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In Topic: 2014 UFA Signing Thread

28 July 2014 - 09:17 AM

Oh.  I don't know.  If you ask me, top end talent gets overpaid.  If players were inclined to take less money, it gives management more flexibility in improving their team in other areas.  I don't see how there can be an argument from us, as fans, that players don't need to be paid as much as they are. 


I dislike this thinking. Alexander Ovechkin should take less money so Matt Niskanen gets $7 million or Brooks Orpik gets $5 million+? Kane and Toews should take less money so the Blackhawks can sign Oduya, Shaw and Saad, who probably will jump at a chance to maximize their value when they become free agents, anyway?


Then there is no guarantee ownership even spends to the cap.

In Topic: 2014 UFA Signing Thread

27 July 2014 - 09:34 PM

Seeing the same things in the NHL and the NBA. The secondary players are getting rich while the top top end talent are getting screwed (or an easier way of saying it...they aren't getting what they should). These contracts are becoming the norm for players like Brassard but everyone is shocked when Kane and Toews get their $10 million contracts.


Looking back to when the cap was introduced and before that in the late 90s, the best players aren't getting paid more at all. Everyone else is though. An If you look at the NBA contracts signed from 1996-1998, you'll see the exact same things.

In Topic: Kovalchuk Retired Effective Immediately?

24 July 2014 - 10:18 AM

Funny, in the middle picture he looks like he's a bit out of shape for a pro hockey player.


He is totally out of shape, but he is coming off knee surgery...so I think it's expected that he'd gain quite a bit of weight.


Two months to get in game shape is pretty good. It used to be acceptable to come to camp looking like that and using training camp to lose the weight.

In Topic: The East is the Key

22 July 2014 - 11:13 PM

Dude, chill out. It's interesting because in years past the conventional wisdom would be that a team that missed the playoffs the previous year, whose best forward is 43, and does not have a can't miss prospect ready to play, would not make the playoffs the next year. Vegas odds have the Devils ranked near the bottom. So it's interesting that people are coming around to the idea that's there's more to the story than meets the eye.

Otherwise, I'm well passed the stage of caring that the Devils don't get enough respect from the talking heads.

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I reread my post, and I came off like a dick. Didn't mean it that way, but I never did understand people caring what some writers are guessing. Some people out there are going to take notice of the strong possession numbers, poor shootout luck and having Marty Brodeur not play 40 games.


I wouldn't take much into consideration about Vegas odds. They don't represent much, especially for a team like NJ.

In Topic: The East is the Key

22 July 2014 - 07:34 PM

This is interesting.

@CraigCustance: If you think Devils & Islanders get in the playoffs, which seems to be growing notion, who from Metro are you taking out?

The big media types (well relatively speaking, it is the NHL after all) seem to be picking up on the Devils being a dark horse team.

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Interesting? Maybe for you, but that means it has to be interesting when big media types say the Devils won't make it as well. For all the hatred that some people got for picking the Devils to miss the playoffs in 07-08 or 09-10 here,  a lot of people were unfairly criticized for being right three of the past four years here as well.


They are predictions. I don't care what anyone things, and I don't think people have agendas either. The same people that knew the Leafs would miss the playoffs are the same ones that had the Devils in there.


If people have the Devils in the playoffs, it'll be for the same optimism that we think they might do well. And for those that don't, it'll be for the same reasons that have us concerned. I don't think there are any big agendas out there about the Devils.

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