spending more time means more money being spent. You can't reasonably argue that less money being spent means a better economy. It's very simple. The economics of places just off the beaches with a high percentage of permanent residents do just fine. Great, in fact. Pretty bold of you to try to lecture me about the place I've lived my entire life, though. Boldness gets you places.

I Understand that the market created the conditions for such a unique form of gentrification. The real estate industry is the one sector that benefited from this.

You're attitude of "you're recovering from a major disaster, you should be thanking me for coming" makes you sound like a real piece of sh!t.



I can see both sides having been a part of a family with a home "down the shore" for over 20 years.  That being said, out of curiosity, where exactly do you live?  I am curious because there are varying levels of this argument...for instance, Red Bank is very different than Lavalette or Ortley Beach and Asbury Park vs. Harvey Cedars...where do you live?