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In Topic: Tim Sestito Goal Watch 2014-15

Today, 02:53 PM

Sestito represents the Devils futility with AHL call-ups and prospects over the last few years (a huge exception being Henrique making the team in 11-12). I can't imagine many teams (any team) having more pathetic numbers.


I have since 2011-2012, the Devils have 249 GP from forward call-ups from Bernier, Gionta, Mills, Sestito, Veilleux, Zalewski, Zharkov, Butler, Anderson, Pesonen, Boucher, Janssen, Tedenby, Sislo, Whitney.......and there are a total of 11 goals from the group -- six of those goals coming from Bernier and Janssen.

In Topic: Tim Sestito Goal Watch 2014-15

Today, 01:08 PM

One of my favourite things to keep track of. His best chance I remember ever was Jagr feeding him a pass in the slot a few games back. He was alone. He had time. The shot was terrible.

In Topic: We aren't getting McDavid or Eichel, it's time to realize this

Yesterday, 11:05 PM

Jagr will absolutely be a desired quantity if he agrees to go. i could see st. louis, boston, nashville just off the top of my head and i think he could certainly bring back at least a 2nd/conditional 1st. zidlicky will also bring a second back. ryder will get maybe a 5th. gomez might get a 4th. havlat could get maybe a 6th


You don't even bother dealing Gomez for a 4th or Havlat for a 6th unless they are asking to be dealt. There's so few players worth giving playing time to Albany. Reid Boucher and a little bit of Matteau. The Devils could use a Scott Gomez next season.


I think Ryder could get more than a 5th, but who really knows. These things are hard to predict.


As Tri has said, the Devils could use some prospects.

In Topic: We aren't getting McDavid or Eichel, it's time to realize this

Yesterday, 10:27 PM

I'm not sure what Lou is going to do at the deadline or with Jagr specifically. Lou has never been a seller, not in 2011, or 2013, or 2014. Langenbrunner and Arnott were traded, but both asked to be dealt.


As for Jagr, I wonder if Lou would only trade Jagr if he said he wanted one. And even if Jagr is all for it, just don't think any team is dealing a conditional 1st for a 43-year-old player.

In Topic: 2014 Miami Dolphins thread

Yesterday, 05:41 PM

Nothing is dumber in sports than an Owner telling the team a coach is coming back after a meaningless late season win. And it happens so often. It's emotional, the team is cheering..it's pointless.


The Dolphins winning that week 16 game really shouldn't be a difference in Philbin staying or not (btw, I am not making a case for or against him), just the stupid process of how it happened.


Did Ross need to see a blocked punt for him to keep him?