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In Topic: 2014-2015 Off Season Thread

21 May 2015 - 03:19 PM

Feels like he has the answers to nothing - why did he even bother with the interview, everything is going to be answered next week apparently.  


Yup, but probably a case of 'my competitor is going to have a story with Shero quotes about nothing, so I better post something.'

In Topic: Realistic Coaching Options thread

16 May 2015 - 11:29 AM

Thanks. I'd say Nashville's D is light years ahead offensively than the Devils. If NJ is going to be anything other than a bottom 3-5 team offensively, the defense is going to have to be a huge part of it. Depending on Gelinas' future, not sure how realistic that can be. 

In Topic: Realistic Coaching Options thread

16 May 2015 - 09:56 AM

I wonder what kind of coach Shero will go with actually.  With how old this team is, I'm not exactly sure an AHL, first-time NHL coach is going to go so I don't hope it's that WB coach.  I wonder if using the Preds as an example would be useful.  They have great defense and goalie, but their forwards are certainly nothing to write home about, just like us.  Does Shero get a Laviolette type of coach?  I don't think anyone is putting that much into Babcock actually coming here; why would he?  We aren't going to offer power and other teams can definitely offer more money regardless of these owners.  I'd like to see Dineen here after getting some more experience with the Blackhawks.


Really not sure the correlation between the Preds and Devils and hiring a coach. I don't see the teams very similar at all, and I am not sure exactly what a Laviolette type of coach is or why someone like him would be beneficial for the Devils.


Care to explain? 

In Topic: The Lou Files Part 1: The Not So Good

15 May 2015 - 04:47 PM

The Devils didn't have any big tough D?  They had Salvador and White.  Anyway the Volchenkov move really wasn't that bad, and despite what Paul Martin said, I don't think he was ever coming back here.  It also cannot be ignored who Volchenkov's agent was.


The one defensible move (well okay two) of that offseason of 2005 is getting McGillis and re-signing Rafalski.  McGillis had had some good years and it was unclear just how much the crackdown on penalties was going to affect him, but oh lord, did it ever - he took 18 minor penalties in 384 minutes of ice time, which is simply nuts.  Malakhov is beyond indefensible and I said that at the time - in retrospect I'm convinced Lou looked at his +/- from 2003-04 and said he's good to go.


As for Rolston - this is revisionist history about the first time Rolston left.  Rolston had just come out of arbitration, so his salary had gone up considerably - there were 3 stages to a player's career back then, pre-arb, post-arb, and UFA, and they were more clearly demarcated than they are now.  The Devils did not print money in those days - every dollar counted.  They had a ton of forwards that year - Gomez jumped on to the team, as did Madden, and Morrison was still holding out or had just ended his holdout when Rolston was dealt.  They still had Vadim Sharifijanov who'd had a good year the previous year.  In short, the Devils actually had too many forwards, and so Lemieux being a UFA was not a bad thing.  Lemieux shot 7.7% in 2000 which is like shooting around 6% today, or maybe even less, and he still managed 17 goals - had he shot 10% that's 22 goals and I don't think we're talking this way about him.  And the Devils got a 2nd round pick out of the whole thing.


On Martin, he said all the right things, but it didn't matter if ever was going to or not, Lou had Volchenkov as his main target. That was the mistake with the current roster personnel. 


I'm not against the McGillis signing. But we soon found out he couldn't play anymore, or it was going to take him some more time to adjust, time he never got. I've probably posted this a few times, but I love this story, so I'll tell it again. McGillis was asked about being the first cap casualty in the NHL when he was banished to the AHL. His answer was he felt like sh!t, but anytime he got too down, he'd see Mogilny riding the buses, and say, "that's a Hall of Fame caliber player playing out his days in the AHL. No matter how I feel, it can't be worse than how he feels."


Regarding the Rolston signing... I don't remember many people saying it was a bad signing at the time. It's great to have the benefit of hindsight, but this was a guy who was just removed from a 35 goal campaign that had 17 (am I right?) teams after him. I remember the consensus being 'yeah, probably too much for too long, but we needed to overpay to address a concern". The Clowe thing came out and immediately everyone hated it... but this was widely accepted as a strong move.

Unless my memory is awful.


Because people here wanted him or liked the deal, doesn't mean too much to me. The Devils had lost Niedermayer, Gomez, Rafalski, and hadn't made a free agent splash in a very long time. The fact that the Devils got one of the best players available, that was exciting. Everyone was yearning for a big name to come here. Teams were after him, but from what I read, few if any were giving him 4 years or $ million per season. The idea of the Devils getting a top target or a top target wanting to come here was as big as anything else.


Lou showed no concern for his age. "Age is just a number." I haven't found the quote, but he really had a strong response about Rolston's age and the contract. He missed on that one. That thinking has c unfortunately continued to be an issue up until this year from M&M, Salvador, Zubrus, Holik, Shanahan, Brodeur, Havlat etc. Rolston being the worst offender. There are exceptions, but hockey is a young man's game.

In Topic: The Lou Files Part 1: The Not So Good

15 May 2015 - 10:04 AM

I added to the honourable mentions...all things Brent Sutter. Lou was gaga over him in a 2-year pursuit to bring him to NJ. Let him come here when there was never a strong commitment. Watched him bail back to home to another team. Wasn't anything special as a coach either.


Again, nothing earth shattering, but Lou saw something that really wasn't there.