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#1248347 My thoughts On Trading Marty

Posted by devilsrule33 on 01 March 2014 - 04:55 PM

You are missing a major point in this:


Marty wants a chance to play more. He is interested in a trade.


Anyway, I have posted a ton about it n the past, and the main thing is Brodeur playing 15-20 games anywhere else is irrelevant to me. Seeing a player like him in another jersey doesn't change anything that happened in the past with the Devils. I don't get why you should be devastated if he gets traded. The break up sounds like it would be as easy going as any long-term team-player relationship ever has.

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#1247211 2013-2014 Lineup/Roster Thread

Posted by devilsrule33 on 24 February 2014 - 01:08 PM

Exactly. It makes me wonder what DeBoer is smoking.


He is high because he wants to show video of a perfect defensive system....really? 


It's just about changing it up a bit. I am sure he shows a ton of video of the Devils doing good things defensively too. The team that allows the least shots on goal a game in the league.

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#1246943 Why I Could Never Root for this Year's U.S. Olympic team.

Posted by devilsrule33 on 22 February 2014 - 03:16 PM

International sports mean more than the pros to me because there are no salaries and the players are playing for their country, an entity that has real meaning, rather than playing for whatever billionaire owner gave them the biggest contract to be a product in their business.  Players can't be traded or sign with another team, their country is always their country.  There is no entry draft in place to promote every team getting a chance to contend every few years, the countries just need to produce better players.


While I am a fan of the NHL, it just doesn't have the same meaning to me.  The Devils' players generally speaking really don't have much attachment to New Jersey.  They are just hired to play here.  "New Jersey Devils" is really just a business, but Team USA has meaning outside of hockey.  In international sports, and in college too, the players have the same connection to the team that the fans do.


I don't know really about any of this. Your opinion is fine, but for these players wearing the NHL sweater of the team that drafted them could be just as important as wearing a country's sweater. For the players it is about the love they get and the support. You kind of get overwhelmed if you win a gold because you have an entire country backing you, which has to be a surreal experience. Having said that, say you are Patrick Marleau. You have been a Shark for 15 years. You win a gold in Sochi and go right back to the US minutes after you win. You win a Stanley Cup for SJ, I would think that one has a bigger meaning. 


New Jersey is always going to be a bad example because there isn't a great connection between the state or a city and the team. It would be different for many other teams and players that might very well have that connection.


I don't hate anyone on team Canada, but I have no interest in rooting for these hired guns, as someone said earlier, for two weeks when I root against them all year around. I don't have the connection with any of them, and I really don't care if they win or lose.


You speak of attachment, but it is a two-way street. Even if they did have the attachment they wanted, they would just be let down because the average fan turns on a player much faster than a player turns on an organization. You say it is a job or a business, but fans are into the business of winning, and that's it.

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#1246873 Why I Could Never Root for this Year's U.S. Olympic team.

Posted by devilsrule33 on 22 February 2014 - 06:23 AM

While I find it very funny that the OP used a joke column by a Canadian writer to help his point (not a joke in that it is crap, but the point of the column was meant in jest), and while I think his reasons for hating each player a little ridiculous, it's perfectly fine that he couldn't get into rooting for Team USA. Not sure why he deserves a lot of hate.


You spend all year, every year rooting against these players, and they get re-branded as Team USA for two weeks every 4 years and you HAVE to love them, now?


For some Team USA > NJ Devils and the NHL. For some it isn't. There doesn't have to be a right or a wrong.

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#1246695 All purpose Olympics thread

Posted by devilsrule33 on 20 February 2014 - 04:24 PM

but just to be clear... a team blow a 2-0 lead with 3 min left in a game but they lost because of the refs making a "questionable call" later in OT... 


One doesn't have to do with the other....


There is no...you blow a 2-goal lead in the final 3 minutes, so you don't deserve to win no matter what happens in OT.


The US still had a PP in OT, which got negated within seconds for a play that happens in the NHL after every goalie save.

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#1246673 All purpose Olympics thread

Posted by devilsrule33 on 20 February 2014 - 03:04 PM

don't cry people, 2nd best in the world is a pretty big deal :)


woop woop my country


For a guy who whines all the time about Habs fans bugging you and being annoying...it's pretty clear you bring it on yourself and deserve it.

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#1246370 All purpose Olympics thread

Posted by devilsrule33 on 19 February 2014 - 09:50 AM

Finland is to International Hockey as the Devils were to the NHL starting in 95. 


Not that exciting to watch and the bigger ice surface makes it harder to break a really good defensive system.


Can't say I am surprised in the slightest. I felt Finland should have been a favourite going in (Anyone know what the odds were?)



At least Kovy scored the only goal, so it takes some heat off of him as he stays back in Russia.

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#1245503 3 Ways The Devils Have Disappointed (You) at the Break

Posted by devilsrule33 on 13 February 2014 - 11:37 AM

Good time to air out all the disappointment of the season, and maybe we can keep it all in one thread. It can be therapeutic. The unfortunate part is that there is a lot to choose from. Having said that, the Devils are only a few points out of a playoff spot, but disappointment and frustration can be more big picture than just being 3 points out of a playoff spot.


1) The defensive logjam has not been solved.


Lou Lamoriello removed a layer of the jam in the off-season when he traded Tallinder. The following is from TG's blog




“This was done to clear a spot for a young defenseman, who we feel are ready to play – one of them is,” Lamoriello said. “Which one I couldn’t tell you right now, but they’re all close. That’s basically what it is. It also moves money.” Lamoriello it’s to be determined which young defenseman ends up on the team. He mentioned Alex Urbom, Jon Merrill, Eric Gelinas and Damon Severson as possibilities.   


Things were sounding good, but then they signed Zidlicky (a fine move and a pretty good deal for the Devils). At that point it was clear that there wouldn't be room for any of the 4 defenseman listed above. That wasn't the end of the world, but at the very least you knew Adam Larsson would be there, and you hoped a guy like Peter Harrold would stick as the excellent 7th defenseman. 


Training camp started and all the young defensemen impressed. It was kind of disappointing to see them all go. Well with injuries, the Devils got quite a good look at Merrill and Gelinas and there was a lot to like. Adam Larsson was starting to play his best hockey as a Devil and for a bit we got to see a whole group of young defenseman all at once. 


Well the good news was that a spot was created for a young defenseman in the end. Jon Merrill is playing and doing a really nice job. But I don't think anyone expected it to be at the expense of Adam Larsson, who currently finds himself in Albany...having last played an NHL game on November 23rd. A young defenseman taking the spot of the former 4th overall pick. Taking the spot of a player that was playing his best hockey of his career in November. BRUTAL. Why Larsson? Let it be someone else. 


And then to add injury to insult, Lamoriello recently said that he felt the 7 best defenseman were on the roster right now and that no one was in the minors due to lack of flexibility with the big team.


Hard to know if playing in Albany is better for Adam than sitting and watching (he did this for a time earlier in the year) and getting into a game here and there, but his play certainly dictate him ever going to back to the minors.


2) The Devils young forwards have not been good


You can blame Pete for the yo-yoing all you want (oh I created an NJDEVS Lineup thread just for that purpose), and that might be fine for some, but it can't be fully responsible for the disappointing seasons of Tedenby, Josefson and Loktionov. Tedenby has a few months left in the Devils organization. His 22 points in 58 games as a 20-year-old was a great sign. But since that year he has 2 goals and 6 assists in 62 games. Even if you want to blame Pete for any of this, he has just 22 goals in 88 games with Albany.


Josefson and Loktionov are a little different. There are NHL careers out there for both of them. Loktionov certainly benefited from playing with Kovalchuk. This season has been a constant struggle. Same goes for Josefson, but he's gotten a raw deal. He's good enough to be playing nightly, and I contend that he could be doing a lot more with the minutes that Gionta gets. The numbers say that he has 1 goal in 40 games over the last two seasons. 


I am not going to argue that Deboer hasn't given these guys that much rope. It might be unbearable for Josefson and Loktionov going out there every game...knowing that any screw up means they are out of the lineup the next game or even longer. They are getting auditions they obviously can't nail when put on the top line and know they only have a few shifts to get it together. At the same time, Josefson, especially, has not shown Pete enough for a few years, so I can't blame him entirely for not feeling comfortable with him being a regular.


Either of them playing well is not the difference between the team winning and losing most nights, and this team has struggled scoring goals...something they have not done at all this season. You can argue if either should be in the lineup each night for Gionta, Carter and Bernier, but Pete feels that line brings something specific to the team. He isn't unlike other coaches who are going to ride with his vets who create "energy".


3) This team just isn't fun to watch


I think that is the nicest way of putting it. There was something to be said about playing the trap and having very few offensive stars, but doing that while WINNING. Fans of other teams could say "New Jersey is so boring". And you could always reply, I'll take the 3 Stanley Cup Championships any way I can" or "They don't ask how" or "fvck you, my team wins and yours doesn't, so shut the fvck up."


This year the team is boring to watch and they lose. You spend 3 hours watching hockey, and the feeling of a W would make you forget how ugly the game you were watching. Even last year, the team was dominating the play, getting good chances and just not finding a way to score. Now, it's just....blaa.  27th in scoring. 30th in shots per game. Shutout 48 times. 


Even though this team probably isn't missing Kovy so much, you miss a player like that. Someone with speed, a shot, a threat to fly down the ice (and lose the puck) and actually back a defender up. When Gelinas burst on the scene, you got some of that excitement, He was different, creative, constantly looking to make plays. Sure it was way too much, but it was a breath of fresh air. 


There is none of that right now. After the brutal Caps 3-0 loss, I was welcoming the break from wasting 3 hours of watching  Devils hockey a few nights a week. Sports are supposed to be fun and entertainment. This team has been none of that.


I guess that's a nice way of saying, "step up Ryder, Elias, Zajac, Henrique, Clowe, Brunner...etc" Feel free to put any of them on your list.

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#1245045 Lots to mull for Devils’ legend Brodeur - Brooks NY Post

Posted by devilsrule33 on 09 February 2014 - 10:06 PM

I'm sure I'll have an unpopular opinion here, but Lou and Marty reportedly had a long discussion yesterday or today about his future, and I'd welcome for Brodeur to get dealt. If that is what he wants, an opportunity to still play, and some team out there wants to give him that chance...then go for it.


Okay, maybe that wouldn't an unpopular opinion, but this might...It really wouldn't pain me to see him where another uniform either. In some ways it be kind of cool, especially if he got in the zone and played at a somewhat decent level of play. There is no more future for Brodeur in NJ (as an NHL goalie) anymore, but if there is for another organization...let's see it.


While Joe Montana on the Chiefs, Jordan on the Wizards, Emmitt Smith on the Cardinals or Orr on the Blackhawks doesn't seem right and didn't particularly end up well, it in no shape or form tarnish their legacy with the 49ers, Bulls, Cowboys, or Bruins in any way. It was really inconsequential. So would Brodeur going to another team. The idea of Brodeur playing every game of his entire career as a Devil is irrelevant to me. Leaving in 2014 is a lot different than leaving in say 2004 or even 2010.


NOW, why would another team really want Brodeur...I don't see it, but who knows.

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#1241845 Brodeur embarrassed himself and the franchise today

Posted by devilsrule33 on 26 January 2014 - 09:14 PM

'7' embarrassed himself and the board today.


'7', you'll get your wish soon enough, and Brodeur will be gone.  I think a lot of Devils fans at this point want to see the same thing...they're just not so damned vicious and spiteful about it.  There's just no justification for the level of hatred you spew towards him.'7"


'7' has been spewing sh!t about Brodeur for 6+ years that I can remember but the reality is Brodeur has been a below average goalie for 3.5 of the last 4 seasons. And while this rant might be over-dramatic (as per usual), he Devils are putting themselves in a whole again with Brodeur's sh!t play.


Maybe it is the way Lou or Pete or Cory or the team has been programed to talk about Brodeur, but he has been very bad this year, like last year, like the year before etc. It must be frustrating for Cory to lie through his teeth and say Brodeur has been playing well. It simply isn't true. The sad part is I think Pete actually believes it. He said the other day he isn't a stats guy. Wtf does that mean? Do you pick a goalie by their 'legacy'. If you were a stats guy, you'd see a goalie with the best save percentage in the NHL over the last 3 years and 4th best this season, and another who has been in the 40s this year and the past years (currently sits at a save percentage below .900!). That's really really really awful.


I hate when Brodeur is in net and has a bad game and we analyze which goals were good goals or which were bad goals. Where was there a deflection and where did the defense leave him out to dry. Guess what, Brodeur has the luxury of playing behind a top 5 team defense and one that is always in the bottom in shots against. So today he found out what it is like for Ryan Miller or Jonathan Bernier and James Reimer or other teams that give up countless shots. He wouldn't survive on those teams. He takes his .900 save percentage there and he gives up 5+ goals every 3rd game.


No analyzing. No excuses. Just stop pucks. When Cory won the other day 2-1, did anyone discuss how many breakaways he faced or what not? Didn't have to because he makes a lot more saves. Bad breaks happen, but notice how we aren't talking about bad bounces or weird deflections with Cory. It just doesn't happen with good goalies very often.


I respect Brodeur and won't trash him like others will on this board (not many at all), but he is finished. The worst part is the Devils have a top 5 NHL goalie. This is worse for Cory than Vancouver. Luongo was/is still a very good goalie. Brodeur is not. There is no nice way to put it. The Devils have to put the name aside. It cost them last year (wasn't a better option at least). There is no reason why it should cost them a playoff spot now.


I said in the chat today that I would go with Cory until it seems obvious that he needs a break. If that's all the remaining games until the Olympics and then getting him refreshed and restarting right after the break. Points are too critical right now. I don't think Cory playing the second half of a back-to-back is a worse option than a fresh Brodeur right now.

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#1240448 GDT: 1/21/14 Blues @ Devils

Posted by devilsrule33 on 21 January 2014 - 10:09 PM

2nd in GAA and 7th in SV%, can't wait to see what his GA%- and GSAA looks like tomorrow when Hockey-Reference updates it. Absolutely loving his play!


This is what I imagined from Cory and a main reason why I couldn't imagine the Devils would be in the bottom 5-6 like many said. Little did I know how few starts Cory would have. But when you show to be a goalie that stops pucks over 92% of the time, and then you come into a system that gives up the least amount of shots, your team can't be that awful.


Obviously the goal support difference when Brodeur and Cory start is an anomaly, and playing Cory will only benefit this team moving forward.


The Devils are finally healthy. Cory has clearly established that he is the best goalie. Hopefully this team goes on a nice run.

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#1234079 New DeBoer thread

Posted by devilsrule33 on 23 December 2013 - 10:17 AM

I love Deboer. I loved him in 2011-2012 (obviously), loved him last year, and love him this year. If the Devils kept playing like they did earlier in the season, I always said it had to be Lou gone before Pete. The effort is there 97% of the time with this team. The system works well for the personnel, and they generally out-chance the other team.


I think a real sign of a good coach is how the team responds when things aren't going there way. It's very easy to coach when you win games and get good goaltending. But that hasn't been the case for the Devils over the last two seasons, and that's been damn impressive. No one feeling bad for themselves. Everyone fighting hard until the end. No leadership concerns or issues. No lockerroom chatter. He doesn't call anyone out publically, and I like that. This is a team that lost 10+ games in a row, and it was business as usual (and that was calm, professional, and playing pretty solid hockey all things considering).


There are issues I have disliked, but only personnel ones (goaltending, Fayne/Harrold/Larson, Gionta, Janssen Josefson, but these are all relatively minor for the most part. The goaltending one is probably not, but that's about it.


I doubt Deboer was ever close to being canned, but he would have been hired by another team in minutes (not to go all Rob Ryan on everyone). He's well respected around the league, and most people would put the blame on all the personnel the Devils lost and didn't replace over the last few years as the reason and rightfully so.


I don't see many coaches doing a better job with the roster over the past two years than Pete.

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#1233649 GDT: Mallards @ Devils- 7 pm

Posted by devilsrule33 on 20 December 2013 - 09:43 PM

That loss was 100% on Deboer. You throw Gionta out there in OT against really good players during 4 on 4 hockey, and you will get burnt 8/10 times. We know Gionta is here forever, but this is actually why the people talk about wanting Gionta out of the lineup can't stand him here. It's because Deboer uses him like crazy. As a defensive specialist late in the game? WTF? OT 4-ON-4? WTF!?!?!?. What the hell was he doing on that shift. A second forechecker giving the Ducks all that space to break out. 


I'm not even sure Gionta knows how to play 4-on-4. Can we end the Elias and Jagr OT shifts too. These guys don't play together and have zero chemistry. Deboer did that with Kovy and Elias last few years. It was always a mess.

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#1230803 Leafs fans bailing on Clarky already

Posted by devilsrule33 on 06 December 2013 - 10:02 AM

This is one giant whatever. I'd enjoy rivals' failures a little more if the Devils didn't have there own. After all, the Devils replacement for David Clarkson is Ryane Clowe, a player that makes a smidgen less a season, who was coming off a season with as many goals as concussions. They committed a lot of years to him too, and guess what, shockingly he has missed most of the season so far with a concussion...and when he played...he was so slow and pretty awful.


So while we can say we told you so Toronto, the entire league can say we told you so about Ryane Clowe.

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#1221780 Phireworks in Filly!

Posted by devilsrule33 on 01 November 2013 - 11:27 PM

And people say fighting is bad for hockey. Because of this every hockey message board is jumping, fans are texting back and forth "hey did you see what happened!?", the folks that went to that game have a story to tell and a memory for life, hockey will actually make it in some national sports highlight packages, a former rivalry that has since died may now be rekindled. Washington should be looking for revenge the next game.


All in all, this incident is a net game for the league.


There is no one who enjoyed that other than a few angry Flyers fans at the game. Everyone is disgusted by what happened. 


Most people like a good hockey fight when two goalies look down the ice each other, shrug their shoulders and say 'let's go' or where they dramatically clash at center ice (pointless, but entertaining), but what Emery and the ref did was disgusting. Emery going after Holtby and sucker punching him and beating him down is the equivalent of George Parros jumping a Sedin and beating the sh!t out of him for no reason. And the linesman or ref letting this go while blocking Capitals players from stepping in...holy sh!t.

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