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The Voice's in Red's Head...

09 November 2015 - 10:16 AM

Just a few things I wanted to get off my chest..  and before I pat my self on the back..


- I'm very happy to say it looks like I was way off base on Zajak... He has been very good, and making me look foolish for doubting him, which does make me happy! He has been really good offensively, which I did not think was possible anymore, he's great on the PK and just seems to have a jump in his step that I did not see last year, maybe the youth on this team is contagious? 


-And now to pat my self on the back...


I've been  begging for a youth movement for 4 years!!!  This team has been really fun to watch, and the young legs seem to make a HUGE difference, last year the 3rd periods were impossible to watch, more often then not the Devs looked like traffic cones as the other teams skated around and possessed the puck basically had shooting practice.. no more, Devs seem to be able to skate with any team.


I think it was the last Isles game, a very back and forth game, during the 2nd intermission one of the commentators said that this is different NJ team, they could not have skated with the isles the last 2 years, IMHO that is the biggest change in this team


Along with the youth movement I have been begging for some payers who could actually skate!!  to get both youth and skaters, and see the positive impact they have had..  I realize this is still going to be a battle, not even sure if the Devs will make the playoffs, as this divisions is stacked!!  But this is going to be a fun season!!



NJDevs '14-15 Fantasy Hockey, season begins!

06 September 2015 - 08:13 PM

Do we know if the other 4 will be joining? Do we need to find other players?

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