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Brodeur Appreciation Thread

14 April 2014 - 08:41 AM

1st I'm shocked no one else has started this.. I refuse to use a game thread for this, Marty is the Devils and probably deserves a forum to himself, nevermind a thread.

I have been 1 of his biggest critics this year, and my son slapped me down last night remiding me that the Devils will probably never have another player like him.

He was upset because he basically remembers 03 on, was too young to remember 95 & 00, so he was pretty upset last night that the Marty era is probably over...

So many crazy memories of him, from all the ridiculous glove saves, to the goal in the playoffs against Montreal, the frustration of Gigguere winning MVP in 03, the frustrating loss to ROy & the Avs in 01, the 100's of games where it seemed like MArty won on his own.

Watching some of the older videos prior to the stupid trapizoid, I have forgotten how active he was behind the net and how great of the stick handler he really was, we just donot get to see that as much due to the stupid stupid rule!!

I'm really upset he did not get a proper send off last night, I know that is partly his fault as he refuses to retire, but LL could have planned something, the Selanne thing was awesome! Marty deserved that at a minimum.

He is the greatest of all time, and it has been an honor and a privledge to root for him these past 20 years...
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