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In Topic: Pelley Practicing With Devils This Morning

14 April 2009 - 11:23 AM

Why do you guys hate on tough players so much especially during playoff time. Yeah some take bad penalties, but just because fights go down doesn't mean physical play as a whole does. Playoff hockey is the most intense hockey out there. So, it pains me to see Bergfors name thrown around he plays like a bitch. I'm not going to say Leblond deserves it even though I enjoy watching him play, but he is doing Holik's and especially RUPP's job and doing it better. Im sick of seeing us "afraid to take penalties" when people run Marty over it's damn discraceful. I see allot of hockey fans say we are a tough team and I highly disagree. We have tough players who are held back because we are afraid to take penalties. I hate the "dumb" penalties like the Holik interference but when the Devils are afraid to stick up for eachother to avoid penalties it makes me sick because thats how Booins play and I hate it. Like in the Ottawa game when Leblond stepped in and beatup Winchester after the multiple hits on Clarkson that showed allot, also I forget who it was but a 'cane ran into Marty and PL3 chewed him out but didn't do anything to get a penalty atleast let other players know that they won't stand for Marty getting run over. As a big fan of physical hockey I had to get this off my chest. GO DEVILS!!

In Topic: NHL GMs looking to cut down on fighting

11 March 2009 - 10:30 AM

I maybe wrong but I think Buttman and Friends are using this to slowly weed out fighting to market skill. Butthole's vision of hockey is that in 5yrs it will be played like the allstar game. With addition to fighting the hitting restrictions are putting a chokehold on the overall physical side of hockey. No one likes to see your player get boarded but 50% of the time players turn thier head to get the 5minute major. 15 yrs ago boarding wasn't a problem because people wouldn't think of trying to draw a boarding call. Back to Butthead, I get sick to my stomach watching games (Devil's aren't immune) that are like a intersquad scrimmage were there's virtually no hitting. I love fighting but It's not the only reason I love hockey. Call me a neanderthal or whatever, I would probably agree with you lol but I love watching players that shut their mouth and do everyting their team asks them to do. I enjoy watching players like David Clarkson and Janssen because they are fearless on the ice and I have allot of respect for those players. I get more excited seeing a goal like when clarkie ran over toskala, A defenseman, dislodged the net and scored the goal because he puts so much effort into that goal rather than a nice deke. 1 More thing get rid of the fvcking instigator. Thats half the problem with dirty hits. It protects Avery, Rutuu, and hollweg and those players make me sick. PLEASE bring back physical hockey I know so many people who can't stand post lockout hockey bring back the old NHL and your revenue will skyrocket.

In Topic: NJDEVS Trade Deadline Discussion Thread

04 March 2009 - 07:44 PM

lol yeah I guess it don't really matter then plus those 4th liners Asham-Carcillo-Cote aren't very Intimidating defensively, with a sh!t goalie to boot.

In Topic: NJDEVS Trade Deadline Discussion Thread

04 March 2009 - 07:29 PM

You guys are kinda missing the point on carcillo though he's not a huge pickup, however If he can be a "Clarkson" for them that's an upgrade for them. Upshall wasn't great partly because John Stevens held him back. Clarkson has made a real big impact on our team this year. 30+ points top tier in Scaps. He does it all a grinder with offense. Philly does have 4 - "Middleweights" and I don't really a centerman out of those 4. I think this move may put Cote in the same place as Rupp is now which is on the outside looking in. Cote is turned useless, he gets the tar beat out of him and doesn't really fight or hit much which was the only way he was effective. For many teams this is an upgrade but for Philly eh it's alright.
BTW the diffrence between Carcillo and Avery is Avery is a bitch, Carcillo isn't.

In Topic: Avery placed on re-entry waivers

02 March 2009 - 06:46 PM

We got Holik, and the single thing Bobby's good at is illegally hitting someone (Avery).

Oh how I would love to see a great interference hit on avery like on Asham the other day. Like one of those when he acts like "oh uh didn't see ya there and continues to climb over the guy and push him when hes down". Neither of them fight though, It's weird those years with Janssen around he never got a piece of him, I mean even hollweg hiked up his skirt and fought him. I just wish for the rags they didn't call instigators cuz He really needs a good pummeling along with Rutuu, downie, Hollweg. This kinda players always seem to fire me up lol