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In Topic: 2014-2015 Lineup Thread

Today, 11:25 AM

What if I told you before opening night, that this would be the Devils forward group in early March?


Henrique-Gomez-Bernier; Cammalleri-Zajac-Tootoo; Zubrus-Elias-Gionta; Ruutu-Josefson-Harrold


You'd probably tell me, "oh, Clowe must be out with a concussion."


And you'd be right.

In Topic: Devils' Michael Ryder says teams were afraid to trade for him - fr

Yesterday, 01:44 PM

This is all true, but it's also true that Ryder is a complete 0 on defense and takes lots of penalties.  He'll make a great low-cost option for a team that needs to get under the cap, but it really might be it for him - he might go there and suck too.  Zubrus-Elias-Gionta is a defensive line, clearly - I don't know if they were hard-matched against anyone, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were.


You are right on a few things. It would have to be a perfect fit for a team. I don't see many places where he would be good enough to be a top six forward. Without a doubt, he's good enough here. There just hasn't been an opportunity given to him.

In Topic: Devils' Michael Ryder says teams were afraid to trade for him - fr

Yesterday, 12:48 PM

My logic is fine. What bait?? Ryder was a year removed from 35 goals when he signed was on a 28 goal pace in the lockout year. It's reasonable to think he'd contribute, but he's clearly done. Havlat was signed to low-risk medium-reward contract. Hes also done. If we know that, the whole league knows that. Lou wasn't going to fool anyone by putting them out there to look like garbage.


I would disagree about him being "clearly done." He's the same Michael Ryder he's always been, but probably slower. Look at the PP time he got in Montreal and Dallas, and his linemates there. If he was playing on the 3rd and 4th line without Plekanec or Ribiero, or Eriksson or Whitney, he'd look terrible too in the last two seasons as well.


Ryder is a guy that needs a center doing a ton of the work. It never happened. And I've said yesterday, I wouldn't necessarily care that it never happened if the Devils ever had two lines clicking for the last two seasons. That's never been the case, and at the beginning of the year, Elias was flanked by Zubrus and Havlat, and as of last night, it's Zubrus and Gionta.  

In Topic: All Aboard The Severson Train

Yesterday, 11:03 AM

I love how young our core of defenseman are. That's why I refuse to believe we're in need of a 3-4 year rebuild. If we can score in this draft on a forward, add another Cammalleri-type player, and see Merrill turn it around and Larsson and Severson continue to progress, there's no reason to think we won't contend a year from now. Especially when our goalie is Schneider.


Contend? The Devils have absolutely nothing at forward. Keep winning, and they might pick 10th, and even if you draft a forward you like there, don't expect much for at least 3 years. Cammalleri is only getting older and running ridiculously hot. There is not a single UFA available that would be very helpful. Henrique is a 3rd liner. Zajac has the offensive ability of a 3rd line center. Elias will be 39 next season.


What are the Devils contending for in a year? A playoff spot is a stretch. I'm not down for a full rebuild, but I also don't think the Devils are remotely close to being an above average hockey team for a few years.

In Topic: Devils' Michael Ryder says teams were afraid to trade for him - fr

Yesterday, 10:49 AM

At this point a future career AHLer in that late round pick is more benefical to the team than a scorer who has no role on the team....not to mention there's a shred of professional courtesy in letting the guy further his career....plus get the guy out the door if he's not of use to your team....that's assuming this even happened on Monday


Well said about courtesy. It's funny how we want our athletes to be open and honest, but the moment they say anything a little controversial, they get killed. It happened earlier this year when Elias said he didn't appreciate the booing, and Ryder is getting some hate (not much here) for really not even saying anything really interesting at all.


The bottom line is what's going on now is pretty brutal. Scratched for a month before the deadline. After the deadline scratched for Peter Harrold at forward, with Gionta and Zubrus on the 3rd line. Who knows when he's going to get back in the lineup or play with anyone better than Gionta. He's most likely concerned about his future. He knows he can still play. This stuff happens all the time in pro-sports. If there is no opportunity, try and make it work somewhere else.