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In Topic: Gdt Devils vs Senators

Today, 11:07 PM

Going off this search from Hockey-Reference's play index, it looks like Seth Jones last year when he cracked the 27 minute mark in his 7th and 8th games (his Game Log). Good company.


Nice find. Not sure why I didn't think to do that.


Forgot how often Julien was using Oduya early on in 06-07.

In Topic: Gdt Devils vs Senators

Today, 10:10 PM

Thank goodness for Severson and Schneider. I need some stats inc or ESB to find the last time a rookie defenseman played 27 minutes within his first 10 games in the NHL.

In Topic: Save us Jacques Lemaire

Today, 09:13 AM

My high school baseball coach used to say to us after a loss, "Losing's easy, winning is tough. You have to want it and fight for it every chance you get."


As a poster above said, this team does not have the killer instinct to put away games when they have the chance to do so. Sure, we cruised to wins against Philly and Florida, but in both games the teams stopped fighting back. Fast forward to the Ranger game, we had a chance to put away a good team, but they went into the DeBoer Shell in the 3rd and tried to cling to a lead.


I blame the coach and have for years, I still am sticking with 2012 being a fluke until the team proves us wrong. They need to have some damn fight in them and actually go for the throats of good teams instead of hoping to coast to victories.


That is such BS. The Devils played a great 3rd. If you think they went in a shell, you are seeing something that isn't there.


The Devils are 3-2-2. Not sure what people expected at this point, but that's not a bad record by any means. The way people are sounding, they are 5 points out of a playoff spot 50 games into the season.

In Topic: Chico Resch Talks Ceremony, PDB, Brodeur's Future, Playoffs

23 October 2014 - 05:50 PM

TheMazz, if Chico told you this is off the record, maybe it's not the best to share with the board, even if it didn't make the piece.


You are doing some great interviews...I just don't feel great reading something Chico asked not to be printed.

In Topic: If the Kurvers for Niedermayer Trade Never Happened

23 October 2014 - 04:48 PM

Two people mentioned Stevens being more offensive...


I preface this by saying I didn't watch Stevens in the late 80s or the early 90s. He had some excellent seasons and 93-94 seemed nuts. With the way the game was going, the improvements in goaltending and adding in the fact he was entering his 30s, it's hard to say how much more offensive production he would put up if given the green light. Certainly more than the 28, 24 and 26 point seasons he had following the 95 lockout, but would it be that much more?


Speaking of being asked to play a different role...no doubt Scott Niedermayer's career numbers were hampered playing in New Jersey. He wasn't close to an offensive juggernaut from the blueline, and I don't think it is much surprise that his best 3 offensive seasons came after leaving the Devils (although the post-lockout inflated PP attempts help).


After 1994, when the Devils were a great offensive team, they started to struggle under Jacques. Stevens in his 30s was not going to put up bigger numbers than a young Scott Niedermayer.