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In Topic: No practice on game days.

Yesterday, 02:42 PM

So wait, let me get this straight - they won't be together again as a team after getting absolutely embarrassed until the next game on Thursday?  When most guys probably won't even lace up for the morning skate?




All that means is there is no on-ice practice. It's quite possible there were team meetings, video sessions, etc at the rink. 

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Yesterday, 01:02 PM

:clap2: I am making a return just to say POD.


Taking 4-5 months off from posting (surely reading though), to return to post that...well that would be trolling. Neboors, either contribute to the forum or don't, just don't come out of hiding only to applaud someone telling me that "No one cares what judgement DR33 has cast on you"


The reason I said that DP was better than that is because he's a very good poster, and bumping a thread to just say "yeah" after the first bad game of the season was kind of lazy, no? His reply to me at least had some reasons for it. That was "salient". Maybe he'll agree. I am sure others won't.

In Topic: Save us Jacques Lemaire

28 October 2014 - 10:06 PM



You're better than this DP26.

In Topic: No practice on game days.

28 October 2014 - 03:46 PM

team meals are very regulated. what they eat on their own time is not, but i can assure you they are not eating anything fried that the team is giving out.


it's always pasta and grilled chicken. fish was also an option. and a vegetable type medley. 


I believe it. From the Providence article posted. Lou was definitely ahead of the times, but even all this time later, teams are finally realizing it. I had read the amount of sh!t they were serving the players each day on some teams.


Still, you can always do more if you want to spend more. Offer another healthy meal post game at home or on the road or at other times. Include gluten-free options. A lot of it is education too for these players, especially the young guys to get them to stop bad habits. Guys are drinking a ton of soft drinks, snacking late at night and add that with the not a lot of sleep, it can effect recovery and everything that goes with it.

In Topic: No practice on game days.

28 October 2014 - 01:49 PM

I think the NBA did a study and the teams that skipped morning shoot-arounds played better that night..


I wouldn't be shocked. I know advanced stats is all the craze, but a few smart people said  that the next inefficiency that teams should be investing in is health/nutrition/sleep etc.


You have these athletes playing an absolute grind of a season with back-to-backs and tons of travel. Are these guys sleeping at all? What are they eating late at night, before the game, after, on off-days etc?


Take the Devils for example last week: They played an OT game against Dallas on Friday. The team is giving them a post-game meal late on the plane. Some teams have gone giving a healthier meals, but for years you get pizza, tenders, fries, cookies, etc. Then they arrive at their hotel at what time? 2AM? These guys might be wired and have trouble sleeping. Now you want to have a morning skate the next day early? 


Just doesn't make much sense.