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#1335623 GDT: Columbus @ Devils: Return of Patty

Posted by devilsrule33 on 25 November 2015 - 11:46 PM

I don't get the controversy.


There is a process to be able to fix incorrect calls to correct ones. A linesman caught what the refs missed. From the replays I have seen, Campbell clearly shoots the puck.


They got the call right. It sucks for the Devils.

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#1324026 Lou is New Toronto GM

Posted by devilsrule33 on 24 July 2015 - 12:12 AM

For the first time EVER it feels like the Devils are rudderless. Even during this sh!tty run of 2012-now, I always felt deep down...Lou will figure it out, Lou will change with the times, everything is OK as long as Lou is here, the good times won't last forever, he can right the ship.


Now he's gone, new ownership has forced him out and all of a sudden...it's like I don't know these Devils anymore.


I suppose it might work. It did when Jerry Jones kicked Landry to the curb, it didn't when the Isles forced Torrey out.


I think this ownership group did show patience with Lou. 3 straight years of no playoffs and no forwards at all is patient enough. Still if you'd ask me who I have more faith in going forward Lou/Conte or Shero/?...I'd say Lou.


Did it feel in complete control with Lou over the last few years? Come on now. Some people are getting a bit too nostalgic. The Devils got the very best of Lou, Brodeur, Stevens etc. Organizations fall off a cliff with blind loyalty. It was time to move on from all of them. Lamoriello did not want to take a step back with this team. Furthermore, he didn't allow to the owners market the team properly. Is Shero a better GM than Lou? Maybe not, but he understands that the team they had last year was garbage and not a few forwards away. He was detached from that group, and can see that. The exact same way Lou is detached from the Leafs team in a way Nonis was not. Lou today said this team was far away. The previous GM thought otherwise.


To me this isn't a sad day at all. It's a great day for the Devils, and a great day for Lou. It was time for both of them to move on. The same way it was time for the Devils to move on from everyone else in the past. What made the Devils great in 95 and 2003 doesn't make the Devils great in 2015. 

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#1323811 Lou is New Toronto GM

Posted by devilsrule33 on 23 July 2015 - 09:56 AM

So now does Lou start bringing in old Devils players or old Toronto players?

. Maybe. Let's start by allowing him to take his son.
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#1323807 Lou is New Toronto GM

Posted by devilsrule33 on 23 July 2015 - 09:54 AM

This was coming....okay, maybe not Lou getting another GM job so quickly, but there was no role in NJ for him. Shero had full control of the hockey ops, and the owners desperately wanted a different way of running a team on non-hockey ops. They gave him a new title, which was nice, but it was clear it was just a title.

It's possible Lou didn't even hate his new role, but this is a gigantic opportunity. Would he rather stay in NJ and stamp approval on Shero's moves and maybe debate the merits of twitter and periscope being used, or run a hockey team. Pretty easy.

Congrats Lou...now let's all ignore WD.
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#1315604 RAY SHERO = NEW GM. Coach decision is Shero's.

Posted by devilsrule33 on 04 May 2015 - 05:32 PM

It's just sad to hear a lot of you basically dancing on the grave of the guy that brought 3 cups because he didn't get another in 10 years.  Big picture, it was going to happen before he won another anyway because of his age but everyone is just excited to see next to Devils General Manager anyone's name but Lou's.  You look at what Shero did and tell me you're excited to see him running things from now on.  Not saying I won't watch every game but why would Shero have any built in trust for any Devil fan.  Just calling a spade, a spade.


Well all the naysayers got their wish, now we'll see how the armchair GM's do...I just hope you're all at least thankful for the fact Lou's the only reason we even have a team in New Jersey and not Nashville.


Shero really worries me, his drafting record was crap in Pittsburgh.


Thats not fair. A few thoughts


1) No one is ignoring what Lou has done for this franchise. No one is trying to disrespect him. There will be a time and a place to honour Lou, and trust me, it will be the biggest celebration this franchise has ever seen, and arguably the most emotional. I'm excited thinking about that day when Lou finally gets his day in the sun with past and present Devils there to serenade him.


2) But today, we live in the present. Lamoriello has not done a good job over the last few years. The proof is there. Being a GM is not unlike a great athlete. There is a finite time for success. Just like we shouldn't have thought Martin Brodeur was going to be great in 2014 because he was good in 2003, we shouldn't think Lou will be fine now because of success in 1993 or 2003. The game has changed.


For a tie Lou and Conte were the gold standard for pretty much everything: finding loopholes, scouting, drafting, finding undrafted free agents, development. That has undoubtedly changed as the league has caught up to them and surpassed them. If Lou wanted to continue to be successful, he would have wanted to adapt in many ways, be it hiring additional scouts, changing draft philosophies, hiring as many young hockey minds as he could or looking to bring in people from other successful organizations. Instead, Lou was happy to work alone and stick with his good friend Conte and a few part time advisors that he may have called from time to time. He was happy to do what he had been doing and to trust who he's been trusting for a very long time.


3) Has, to discuss a further point, the defense is far from set for the future. Most of the early picks have focused on defense, but it's way too early to know what the Devils have. Just because there are prospects means very little. In the same way the Blue Jackets weren't set for forwards because of them drafting Brule, Filatov, Picard, Brassard, Zherdev, etc.


Goaltending is great, but it's not the most important position anymore. The Blackhawks continue to win with pretty much anything in nets. The Kings have been so good for a few years, no one even realizes Quick only shows up for 15-20 games a year. Tampa Bay was an elite team this year with a struggling Bishop. The Devils are in a good spot with Schneider, but that won't help the worst forward group at both at the NHL level and outside the NHL.


4) If anyone is going to defend Lou, but be a little uneasy about the hire, remember...HE MADE THE HIRE. This is the person he felt was best suited for the job. So if you aren't happy with it, that just might be one more strike against Lou where he goes with an obvious safe choice or his need for secrecy affects a plan to find the right successor.


5) It was time for Lou to step down. He's 73 and was practically working by himself. It's possible Lou staying on might not even be the right fit, and Shero has an uneven track record to say the least. However, I think it's better than the alternative. And hey I wanted the change, but that doesn't change the fact that Lou Lamoriello is responsible for 99% of the success that my sports teams have enjoyed. He's a huge reason for some of the most enjoyable moments in my life. He's one of the greatest GMs ever. It's just okay, to say he is not one of the best anymore.

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#1313643 2014-2015 Season in Review - Confession Time

Posted by devilsrule33 on 15 April 2015 - 06:01 PM

Thanks everyone. Glad you guys enjoyed it. You never know what's going to turn out funny when you start writing a post at 12:30AM.

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#1313552 2014-2015 Season in Review - Confession Time

Posted by devilsrule33 on 15 April 2015 - 01:22 AM

I feel like a jerk. I was warned about how bad this season was going to be, and I kept it to myself rather than sharing it with the NJDEVS community. I could have spared everyone from watching this season, but instead you guys and gals got 82 games of hell. There's no more secrets between us. Time to fill you in on how I knew.


Opening night...Present Day Me has settled down to watch Game 1 of the '14-15 season Devils season vs the Flyers when suddenly a fatter, balder, grayer-haired me appears through a wormhole out of breathe


Future Me: It's me or you from the future. I don't have a lot of time, but just you got to trust me. Turn the game off and skip the season. Look at me.


Present-Day Me: Holy sh!t, you look and sound fvcking terrible. You reek of booze too.


FM: I know, and this is precisely why you can't watch this season. This is going to be you if you follow the team this year.


PM: No way, I am digging this team. Things are going to turn around. You know why I think that? Ryder's already scored with an assist from Clowe. If that isn't a sign, I don't know what else could be.


The TV is still on and we hear "SCAAAAAR! Henrique!"


PM: See. 2-0 Devils! And guess who got the assist....Ryder!!


Minutes later..."SCAAAAAARRR. Cammalleri's 1st as a Devil from Jagr. The first of many connections between these two. I can guarantee you that!"


FM: (to himself) sh!t, I've come too late. Any longer, and he's going to see Ryder get another point, Havlat get a point, and Cammalleri score again from Jagr. He's even going to see a Zubrus goal. That's going to be the only 6-goal game of the season. Then the next game he'll see a 4-goal 1st period with Severson getting his first NHL goal and assist, Gelinas grab two assists, Havlat scoring and Cammalleri scoring again. Oh sh!t, I forgot about the Ryane Clowe goal in the 2nd from Ryder. It'll be too late, and he'll be stuck following all 82 games. Crap crap crap...


PM: Lou has done it again. He's reinvented this team. They are back baby!


FM: Listen, I'm not supposed to give you specific details of the future, and I have to go back soon, but you're giving me no choice. So I'm going to make this quick, but first I have to do something...


FM Slaps PM across the face


PM: Owwwww, what the fvck was that for!?!?!


FM: I'm sorry, I promised myself if I ever saw me from the past, I'd slap him for even thinking for a second that this Devils team was any good. You know how stupid you look in the future for arguing with everyone that predicted the Devils not to make the playoffs.


PM: You need to go back where you came from. It's 3-0, and you are ruining the game for me. You're crazy and there is nothing you can say that could shock me.


FM notices his hands missing, as he's starting to disappear into the future. From the TV he hears, "And that's why Bryce Salvador, the captain, is such an important piece to this team. The leadership, the toughness, the grit, all the things that go unnoticed night in and night out...."


FM: (to himself) sh!t, I only got 20 seconds to get him to turn down Ken Danyeko's voice or I'll disappear completely. Uhhhhh, what do I say, what do I say..wtf do I say....


Brunner gone! Ryder a healthy scratch! Havlat healthy scratch! Elias with Gionta! Deboer fired!


PM: I'm not listening...




PM lowers the sound and slowly turns to FM


PM: (quietly) What did you just say?


FM: MAAARRRKKKKK fvckING FRRAASSSEEERRRR!, MAARK FRAASSERR, MARK FRASER! MAAARRKKK FRAAAASSSEER! (starts to cry as he grabs PM and shakes him) MARK FRASER, MARK FRASER MARK FRASER....MARK FRASER.....(starts to break down and ends up crying on his shoulder).


(trying to speak while crying) Don't you see, this is why I didn't want to tell you anything. You don't understand what it's like, game after game, night after night...16 minutes, 18 minutes, sometimes 20 minutes plus to watch Fraser play with Gelinas or Severson, and Harrold.


PM: Harrold's up to? Aww man....No, this is good. I needed this. I'm ready, lay it on me...


FM: Okay, rather than tell you everything, let me just give you the lineup for game 82, and you can ask questions from there...to be honest after the Fraser bit, it really isn't all that bad. I kind of feel stupid how overboard I went. I'm known to exaggerate a bit. 













PM: Woah! okay...(scanning the list) Gomez and Bernier didn't even make the team out of camp, now they are the centre and LW on the top line?


FM: Yup, for 30+ games or so...but it was totally cool, Both 30 point guys.


PM: What's Tootoo doing on the second line? He didn't even have a good camp and was in the AHL all last year. He should never be near the top 6.


FM: Oh Jordin. Listen, there's a lot wrong with those lines above, but we got no problem with that, he was maybe the best story on the team this year. He belongs there. That doesn't even show that he got a lot of time on the PP.


PM: Hmmm...How did he do then?


FM: (sheepishly) 10 goals, 15 points...


PM: Why is Elias on a 3rd line with Zubrus and Gionta?


FM: It's pretty cool. I mean Zubrus did go 50 games without scoring, but it isn't like he plays too much except once the coaching change happened, then his minutes kind of spiked...one game he even played over 22 minutes and PP minutes with Gionta. But this is a pretty good checking line.


PM: Coaching change eh, who is the new head coach?


FM: Don't have one...


PM: What does that mean exactly?


FM: Open up your mind. It was genius actually...think football. You've you got your offensive coordinator. That was Adam Oates. You've got your defensive coordinator. Scotty fvcking Stevens. Then, you've got your guy who oversees everything. That was Lou back behind the bench. He thought of everything here. Spared no expense.


PM: So like a head coach...


FM: No, not a head coach. What the heck is wrong with you....


PM: Anyway, so why was Deboer fired?


FM: Great question. I don't know. Combination of things...Tough buildings. Lot of tough buildings out there. I guess he got some bad luck with what felt like half the team out of the lineup?


PM: Who got injured?


FM: No injuries...


PM: But you said players were out...


FM: Oh just mumps. Larsson, Elias, Zajac, Clemmensen, Ryder, we think Jagr and Josefson too. Even an AHL coach got it.


PM: Mumps? Stop bullsh!tting me. Like what the children get? How did it get to the AHL? 


FM: Clemmensen probably gave it to him when he was sent down for Kinkaid. 2nd best highlight of the season.


PM: Speaking of the AHL, I see Boucher up. Not in love with him on the 4th line, but what can you do...


FM: Oh Reid. Na, he was barely up here. Called up last week of the season. Lou wanted to keep him in the AHL.


PM: Smart. Let him stay down in the AHL and rip it up, right?


FM: Is 14 goals in 59 games ripping it up?


PM: No..


FM: Good to know...well don't bother asking about any other prospects in the organization...


PM: Alright, I won't. Back to the main roster, I see Jagr's missing. Guess age finally caught up to him. No good anymore?


FM: Umm...no, he is. Just not with the Devils. He's awesome again in Florida. Anything else...got to get going. Rapid fire now.


PM: Brunner?


FM: Waived


PM: Ryder and Havlat?


FM: 11 combined goals in 87 games...


PM: Clowe?


FM: Really?


PM: Naa, even I knew how that one ended up. So...I think I understand what happened here.


FM: What? I still don't even understand what happened this year.


PM: No I get it...I finally understand what your purpose coming here was for. Tanking for Connor McDavid. You want me to tune in to the draft. "First of all the New Jersey Devils would like to congratulate Dean Lombardi and the LA Kings organization for winning the Stanley Cup. With the 1st overall pick, the New Jersey Devils select Connor. fvcking. McDavid." You didn't want me to suffer the pain that you did to enjoy that moment. To be honest, I kind of feel like I'm cheating. 


FM Slowly takes a few steps towards the wormhole.


FM:  Haha, the Devils didn't finish last. They haven't won the lottery as far as I know. Cory Schneider was amazing, and even though their leading point-getter only had 43 points, they finished 6th.


Not sure how to say this...there never was a tank. They did everything they could to win.


Alright, glad I could help, but on that note, I got to go now (takes 1 step into the wormhole to go back to the future)


PM: Wait, two more questions! 


FM: Fine...Go.


PM: How did the Rangers do?


FM: ahhhh always forget the name....President Trophy? President's Trophy. That's it. They won that.


PM: Motherfvcker. Final thing. I have to know. What happened to Martin Brodeur?


FM: Thought you'd never ask. Retired...all the organization's greats were there....Brett Hull, Al MacInnis, Bernie Federko. Just a beautiful press conference and ceremony. Really, really well done.


PM: What are you talking about....Brett Hull?


FM: (mumbling) Retired a Blue. Works for the organization now under Doug Armstrong. Didn't even mention the Devils in his retirement speech. See ya


FM Dives into the Wormhole and disappears


PM: (standing there in shock, mouth wide open....finally able to speak) This really is the darkest timeline...


"Scar...And the Flyers tie it at 3 with .01 left in the 2nd." PM Turns off the TV immediately. 



The 2014-2015 New Jersey Devils everyone! Once again my bad...

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#1313432 2014-2015 Season in Review - The Numbers

Posted by devilsrule33 on 13 April 2015 - 08:41 PM

It wasn't a great year so most of the numbers reflect that. Recycling a few things I throughout the year...but whatever. As always, might be part of a larger recap, might not. Enjoy...


27 and 156

That would be Mike Cammalleri's goal total along with his shots total. Hard to get a good read on Mike Cammalleri's first season. The 27 goals stand out, but so does the career high shooting percentage does as well. The advanced stats don't paint a pretty picture at all. He becomes one of 28 players to score 27 or more goals with under 160 shots in the last 17 seasons. Only 5 of those players duplicated that scoring season again with most not even coming close.


So what does that mean for Cammalleri? He's obviously in the downside of his scoring season, but can the Devils reasonably expect 25+ goals from him again. Odds are against it unless he Devils find him a much better centreman to play with.


1. 156

By the way his 156 shots were the most by any Devils player this season. That's the lowest amount to lead any NHL team (not including lockout shortened seasons) since I'm not sure. What I do know is no team leader has had less since 2000. Have some spare time...try and find a team SOG leader with less than 158. The Lowest since 2000 other than Cammalleri for the Devils?


Capitals 03-04 Jaromir Jagr - 159 shots in 46 games

Penguins 03-04 Rico Fata - 163 shots 


Which teams picked Ovechkin and Malkin 1-2 in the '04 draft again?


24:55 and 3:39

The respective ice-time Jaromir Jagr and Jordin Tootoo played in Pete Deboer's final game as Devils coach (12/23 vs Carolina). I would wager that there weren't 10 games by forwards in the NHL this year with more minutes in a game than the then 42-year-old Jaromir Jagr had that night. Not sure what it says about the Devils or what it says about Deboer playing someone like Jagr that many minutes other than desperate and out of ideas. I'm going to chalk it up to a coach that knew he was't surviving the Christmas break without a win that night.


5 of the last 7

That would be 5 times in Jaromir Jagr's last 7 games as a Devil that Jordin Tootoo would play more minutes than him.


19:04 and 25 

The ATOI/G for Travis Zajac this season along with his point total. Since 1998 (the year we have TOI information), Zajac becomes the first NHL forward to average 19 minutes a night with 25 or less points (minimum 1250 min). Only 4 players have averaged 18min with 25 or less points. (Stephane Yelle, Jay Pandolfo, Steve Ott, Bates Battaglia).


Bonus: 147:03 vs 26:55. That's the PP time Travis Zajac got this year (3rd most on the Devils!) vs Jay Pandolfo's PP time he got in 05-06 when he put up 25 points averaging 18:02 minutes per game


Quick take on Zajac: Already an offensive disappointment to fans, his numbers plummeted this season. But a few things. 1) his contract is not hurting the Devils in any way...they aren't hamstrung with it. 2) He does a lot of good things for this hockey team, and is still a productive player. The Devils are a much better team with him than without him. 3) It's up to the management of 1 to understand what Zajac is and what he isn't and accordingly. If he doesn't realize it...then it's a problem. After this past season, I'm not too worried.


6.19, 5,55, 5.74, 5.37

Adam Henrique’s shots per 60 ES minutes in his first 4 NHL seasons (this season to his rookie year). Pretty consistent...and consistently mediocre. The scary thing is he’s never really had a down shooting year. Adam Henrique led the Devils in scoring this year, but it’s important for management to realize that that is indicative of how awful the Devils forwards are, and not that Henrique is a very good player or an important piece to the Devils future. He’s a third line winger and probably not a lot more.


7.22, 6.79, and 5.16

If you needed a comparison to help you understand those Henrique numbers, above are Stephen Gionta’s shots per 60 ES minutes ratio in his three NHL seasons.


.898 vs .901, .901, .908, and .903 

Cory Schneider's ridiculous save percentage in losses this season vs Martin Brodeur's save percentage in all games for his last 4 seasons with the Devils.


Good luck finding 5 seasons by goalies who had a higher save percentage in losses than Schneider's this year.


69 and .925

That would be the games played for Schneider and his season save percentage. 1 of 11 goalies to do that in NHL history and just the second ever to do it on a team that missed the playoffs. (Roberto Luongo 03-04 Panthers - 72GP .931 save percentage)


.940 and .948

Cory's save percentage in February and March respectively, which is arguably the best stretch of hockey a goalie has had for the Devils franchise. During that stretch, the Devils won 11 of his 20 starts. 



The Devils record when they faced a 2014-2015 playoff team with their starting goalie in nets.


64.4% and 85.2% 

The Devils penalty kill conversion rate after the first 15 games of the season followed by the penalty kill conversion in the last 67 games. Bad strategy, bad luck, bad goaltending, bad Salvador?



The amount of ice-time Dainius Zubrus somehow got to average per game this season. With it, he had 4 goals and 6 assists in 74 games. That's incredible for someone who found himself on the 4th line for only a few games. Started the year on the wonderful second line with Patrik Elias and Martin Havlat, got a chance to play on the first line with Jagr, and ended the year playing with Elias. Zubrus joins Jay McClement (last year), Travis Moen (07-08), Alex Henry (03-04), Bob Corkum (01-02) and Ian Moran (98-99), as players that averaged more than 14:30 a game and had 10 or less points (minimum 1000min). 


Call Dainius Zubrus a lot of things this season, but don’t call him unlucky. He went 50 games between scoring his 2nd and 3rd goal. In an extra horrible stretch after he came back from injury, Zubrus was held without a shot in 20 of the 30 games before finally scoring. During that 30 game stretch, he had just one more shot than minor penalties (14 shots to 13 minors).



Total shorthanded ice-time for Andy Greene which led the league. Just over 49 minutes more than the second closest player and 67 more minutes over the next best defenseman.


17:39 vs 17:28

Patrik Elias' ATOI/G this season vs Patrik Elias' ATOI/G 15 years earlier in 1999-2000 as part of the A-line.


16:31 vs 16:21, 15:46, 16:01 and 16:00

The first number is Scott Gomez' ATOI/G this season. The other four are Gomez' ATOI/G in 2000, 2001, 2003, and 2004 respectively.


So yes, Patrik Elias and Scott Gomez were averaging more ice-time per game this year than they were 15 years earlier.


7.62 vs 3.97 

Scott Gomez’ power play points per 60 min this season and Gomez’ power play points per 60 min the previous 4 seasons combined. - The 7.62 would be the 4th highest in the NHL this season. It was a great comeback season for Gomez with his best work being done on the PP. Scott Gomez was a much needed addition to the roster during the season, but I'm weary of him being much of a contributor moving forward.


34, 16:17, -11.1, -16.3  

That would be GP, ATOI/G, Corsi Relative and Corsi ON for Mark Fraser this past season. Your eyes and the numbers told you the same thing. Fraser was just atrocious this season, and sadly he became a fixture on the Devils blueline for the second half of the season.


15 and 0

15 more scoreless games for Tim Sestito this year bringing the career total to 101 NHL games without scoring a goal. I was genuinly surprised to see Sestito get 15 games this year. Will this be it for him, or do you foresee more opportunities for him?


Who am I?
Player A - 67GP  16G  16A  12:56TOI/G  107S  15%  6.67 ES S/G  1:09 PPTOI/G
Player B  - 78GP    3G   9A  12:27TOI/G  104S  2.9%  6.36 ES S/G 0:56 PPTOI/G

Player A is Steve Bernier this past year, and player B is Steve Bernier in '13-14. If you hated Steve Bernier last year and were upset the Devils signed him in the off-season over say Ryan Carter, you shouldn't be loving him now and hoping the Devils re-sign him. Seriously, you should want him back at the right cost, but its a perfect example of looking at players based on goals and assists and no underlying numbers. Steve Bernier of this past season isn't all that much different than the one in '13-14. How much more is going to be worth to the Devils this coming off-season?


Player A - 68GP  10G    5A  10:27TOI/G  75S 12.3%  6.61 ES S/G  0:50 PPTOI/G  -3 Corsi Rel
Player B  - 47GP    6G  13A  14:29TOI/G  89S  6.7%   7.81 ES S/G  1:28 PPTOI/G  -4.7 Corsi Rel


Very few players have ever left Devils fans as frustrated as Michael Ryder. On the flip side, very few players exceeded fans expectations more so than Jordin Tootoo. Tootoo is Player A while Ryder is Player B.


Expectations aside, Michael Ryder was still the more productive player this season, even with a career low shooting percentage and Tootoo's career high shooting percentage. It was nice to see a good guy like Tootoo score a few goals, but for someone like Tootoo to be in position to score goals, that means his team is going to be getting killed. It's okay to step back, and say, "wait a minute, Jordin Tootoo finished the season with 15 points playing 30 games on the second line and 1st unit PP, wtf just happened?"



Patrik Elias' shootout stats. For all the talk about how awful he is and how shouldn't ever be picked, it was a successful season for Elias with 2 ridiculous shootout goals.


6 of the first 18

As in 6 times in the first 18 games under Oates/Stevens/Lamoriello that the Devils failed to exceed 15 shots. If that sounds expansion bad...well it's kind of worse. Of the last 4 expansion teams in their inaugural season, the Thrashers and Predators failed to reach 16 shots only 4 times that season, the Blue Jackets 3 times, while the Predators twice.



Joe Whitney's shooting percentage this season which now doubles as his career shooting percentage. 4th Devil to have a perfect shooting season and 1st since Josef Boumedienne in 01-02 who scored a goal on his only shot in his only game as a Devil.

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#1308644 All Aboard The Severson Train

Posted by devilsrule33 on 04 March 2015 - 11:03 AM

I love how young our core of defenseman are. That's why I refuse to believe we're in need of a 3-4 year rebuild. If we can score in this draft on a forward, add another Cammalleri-type player, and see Merrill turn it around and Larsson and Severson continue to progress, there's no reason to think we won't contend a year from now. Especially when our goalie is Schneider.


Contend? The Devils have absolutely nothing at forward. Keep winning, and they might pick 10th, and even if you draft a forward you like there, don't expect much for at least 3 years. Cammalleri is only getting older and running ridiculously hot. There is not a single UFA available that would be very helpful. Henrique is a 3rd liner. Zajac has the offensive ability of a 3rd line center. Elias will be 39 next season.


What are the Devils contending for in a year? A playoff spot is a stretch. I'm not down for a full rebuild, but I also don't think the Devils are remotely close to being an above average hockey team for a few years.

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#1307175 Some Thoughts on the Jagr Era

Posted by devilsrule33 on 26 February 2015 - 07:01 PM

The Jaromir Jagr era in NJ is one of the more depressing time periods for anyone younger than 35. It really only rivals the short-lived John Maclean-coached era. It began after a 2nd "superstar" in consecutive years left the franchise. It coincided with the awkward end of the Brodeur era. There was little offensive talent. No offensive prospects, horrible free agent signings, a complete inability to win a shootout (16, 17 losses in a row?), and it pretty much ended the day a coach was fired and Adam Oates was brought in (more on that in a bit).
But none of that should be a reflection on Jaromir Jagr. The man is a living legend, one of the ten greatest players in NHL history, and possibly the greatest winger in NHL history (a debate for another day, no disrespect Gordie). I got to see him as a New Jersey Devil. I got to see him score an OT winner live against the Senators this year. But what's so great about Jagr coming to New Jersey, unlike dozens and dozens of past-their-prime, all-but-finished former superstars, Jaromir Jagr was still damn good. I mean really really good.
When I said the other day I felt that Jagr is the most under-appreciated Devil ever, it wasn't just for being dumped into the middle of a ton of suckage. It's because of how good he was for a year-and-a-half, especially his 67 point season last year at the age of 42. A lot of people last year kept saying if only this team had Ilya Kovalchuk. That would have been nice, but as Tri has pointed a number of times, there is no Jaromir Jagr if Ilya Kovalchuk is still in NJ. And after Ilya Kovalchuk left, there is no way that Lou, Pete, and the fans knew what they were getting is someone as good as Ilya Kovalchuk. I'm still not sure people realize that.
Jagr averaged 2.20 points/60 minutes of ES last year. Ilya Kovalchuk averaged 1.55, 2, and a pathetic 1.18 in '11,'12, and '13 respectively.  He was a better 5-on-5 player at 42 than Kovalchuk ever was going to be as a Devil. By the way, his 2.20 points per 60 minutes was higher than in 2 of Parise's last 4 seasons in NJ.
But above being better than Kovalchuk, in playing all 82 games, his 67 points last year were more than the likes of Spezza, Stastny (both recently signing mega deals), Richards, Eberle, Iginla, Staal and Hossa. He was a point or two away from Toews, St. Louis, Kane, Marleau, Kopitar and Duchene. And I can promise you that none of them played with more offensively challenged players than Zajac, Zubrus and Ruutu. The former two being his most common linemates.
Being so close to the players I listed shows 67 points is a big deal for any player in today's NHL. The goalies are as good as ever, systems are stronger, there is less power play time to accumulate points, so the game really is about 5-on-5 hockey. It's not a game anymore where veteran players can survive being hidden on a good PP -- think Messier, Hull, Francis, Oates, and Nieuwendyk, and in the later years to a much lesser extent, Selanne and Whitney. To play now late into your career, you have to be good at ES hockey. Jagr was damn good at it at 42 fvcking years old.
He brought more than good play in a depressing time. He was the first true "character" the Devils ever had. I'm sure there have been some funny guys but Jagr never shied away from being himself. If it was making fun of Zubrus even though his math isn't great; "I got traded (in 2000) from Pittsburgh and had 120 points," Jagr recalled. "They put (Zubrus) on the line and I had 70. So, it was a 50 percent drop. So, it wasn't a good move", and “It’s a long streak for me without a goal,” Jagr said. “Zubie did a great job to shut me down eight games. Finally, I jumped on the ice when he wasn’t there, so I could break the streak. And one more: “He kills every penalty,” Jagr said of Zubrus, before adding, “And he kills all the five-on-fives. He’s just a killer. He’s killing me.”
Or if it was confusing Cam Janssen with Gretzky after scoring two goals quickly after being called up "Gretzky got here" or just making fun of other teammates, hoping to go a full season without a credited hit, reminding anyone that would listen how smart and how much of a physical "freak" he is or singing Meghn Trainor, it was always a riot And of course letting us know he'll be playing hockey forever: “I’ll tell you one thing, as long as I don’t die, it’s not my last year of playing hockey,” said Jagr, who will turn 42 in February. “I don’t know where I’m gonna play. I don’t know if I’m gonna play U.S. or somewhere else. I’m gonna play. I’ll play until I cannot walk. I love the game too much to leave it.”
So in an incredibly long career that hopefully won't end for a while, I'm happy that Jaromir Jagr stopped here in NJ, and we got the fun Jagr, we got to see over power defenseman in the corner, use his big backside, even on a 1-on-1, seemingly pass another legend or break another record nightly, and be the best Devils player at age 41 and 42. We never got the Jagr salute, but he did one better, he made it fun to follow the Devils on a day-to-day basis when it really had no business being fun to follow the New Jersey Devils.

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#1306359 GDT: Phoenix at NJ

Posted by devilsrule33 on 23 February 2015 - 09:41 PM

Mike "locker room cancer" Cammalleri and Cory "fools gold" Schneider lead the way again.

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#1304519 Hypothetical: Let's say McDavid pulls an Elway

Posted by devilsrule33 on 11 February 2015 - 04:13 PM

I put Henrique in there because he probably is the forward with the most value.  He has a long-term, cap-friendly contract, decent numbers and on the right side of 30.  Cammy is probably our best forward but his contract and age would be a determent to him being valuable to other teams.


And I agree with your assessment of Henrique and that is what makes Henrique being our most valuable asset kinda scary.


The Devils do not have a package that can get you McDavid. None at all.

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#1302618 Brodeur Interview with Gulitti

Posted by devilsrule33 on 30 January 2015 - 11:34 AM

A lot of people were wrong. But it is fair to speculate. Every single person found it odd. Imagine how boring any radio or TV segments would be if everyone said "I'll withhold judgement on why this is happening until we get more information."


It was the weirdest retirement press conference I have ever seen. Again, I don't have an opinion on it either way, but everyone thought it was off. Brodeur spelled it out quite well, but even his prepared statement was lacking. I'm not going to kill people for wondering.


What I saw was a lot of Devils fans speculating as well, and then once Brodeur answered a lot of questions afterwords, they are now giving sh!t to people in the media that were asking many of the same questions.


As Larry Brooks wrote yesterday...



Don’t know about you folks, but when I think of Martin Brodeur’s legendary career, the three players who come immediately to mind are Brett Hull, Bernie Federko and Al MacInnis, with whom he shared the stage at his retirement announcement in … St. Louis?


Obviously Brodeur wanted this day this way and his way. No one should resent him for that. But still, this announcement in a sterile environment devoid of Devils paraphernalia or personnel produced one of the most odd and off-key press conferences in memory. It was tantamount to what it would have been if Derek Jeter had wanted to play one more year, was not encouraged to do so by and with the Yankees, left to sign with, say, the Royals, played for a few weeks in the middle of the season, and retired at a press conference in Kansas City while joined on the stage by George Brett, Willie Mays Aikens and Bret Saberhagen before going to work in the KC front office. 



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#1293127 Brodeur sort of takes a jab at the Devils

Posted by devilsrule33 on 05 December 2014 - 12:04 AM

He said something we have all been saying forever....I know you just posted his quotes without comment, but really who cares. It's Marty, he'll be saying a few comments that might not people feeling good, but there is a lot of truth in the last bunch of years.


Brodeur will be seeing a lot more of that high skill out in the West.

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#1289431 GDT: Colorado Avalanche VS New Jersey Devils 11/15/14

Posted by devilsrule33 on 15 November 2014 - 11:59 PM

Oh and I guess it was too tough of a building for us tonight.


I'm just WAITING for Pete to slip up and say it during a home game lol, it'll probably happen soon.


This is just people dumping on Pete for anything. Anyone who has followed hockey for more than a day (and I know both of you know), "tough building" is a universal hockey term for a non-sh!t team that plays well at home or any road game against a team you've struggled with. It is used by every coach and player for pretty much ever. Is it kind of lame. Probably. But you'll find it said by any coach that you want coaching the Devils.


Darryl Sutter, on missing a chance to eliminate Chicago: "It's a tough building. Damn near got it."

Quenneville was asked if the Blackhawks took the Wild for granted and lacked effort while in Minnesota. Quenneville snapped back, “No, not at all, this is a good team. It’s something we stressed all year. This is a tough building.”

You’ve got to let your playing do your speaking in these situations, and I think he’s gone into some tough buildings and played pretty well for us,” Ruff said.

"The beginning of the season, with not a lot of practice time, it's not an easy trip," coach Todd McLellan told the team's official website. "We played in some tough buildings.

“This is tough building to play in, especially in the first 10 minutes.”

San Jose leads the NHL with an average of 36 shots a game and has scored in the first minute, six times this season.

“San Jose has been deadly in their own building and when you’re playing teams like this, it’s about what we leave on the table,” said Oilers coach Dallas Eakins.

"This is a really tough building," Hitchcock said. "It's a very intimidating building to play in. It seems like the people are right on top of you, and they play hard here. Nashville played really hard tonight."

Bylsma: We have two more wins to get, and we have a tall task going into a tough building against a very good team who is playing well.

"It's part of us putting blocks in our foundation and trying to learn how to win games," MacLean said. "When you can do it in tough buildings like this, those are real, real solid blocks that you can put into your foundation


-"It's a tough building to play in and we knew they'd come out strong, with some of the things that have gone on here," said New York coach John Tortorella.


- “You can’t change it,” Trotz said. “You’ve just got to deal with it. I would’ve loved to get the win tonight against a divisional opponent, but we’ve been pretty good on the road this year. We’ll go into a tough building and win some hockey games.”


- “It’s been a tough building for us to come in and play,” Berube said. “I thought we finally had the patience to beat them in a game.


- Coach Robinson: It is a tough building to play in, but it is actually a good building

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