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In Topic: 2013-14 Prospect Thread

Today, 02:32 PM

According to John Shannon, Portland Kelowna is on the NHL Network at 3 PM today, although it must be last night's game.


Worth watching to see Severson, other prospects, and really entertaining hockey.

In Topic: 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

Yesterday, 03:42 PM

Rags are better this year than they were in 2012 (where they would've lost in the finals to LA just like us) but not way better.


Lundqvist is not the goalie he was in 2012 either. His save percentage dipped down a bit last year and this year as well


St. Louis had a good first playoff game for the Rags...still has 1 goal in 20 games with them. That's pretty alarming for someone about to turn 39.


Rags are faster now, but they lost a lot of toughness from 2012. A team like Boston would beat them pillar to post. They're not winning the cup this year


Just because the Rangers are better than the 2012 team doesn't mean that elevates them from a Conference Finals team to a Cup team. That Rangers team probably should have lost to Ottawa in the 1st round and struggled to defeat that pretty crummy Dale Hunter led Caps team. It just means they are probably one of the better teams in the East.


There wasn't a team like Boston in the East in 2012.

In Topic: 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

Yesterday, 09:07 AM

The crazyness of the 1st round is out in full force already. An old fashioned triple OT game, and I just saw Patty Roy pulled his goalie down 1 with 3 minutes left. I believe he pulled the goalie against NJ with over two minutes left, and it completely exhausted the Devils. Roy's reaction after the tying goal was priceless too. Love the emotion.


I just hate that the 4 best Western teams are meeting in the 1st round. I'm rooting for San Jose and St Louis in the West. Both fanbases deserve a Cup run.

In Topic: Devils Playoffs Flashback: 1997 1st Round

17 April 2014 - 10:21 PM

Don't forget missing Nieds, concussed by Tie Domi in East Conference semis - really fortunate turn of events for Colorado


Nieds missed a few games but was back for the start of the Conference Finals.

In Topic: Devils Playoffs Flashback: 1997 1st Round

17 April 2014 - 09:57 PM

I know Pep initiated it because he wanted to re-negotiate his deal after the playoffs, but I just wish a common ground was reached instead of dealing away the Conn Smyth Trophy winner for fvcking Steve Thomas.


Thomas just never clicked in NJ. He left the Devils and had two excellent seasons for the Leafs and 3 straight really nice playoff runs (two ended by the Devils). He

was then scoring an OT winner against the Devils in the finals.


In the end, Lou fixed things when he overpayed for Lemieux in 2000, but it all worked out swimmingly. And like that, he was gone again.

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