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#1144130 Hockey players are the worlds toughest athletes

Posted by devilsrule33 on 17 July 2012 - 11:22 PM

As we all know hockey players never get respect from people. We all watch a ton of NHL games and we take for granted the sacrifices these players make. Here is an article about Ian Laperriere and the day he blocked a shot with his eye vs the Devils in game 5 of 2010. Ignore the flyers portion of the article.

On blocking the shot


It's sickening that he was allowed to come back and play. Laperriere is lucky he did not die. Hockey players are tough. Football players are tough. But the culture needs to change where these guys are forced to come back days or weeks after a concussion, and many times, the same game. It's absolutely stupid. I'm not going to sit back and be amazed by this. Scott Stevens returned after missing a few periods after being struck in the side of the head by a Pavel Kubina slapshot. His return was considered heroic here, yet it cost him his career. Paul Kariya missed a period after he went unconscious from a Scott Stevens hit. He also heroically returned -- this time in the same game. That was part of the reason why he retired years before he should have.

No one should have to be showing the youngsters how tough they are by returning after suffering concussions. If Sidney Crosby sat out like he should of after that David Steckel hit, he doesn't suffer a second concussion in a matter of days after taking a Victor Hedman hit. He doesn't put a Hall of Fame career in jeopardy at 23. I remember a few years ago Big Ben Roethlisberger sat out one important game due to a concussion and was called out by many members of his team, who said they had played the next week, or next series, and even the next snap after a concussion. Well there is a reason there are thousands of ex-NFLers suing the league. There is a reason these guys here ringing in their ears still, or are losing their memories in the 30s. Because they were tough and did what teammates and coaches expected them to do. And look where they are now.
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#1143116 NSFW: Cam Janssen interview

Posted by devilsrule33 on 12 July 2012 - 11:06 AM

Moving on from kicking the cock-sucker's ass comment for a moment, it was amazing how many sides you saw of Cam and maybe 'the fighter' in general. I don't want to call it bi-polar, but there was a lot of crazy stuff from when he is fighting to not fighting. The depression stuff is certainly something that needs to be taken care of. After everything that is happened with Boogaard, Rypien, and Belak. When a player in his role said he gets depressed for whatever reason, the Devils and the league should look into it.

I don't know what it is, but these fighters seem like characters from the movie "The Wrestler". That rush of fighting and the crowd response, the teammates response, how it makes them feel, etc is such an incredible rush, and when it isn't there or they don't feel like they can help, how useless they feel. At the same time, you see the stress from guys like Cam from year-to-year just getting an NHL contract and the work that needs to be done to continue to be good at your role. There is no way someone like him can remake his game like a former scorer to a checker. He has to continue to fight. There is nothing else. And perhaps he doesn't want to anymore. But that's the only way he gets another contract. Now I am thinking that is why guys like Peters or Boulton stopped fighting when they got to NJ. Having two years security was so valuable to them that they felt they could loosen the rope on their role. They didn't have to go out and do something they maybe hate just to survive for another year.

All I know is the more and more layers that are peeled back, the more fvcking dark and fvcked up this role in hockey is.

As for doing the interview..this is why Lou doesn't allow this stuff. Even though we got a few great tidbits, he still seemed like a douche for a lot of the time and felt comfortable and relaxed enough to say some comments that could hurt his career. Once again, that is the reason not to do these kind of interviews. But if Cam needs help and can get help, maybe this interview is a positive. He said when he feels down, he needs it because it motivates him, but what happens when he doesn't play or doesn't get an NHL contract, or is sent to the minors? What then?
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#1140216 ‏Zach Parise has agreed to terms with the Minnesota Wild

Posted by devilsrule33 on 04 July 2012 - 05:17 PM

Me again to give another perspective. I got no issues with any jokes about Parise and Suter, but once again I think the quotes are being taken way out of hand. What is wrong with friends talking about playing with each other? You don't think Elias and Sykora ever texted or talked about possibly playing with Zidlicky, or Kovalchuk with many of his Russian buddies, or the Staal brothers, etc. That's something all good friends talk about. Name a player with a good friend, and they have had a conversation playing together, especially during their UFA year.

But don't turn this into they were planning all year to play together or go to Minnesota together. And I doubt Zach was thinking that it was really a possibility, and maybe if it was, why not in New Jersey? If this was as planned as many want to believe, they'd both be in Minny, July 1st, 2012, at 12:30PM.

Zach's not a bad guy, no matter how much you want to make him out to be. Zach's probably not gay, no matter how much you think he is. Zach's not a brainless idiot who can't make decisions for him, no matter how many people think he is. Zach's not a bad player, no matter how many want to say he is. Zach did have a big part in the 2012 playoff run, no matter how people say he didn't. But, Parise is certainly overpaid right now, and am happy the Devils didn't sign him to that kind of money.
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#1139696 Emotional Reaction to Parise Leaving

Posted by devilsrule33 on 04 July 2012 - 12:14 PM

Zach Parise was a consummate professional while he was a Devil. He was the hardest working player I have ever seen and never took a day or game off. I wish all the best in Minny.
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#1139249 ‏Zach Parise has agreed to terms with the Minnesota Wild

Posted by devilsrule33 on 03 July 2012 - 11:20 PM

Zach Parise tells @joshrimerhockey that he's talked to Lou Lamoriello two, three, sometimes four times a day throughout process

In the Toronto Office

Lou: So just take all the time you want. Without question this is a life-changing decision. Certainly, you shouldn't rush it. I'll give you all the time in the world, and if you need anything...anything at all, feel free to call me, be it 3PM or 3AM.

Zach: Alright Lou. Thank you again for your offer and your time today.

As Lou is leaving...

Lou: Wait! Forgot to give you my 2nd cell number. Old forgetful Lou. Getting up there in age....I mean ahhh I feel great, I really do. Not going to retire anytime soon...hahaah. Me, Mr. Vanderbeek, Marty, Johan. We're in for the long haul. And again, there's no money problems here. Mr. Vanderbeek has tons of money. Don't believe me? Watch this. (Lou takes 10 crisp $100 bills out of his wallet and lights them on fire with his lighter) See? Just burnt $1000 cash. Not a big deal because we have lots more where that came from. (As Zach turns around Lou feverishly stomps out the burning bills and scoops the remnants up in to a zip-lock bag and throws it in his pocket) Rememeber you can call anyyyytime!!! I won't be sleeping!!!

Zach: (getting really annoyed) Okay...I get it Lou.

45 min later Zach's phone rings

Lou: Hey Zach, so sorry to bother you, but did I forget my raincoat in the room?

Zach: I don't know, I'll go check now.

Lou: I really really don't want to be a bother to you, so let me just come down there and look for myself. You won't even see me.

Zach: No! I just looked. It's not here, and to be honest I don't really remember you coming in with a raincoat in the first place. I'm in the middle of an important meeting now anyway.

Lou: ahhh that's weird. Well call me!

Zach hangs up the phone and rolls his eyes

3 hours later Zach receives a text

Lou: Guess who's back. Back again. Salvy's back. Tell a friend.

Zach: Oh cool.

Lou: ahah I know, but seriously don't tell a friend or anyone. I don't want any leaks. Just wait for the Devils to announce it.

Zach: It's already on TSN.ca

Lou: fvck!

Lou: Anyway, Had to overpay and give him an extra year, but totally worth it for your BFF!

Zach: Since when have you known how to text?

Lou: Haha. I know it's crazy right? Chris just taught me. This is so much fun! G2G TTYL :dance: :boogie:

3 hours later Zach's phone rings with a call from Lou


Zach: Lou?

Lou: Ahh, hey Zach. Uncle Lou here. Just randomly came across this clip. Remember? Devils-Rangers? Game 6? OT? Eastern Conference Champions? Haha, but you already knew that. Good times. Good times.

Zach: Yes they were Lou. I'm in the middle of dinner though, so I'll talk to you again when we have a decision. (Hangs up)

5 minutes later the phone rings again from Lou's number but Zach puts it straight to voicemail. It then rings again from a blocked number, and Zach answers it.

Lou: Oh sorry Zach. I screwed up. I feel terrible. I should have played a clip from a goal you scored. fvck fvck fvck. I'm so sorry. I don't think Henrique's better than you or the future of the team. It's all you baby. You want Henrique traded? Okay it's done. He's gone. It was just such a big goal and such a huge moment in franchise history. I just have that on tape recorder that I taped straight from the TV. I couldn't get a clip from you online on such short notice. I have no clue how that works and Chris is out busy surely locking up Vladimir Zharkov to a new deal. It's pretty much done. Boy has never let me down.......so I couldn't ask him on such short notice. Please don't be mad at me!

Zach: If you call me one more fvcking time, I will announce the Devils are out of the running, and I'll go to Pittsburgh, or Minny, or Detroit, or Philly, or Chicago or whoever else is rumoured on Twitter. I'll even call up the Rangers and ask to sign with them. End of story (Hangs up the phone).

Lou: Well that's not good. I fvcked up big time. Oh well..I know what'll cheer me up. (Opens his door to find his secretary) Linda! Get me Eric Godard's agent on the phone immediately.
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#1138335 ‏Zach Parise has agreed to terms with the Minnesota Wild

Posted by devilsrule33 on 02 July 2012 - 05:40 PM

I'm so sick of any talk about loyalty. There is next to no loyalty in sports. There is rarely loyalty from GMs to players, players to GM. Players sign a long-term deal and ask to be traded the soon things get bad. Players sign a long-term deal without a NTC and get dealt immediately months after buying a new home and getting settled, or promises made to them by the GM and owners are not kept. And there is certainly no loyalty between players and fans. Fans jump on players the second their production is down, no matter what they have accomplished, not even thinking about what's going on be it a messy divorce, a family member being sick, any other personal thing, or playing through an injury.

No matter where Zach goes, he'll be considered a traitor. If he takes the cash in Minny, he'll be the new Holik, but how many people can pass on perhaps 15-20+ million more, a chance to play in your home state and be considered a local hero for a passionate fanbase that has deserved so much more than they have gotten. If he goes to Pittsburgh, he'll be a loser that doesn't want to write in his own history and instead be a third banana, even though it's a great opportunity and a chance to play on a line with the best player in the game. But if he stays in NJ, he'll be cheered for a while until the first time his level of play dips, and people will be ripping the contract and saying what a poor decision it was to pay top dollar for an overrated NHLer. How quickly did fans get on Kovalchuk, be it with boos in the arena or message board rants?. Didn't one fan throw his jersey on the ice? This isn't a knock on Devils fans specifically, just the way it is with all fans. The first extended slump, it's happening in the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately sports world. It's really a lose-lose.

In the end, Zach Parise doesn't owe much to this organization or fanbase. Yes they drafted him but if they didn't, it be the next team picking or the next after that. Since day 1 he's been a consummate professional, a class act and given it his all every single team he got on the ice. He's now a free agent and has the opportunity to chose any team he desires. That's his right he's been given. He's going to make the best decision for himself. Regardless what many people here think, he isn't going to be brainwashed by his agents or his father. He'll seek guidance, but he can figure things out himself. He knows what NJ has to offer be it the good or bad. But put yourself in his position being wooed like possibly no free agent in NHL history. There are no right or wrong choices from the teams involved. This is the rest of his career we are talking about, so he should take as long as he needs.
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#1134738 ‏Zach Parise has agreed to terms with the Minnesota Wild

Posted by devilsrule33 on 23 June 2012 - 07:00 PM

Why is it laughable? What's the explanation?
I've yet to hear one other than the validity of the call or non-call?

Just tell me where the offense from the back end is coming from other than Zidlicky?

As for Greene, I haven't typed his name in over a year - but why argue logic when you can simply - roll out the NJDEVs bias history right?

I don't think we have anything we need to get Yandle done - but I also wouldn't have believe the Michalek or JVR trade returns the past few days either.

I'd start the conversation with Zubrus/Tedenby/Josefson... (which won't get it done).

That's the issue. You crap on him when he is down but never came back to say you might have been wrong. You crap on the board for being spoiled fans who complain too much and are negative, yet you were AWOL the entire playoff run and never pump any tires of anyone on the team.

As for your logic. You want them to pass on Parise to try and get Yandle by trading some other good forwards while we watch Elias decline, Clarkson obviously regress, etc. Doesn't make much sense at all. The Devils simply don't have what it takes to get Yandle anyway.

It was a bad penalty kill. sh!t happens. The Devils were out of gas, and there were a few mistakes. Big deal. That penalty kill is fvcking irrelevant when it comes to any personnel decisions for this team moving forward.

As for offense from the back end. Zidlicky is a gigantic upgrade over a full year. And others have said Larsson has some nice offensive instincts as well. No one is relying on some magic Salvador run, and that's why he is probably gone in just over a week. But those kind of magic runs happen to every team on a Cup run.
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#1132600 Let's Look Back and See How Stupid We Were

Posted by devilsrule33 on 14 June 2012 - 11:39 PM

Before I add something positive I wrote, I'll say a few things I was wrong about. I have been as big of a Marty supporter on this board. When people wanted Hedberg to split time with Marty or go with Hedberg full-time at Marty's worst point, I thought the answer was to give Marty full workload other than most of the back-to-backs. But after game 3, I was at a loss for words, and in the chat, I was incredulous when Pete announced after the game that Marty would start game 4. How could he do that after such a bad game? And not even sleep on it either? I wanted Hedberg to start game 4. It was the first time I had turned my back on Marty as a Devils fan. Well the rest is history as Brodeur responded like he usually does with a 26 save shutout.

Oh ya, I thought the Flyers would sweep the Devils.

Alright, on to the good (and yes I said feel free to share anything positive you wrote either, but it is partially good as I changed my tune a bit on Jamie, who I was defending a lot). A lot of people were down when veteran defenseman Colin White was bought out. It turned out to be a fine move. Below is what I wrote at the time, and I think a lot of it worked out the way I was hoping. All year we heard about how well the entire team get along and enjoyed hanging out with each other, how special this group was. We probably heard that maybe 1000 times. It made me wonder about how rough it was the past few years. Everyone seemed to like guys like Pandolfo, White, Rolston and Jamie, but when they aren't happy with their play or happy with who is playing where they think they should be, maybe they just aren't so great to be around or aren't so nice to those kids taking their spots. Either way, this was a really happy group. A new young team with great leadership.

I think we're seeing Lou finally...finally...get what so many of us wanted over the years. To change the old guard, the coach killers, etc. It's just Brodeur and Elias...that's it. Even if Lou wanted to get rid of Elias (not seeing he wants to or ever would just it's almost impossible). Two players with rings. That might scare people, but I for one welcome our new inexperienced overlords. Clearly it wasn't working, and you can't be unhappy about Larry, Lou, Julien, Lou, Sutter, Lemaire, MacLean, Lemaire, Deboer, and then be unhappy with these moves. It took Lou long enough, but past success and loyalty turned into a combination of self-entitlement, groupthink, and then the disease of me.

Maybe it took Lou to see Claude Julien take an inexperienced Bruins team to the Cup finals to say maybe it was them and not the damn coach. It finally took Lou a few years to forget about the past and do what's right for this team to succeed moving forward. Follow the NFL route where veterans (no matter how successful in the past) are cut at the right time, which is as soon as they start to decline, or sometimes right before.

And maybe, I was guilty of this last year, but am finally seeing it a lot more clearer. A guy like Rolston might be the nicest guy in the locker room, and a guy like Jamie might be a great guy for the younger guys like Zach and Travis, but that doesn't mean that they deserve what they want, and it doesn't mean they can act the way they do. When you become a Devil, respecting the history, the crest on the front and not the name on the back, the team values, and so on is what you are taught and what you should follow. Guys like Pandolfo, Rolston, White, Langenbrunner, Arnott, Madden, even Elias are the players you respect. They are the veterans, the warriors, the champions But the reality is they were not acting like leaders. The last few years has not always been a good environment for younger players. And it probably was a partial reason why this team has gone in prolong slumps. Younger players were probably taking the wrong cues from veteran players.

As corny as it sounds, the past is almost finished being wiped away. It's time for a new beginning, a new generation and new leaders. This is an exciting time. There will be growing pains, and there will be bumps. But these bumps will be much better than the ones of the past 6 years. Because Lou and the Devils are doing it the right way.


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#1124189 A Weekend Truce

Posted by devilsrule33 on 25 May 2012 - 10:40 PM

The New Jersey Devils are back in the Stanley Cup Finals! And it is so fvcking sweet!

With that being said...how about for the weekend we just relax and enjoy this incredible win and run. So maybe for the weekend we avoid talking about...

- How this team blows leads...unless you want to talk about how much sweeter it is when they do win.
- Which Devils played poorly (For this weekend they were all incredible. Every. Single. One.
- Anything about LA and why we may or may not be screwed.
- Which posters need to be called out for not believing or being trolls in the past.

There is a lot of argument on this board. Some that make it great. Others that make it real frustrating. But for the next few days...let's just enjoy this team that we all cheer for.
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#1118329 Devils Interview Thread

Posted by devilsrule33 on 09 May 2012 - 03:18 PM

Here is a thread to post interviews with Devils players over the next few days as many of them do their radio hits. I'll update this main thread as more interviews come. Click the station for the link. So far:


Travis Zajac with Joe and Evan of the Fan 660 NY

Adam Henrique with Doug Maclean, Nick Kypreos and Daren Millard on the Fan 590

David Clarkson with Marek and Wyshynski on the Sportsnet/Puckdaddy Podcast (Go to the 31 minute mark)

Zach Parise with Gord Stellick and Tim Wharnsby on HNIC Radio

Bryce Salvador with Deb and EJ on NHL Live (On the channel bar, go to Cisco NHL Live and you'll see the Salvador video up)

Martin Brodeur with Dan Patrick on the Dan Patrick Show

Ken Daneyko with Rob Wong on the Fan 590


Pete DeBoer with Greg Brady and Jim Lang on the Fan 590

Zach Parise with Boomer and Carton on Fan 660 NY

Martin Brodeur and David Clarkson talking pranks on TSN

Pete DeBoer again with Jason York and Steve Lloyd on the Team 1200


Pete DeBoer with Deb and EJ on NHL Live (On the channel bar, go to Cisco NHL Live and you'll see it up)

Alexei Ponikarovsky with Michael Landsberg on Off the Record (Video)

Non-Devils Players but Devils Related

Brian Rolston talking a bit about the Devils and Kovalchuk with Todd White and Steve Lloyd on the Team 1200
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#1113465 My personal response to the Panthers

Posted by devilsrule33 on 27 April 2012 - 05:04 PM

It should be said that the florida panthers fans are among the best in the league. They are polite, passionate, and really proud of their team for pushing us to within a goal of elimination. if they won game seven I would have jumped on their bandwagon.

Woah woah...that's not allowed here. Every organization and fanbase of that organization that the Devils play have to be idiots, obnoxious, rude, bush league, disgusting, trailer trash, etc. Take that back now won't you.
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#1111168 The Official "2012 Playoffs Excitement" Thread

Posted by devilsrule33 on 23 April 2012 - 10:28 PM

Congratulations to the Phoenix Coyotes for advancing to the 2nd round. We talk about this being a brutal hockey market and that this team needs to move immediately, but guess what...this is their first playoff series win since the team moved from Winnipeg in 1996. Chances are Florida, Anaheim, Tampa Bay, Anaheim San Jose, Nashville, Colorado, New Jersey, Dallas would be on the very thinnest ice or gone if they had never won a playoff series since their team moved there.

Maybe this run helps bring in more season ticket holders, sponsors and a new owner. Every franchise deserves a chance to see if they can be successful. And you only really know if the team has success on the ice.
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#1109188 Hopefully that is the last time Brodeur sees the ice as a Devil

Posted by devilsrule33 on 18 April 2012 - 04:15 PM

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#1103852 Because it's the cup

Posted by devilsrule33 on 02 April 2012 - 10:47 PM

It is a big miss. The slogan "Because It's the Cup" is perfect but the execution of all the ads are absolutely awful. The voiceover. The script. The images. Just pretty crappy all around.

They could have come up with something a lot cooler that showed the incredible sacrifice players go through from the 82 regular season games to the grueling playoffs trying to get 16W. I'm thinking of shots like the one of Darryl Sydor in 2000. Remember that? He can't skate or get up. He's in so much pain, but he's dragging himself in front to try and block a shot. It was incredible.

"Why do they do this? Why do they put themselves through the unbearable pain. Because it's the Cup."

Or let the images do the talking and just have cool music with Sydor crawling to the net with Thorne's voice over the music...and the tagline..."Because It's the Cup."
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#1099076 The Devils struggle with their "brand"

Posted by devilsrule33 on 14 March 2012 - 12:21 AM

I like how this "NEW" News. The Devils have always had trouble with attendance and marketing.

The key factor for the Devils has always been hard-work and a frugal GM who would say, "this is what you are going to make... take it or leave it." While at times it was not what I agreed with, it worked and worked for years. No one can deny from 1987-88 when they first got to the playoffs until the 2009-10 they were a team based upon on drafting, goaltending, and defense first. That was a business model that had not changed until now.

Kovalchuk while being a tremendous talent has made quite the stir since coming to the Devils. He has has also made quite a bit of noise with his contract (both the length and controversy with it). This was the first deal in which the Devils organiation said, "hey we want you, what will it cost?" While many Devils fans were elated to land Kovalchuk some (such as yours truly) saw it differently. No one will deny that Kovalchuk has immense talent, but the lack of a true two-way player has hurt the team on many occassions. His defensive lapses have hurt the team when they occur and there are times when he has turned the puck over that he coasts back on defense when he plays the point. The ultimate impact won't be fully realized for years although next year might be the start with Parise. What will happen? I've speculated, but no one knows until it happens.

As for hiring a consulting firm to help like Gabe has stated... They can't even pay rent and nothing says, "we don't know what the hell we are doing" like hiring a consulting firm. It is the preverbial 'last straw' before just plain selling and the Devils are not there yet.

The Devils need to put people in their seats. Unused seats are like lost rented rooms at a hotel; you cannot recoup that loss as it is gone forever. The team should take a hard-look at things and really be more proactive. Look to other clubs like the Maple Leafs and Blackhawks who pack the stands. True they are both original six teams, but the Blackhawks once alienated their fans and their former stars for years under the dictatorship of William Wirtz. Once he died, and Rocky took over... things changed and boy did they ever. A revamped team and renewed passion of going to the Hawks games was born. To date the Blackhawks have close to 185 consecutive sell-out crowds. Do that math, CONSECUTIVE sell-out crowds. They have cool give-aways and they make going to a Hawks game the "thing to do". From shoot the puck, to bobblehead give-aways, to just great food, to former player on ice-celebartions, to their very own convention, to you name it. It is a happening place to be as I saw first hand when the Devils were in town to play the Hawks in November of 2010. The city has a 10% sales tax that is outragious along with expensive parking and yet they still fill that building. Unfortunately for the Devils to make money, they are going to need to spend it and I don't see it happening. If they did 1/2 of what the Hawks did right, they'd fill those seats and start their way there.

Before I get jumped on, please take a look at attendance for Hawks games in 2004-06 and then on the turn-around when Rocky Wirtz took over... There business model works, the Devils current one doesn't.

Very impressive. One of the biggest Kovy haters on the board comes along in a marketing thread no less and somehow finds a way to rip Kovy for an entire paragraph. Well done sir.
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