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NHL Playoff Quest

07 June 2014 - 10:31 AM

Enjoyed this a lot from Sean Mcindoe of Grantland.



Once you’re in the penalty box, you will find a large stash of …

Upgraded weapon: WATER BOTTLE

This weapon can hold lots of ammo and fires quickly, making it a good choice against star players like P.K. Subban and Sidney Crosby. While this weapon doesn’t typically cause much damage, if used against an L.A. Kings fan it will cause their eyes to melt. Wait until you hear the final buzzer at the end of the period, and then attempt to skate off the ice. This will trigger a boss fight.



The boss fight begins when Pierre appears and starts to interview you. Your objective here is to stump Pierre with a fact about your background that he is unaware of. Note: Nobody has ever successfully won this boss fight. Your best strategy is to flee immediately. (While unconfirmed, some users have reported that kissing Pierre can make escaping easier.)


Once you’ve reached the dressing room, wait a few moments to ensure the boss fight is over, as Pierre will occasionally burst through the concrete wall in an attempt to continue the interview. Once you’ve successfully escaped, you will begin the next chapter.



A Little Perspective

01 June 2014 - 01:54 AM

Tonight in the NBA, perhaps the greatest franchise going in professional sports advanced to the NBA finals (its the Spurs). A lot of people are talking about (and rightfully so), the relationship between Head Coach Greg Popovich and Tim Duncan. They are back in the NBA finals for the second straight year and 15 years from the first time they made the Finals in 1999. It's a very special and unique relationship in the sporting landscape.


It got me thinking about the Devils. Now, it hasn't been the same coach for 15 years, although Lemaire was around 18 years apart on his 3rd different stint with the team, but the Lamoriello-Brodeur relationship made the finals 17 years apart from 1995 to 2012. Pretty insane when teams change goalies every year and switch GMs every three years. Pretty insane any way you look at it. As the Rangers made the Finals 20 years from their last title, what's their last connection, Messier in 2004? And even that was after he left for a few seasons. When the Canucks got back to the Finals 17 years later, you couldn't find link a thing between the two. That's fine, and that's the norm.


So, I guess while we talk about Lou losing his fastball and his inability to realize where Brodeur is in his career..and my goodness I am as guilty as anyone about that, these guys together made the Stanley Cup Finals 17 fvcking years apart. That's incredible. While it bugs me to no end now, when I step away and think about it, well I guess I can see why Lou is still enamored with Marty. It's a long history together, a very special relationship in sports and a lot of success.  Really transcends anything we see in sports other than the aforementioned Spurs. Between those two Cup Finals, there have been 3 other Finals and two Stanley Cup wins.


While times might suck right now, especially for those dealing with Rangers fans and the Rangers success, we've had it so damn good for two decades. And Brodeur and Lamoriello have been the constants through it all.

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