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In Topic: Brodeur got a tryout with the Blues

Yesterday, 05:55 PM

Ray and the rest of the Crazies are crying up and down on FB and say the Devils should have signed him since "he can still play at a high level". Good lord lol.

Anyways good luck to him. Hopefully this will prevent lou from giving in to temptation.


This is the biggest if in the world, but the downside of him playing even okay, or poorly and winning (like last year), is idiots being upset that he isn't playing for the Devils and taking it out on Schneider. Cory by the way in his "terrible" season is at .916 save percentage which Brodeur couldn't come to touching since 2010.

In Topic: Brodeur got a tryout with the Blues

Yesterday, 05:38 PM

This is pretty great. Very excited for him, and if he gets a deal, I hope he does well. A lot of hockey fans are waiting for him to crash and burn. St Louis is such a harmless situation too.


Hoping the average Devils fan can appreciate that Brodeur wants to keep playing, and it makes absolutely no different if he wears another uniform.


If he comes in and is just Brodeur of NJ last year (a very tall task), that's not so bad for a team like St Louis. But at his age, what he is trying to accomplish is really unheard of. Getting way ahead of myself, but if he does get a deal, I think he has to get the rust off at the AHL level.


A lot of guys have tried one last hurrah and failed. Roenick, Hull, Chelios, Modano. The first three were atrocious, but they are all skaters that don't hurt the team in a few minutes a game. If a goalie doesn't have it at all anymore, it's ugly. Think Marty Turco's last 5 NHL games with the Bruins in 2012. That was the worst level of goaltending I have seen from an NHL goalie in the last 15 years or so.

In Topic: GDT - 11/25/14: Devils @ Canucks 10:00pm EST

Yesterday, 01:14 AM

Libraries are tough buildings.


Can we let the tough buildings thing die? He has said it when the team plays a very good road game against a good team. Not after disappointing performances like this. Deboer is officially in a position where he can't win with the average fan, but I'll say this: a coach does not need to make players accountable to the media or the fans. Some coaches love doing that. It really does nothing. You just can't take what he says to the media to mean everything. I did see him giving it to the players throughout the first period.


On another post unrelated to yours MD, lost without Gelinas? Gelinas has not been anything close to an offensive force this year. People are watching with their hearts and not their eyes. Eric has been sh!t sh!t sh!t this year, and the team has struggled offensively many times with him in the lineup. He has given them very little.

In Topic: Pat Burns Hall of Fame Induction Thread

17 November 2014 - 08:25 AM


But at Burns’s first camp with the Devils, not everyone was excited about having him as coach.

“I never ever hated someone so much in my life, where I never thought I could have thoughts like that over one man,” Gomez said. “He did it one way, and it was his way. You knew who the top dog was. It didn’t matter who it was. You knew right away. “It took a while for me and him to see eye-to-eye, and for me to earn his respect, but I never cried so much. My ex-girlfriend is the only one who knows what it was like.”

-                            -                         -

“He called me right before he passed, and I consider it a great honor,” Gomez said. “I don’t sit here today, and my career is not even, you know, without a guy like that.”



In Topic: What I've been up to....

17 November 2014 - 01:25 AM

Thanks DM, Scott....

I was featured on the local morning show:

As per the interview, I'm working on a podcast. My very first guest was a guy I met on the Flames board and he wore his Calgary jersey. I told my second guest that if she wore her Flyers jersey I was stopping the interview and getting my Devils jersey. :)


Congrats! Awesome job. Really incredible stuff.