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In Topic: Brodeur retires, joins STL front office

Today, 01:56 PM

100%. He may never come out and say it publically, but Marty knows deep down that this 7 game \ 6 start stunt was a gaffe.

April 13th of last year.. with a victory against the Bruins, and a soldout Rock chanting his name as he waived goodbye. That should've been his last game. That's how it should've ended.


He wanted to keep playing. That's what he cared about. Is he upset that it didn't work or he didn't play better? Probably, but there is no way this was a gaffe for him. He got a chance to take the net and run with it for a top 5 team in the league. That's all he could ask for.


From everything he has said 100 times, last year was an awful season for him, and not one he wanted to end on. 


If it was, I don't think he is retiring as a Blue and joining their management staff.

In Topic: Cory Schneider Appreciation Thread

Today, 01:06 PM

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Cory Schneider last year vs this year. Numbers almost identical at this point. In 278 less minutes this yr, he's faced 92 more shots. Perfect example why GAA should be erased as a goalie stat, but everyone knew that.

In Topic: Brodeur retires, joins STL front office

Today, 12:30 PM

This is such an anticlimax to the career of the sports greatest ever goaltender.

He has got to be sat there thinking "ok, this wasn't the best way to say my goodbye".

The sooner he can get back to New Jersey and the organisation can give him the send off he deserves the better.


I'm excited for that night, but something tells me he won't be part of the Devils organization for a while. Hopefully that doesn't piss people off. He seems to enjoy the Blues, it's a good management staff, and he's going to learn a lot. They've given him a really nice title as well. It wouldn't shock me to be with the Blues for a few years.


By the way, if he ever joins the Devils management staff, this would be beneficial for him and the organization. 

In Topic: Brodeur retires, joins STL front office

Today, 11:57 AM

Seriously - I'm just waiting for the 1-on-1 interview, but I'm considering tuning out.  These three guys are like gossiping schoolgirls. 


"Oh my gosh, did you see his body language?  And even though he clearly said he and Lou were on good terms.. did you see how he said it?  OMG, they're totally not cool now!"


These are fair questions. As sports fans, we are accustomed to how retirement press conferences go, especially for the greatest athletes that played 99.whatever% for one team.


This was very very odd. I don't care too much to speculate why, but it was strange.

In Topic: Same Ol' Sean Avery

Today, 10:27 AM

To be fair to Avery he holds a few NHL records of his own.

Most handbags owned by an NHL player and the highest number of minutes in the closet in the history of the NHL.


Unlikely. Firstly, he had a short career after all. Probably dozens and dozens of NHL players that had very long careers secretly gay. I'll actually go from probably to 100%.


Secondly, unpopular opinion here: Sean Avery gets to stay relevant and still gets a reaction when this thread is 3 pages long of people chirping on him over a tweet. He wins.


And finally, chirp Sean Avery for almost everything. But him possibly being gay (just rumoured because he had the guts to not conform to the athlete norm and do things his own way), isn't right. Get on him for being one of the most unlikable despicable athletes this game has ever seen.