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In Topic: NJDevs '14-15 Fantasy Hockey, season begins!

Yesterday, 08:04 AM

People definitely started jumping on the hitters/shot blockers early this year.  I had my laundry list I was hoping to take in rounds 17-20 but most were already gone at that point.  Shame on me for not realizing it.



Honestly sometimes **** just happens that there's no way to predict :lol: (like Elias not actually going on IR, but on the non-hockey injured list :P)


For one example I drafted Girardi last year for hits/blocks in the 17th round, this year he went in the 15th.  Brooks Orpik went in the 15th this year, last year he was a 23rd round pick.


I really should have accounted for the early goalie run and expected to draft one early though, I figured someone decent would slip into the middle rounds but it wasn't heading that way.  Maybe I should have tried harder to get Elliott later on to at least link the Blues up but I'd rather not carry three goalies anyway with the 23-man roster and 18 starting skaters, plus deciding between Blues and Wild would give me headaches every game.

I think the Mock drafts screwed me up a bit, in most of the mocks I was able to get Pax in the 3rd, Forsberg in 3rd or 4th, Carlson in the 5th, Saad and or Kane in the 7th or 8th, and I got none of them.


The only thing that came out of the mocks was Eichel, normally went 7th or 8th which made me think he might slip through to me in the 5th...

In Topic: NJDevs '14-15 Fantasy Hockey, season begins!

06 October 2015 - 08:10 AM

Having Pekka fall to me in the 1st round was shocking to me..  did not expect that at all!!  and I'm concerned about the Tarasenko pick, probably should have went Pavelski, but we will see. Like my team, but not what I expected, I did a lot of mocks, and the only consistent thing...  Eichel!!!  Honestly almost picked him in the 5th round, I was worried he might not make it back to me and did not want anyone else getting him as a keeper.


I looked through the list, in the odd rounds I was jacked almost every round by the 2 or 3 picks before me!!  Even rounds maybe once!  Crazy

In Topic: NJDevs '14-15 Fantasy Hockey, season begins!

05 October 2015 - 02:46 PM

Slightly over 4 hours... are you ready????

In Topic: Press conference with Marty on Tuesday

05 October 2015 - 12:48 PM

Funny, I requested the tix for that game from my company last week, I wanted to see McDavid, waiting to see if some senior exec pulls them for himself now...

In Topic: NJDevs Fantasy Football Smack Talk 2015

05 October 2015 - 10:54 AM

I hate ESPN New York Radio fantasy "info"

I hate ESPN Radio except for Han & Humpty