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In Topic: Traveling to Florida

08 April 2015 - 04:10 PM

A hostel?  Were you thinking you were in Europe?!  Americans don't do hostels! lol


lol well we stayed in the motel part of the hostel because it was actually cheaper for 2 people in one room than 2 beds in the hostel portion. But yeah for my hockey trips, I stayed at hostels in Ottawa, Boston, and Washington DC. Saves you lots of money in a city if you don't mind sleeping with random strangers! I just get liquored up and wear earplugs to sleep through the night lol.

In Topic: Traveling to Florida

08 April 2015 - 04:03 PM

Visited Sunrise back in November. It's my favorite arena of the ones I've been to! You wouldn't think it's old with all the nice fixtures around and the amazing (new) scoreboard. Only downside to that arena was the food, it's boring and ordinary. Though you'll be blown away with the amount of hard liquor they're selling everywhere.


Pre-game, we ate like kings at this amazing Cuban place - Don Carlin located 11447 W Oakland Park Blvd, Sunrise, FL 33323. Dude, if you don't have Cuban while you're there you are wasting a great opportunity. At this place, I recommend the Pork Tamale appetizer, Ropa Vieja, and the Vaca Frita. They also give you warm garlic bread when you sit down. Everyone else eating there spoke Cuban so you know it's good. And the place is like 5 minutes from the arena!


We tried to hit South Beach but it was Halloween so the place was mobbed. Couldn't get a parking spot for under $30 so we bagged it. I just loved driving around though! So many hot chicks  :thumbsup:


Other than that, we stayed in a hostel/motel in Hollywood and the beach there was fantastic. Free beach, nice shops and restaurants along the beach, and the water was nice. Definitely go for a swim while there.




And yeah park at the mall. We parked there and walked over for free. The mall is ridiculously huuuge and we had trouble even finding an entrance, but it was fun to walk through for a bit.


I saw 4 people in Devils jerseys while I was there and it was a Flyers game, so I'm sure you'll meet a bunch of our fans and chat.

In Topic: GDT: Broadway Blowhards @ Devils

07 April 2015 - 11:37 AM

I'm hoping that the Devils fans going tonight show up angry. Don't put up with any bullsh!t. These types of games typically bring out the ass-bottom scum of their fanbase. There will be a$$holes showing up with the express purpose of causing trouble. I hope those types of Rags fans are dealt with accordingly... And by 'accordingly', I mean Devils fans/security knocking their fvcking teeth down their throats.


Honestly I don't think our fans will outnumber them enough for us to be able to really fight back much.. That, and they have a strong chance of winning, plus even if they lose they're still a top team in the league so there isn't much to say back to them..


On the plus side, I have $40 or $50 in food credit to burn. Sushi buffet for dinner!

In Topic: Devils Membership Program?

06 April 2015 - 08:28 AM

Not to belabor the point, but I came across this solid post on the value of the membership program (from Devils Dominion on HFBoards):



Who's invited to the Devils Flex Membership presentation tonight?

There is really not that much to cover, you pay a minimum of $2,500 with the option of making 12 monthly payments.

When the schedule is released, you call your rep and choose your games, amount of tickets (up to 8 per game) and seat locations based on availability.
You can add games/seats as the season progresses as long as you still have funds in your account. Ticket prices will be lower than box office but slightly higher than what full STHers pay.

You will be entitled to most of the membership benefits too including access to player events.

Great flexibility, should be a real game changer.

It's not for the "cost conscious" fan who scours the cheap seats on StubHub or offers to buy tix on Facebook Group pages for 1/4 of the sellers' cost.

But IMO it is a great fit for these types of fans:

*The Devils fan that had had full season tix at some point, enjoys the STH benefits and attending a lot of games but just cannot commit to most of them anymore and does not want to deal with the time & effort of finding buyers for the games they cannot make. Typically they find that they cannot sell them unless they drop the price below their cost or they end of eating them which causes anger & frustration and leads to many venting posts on Devils fan message boards.

*Small biz owners or sales professional who usually attends around 10-20 games per season to entertain clients, prefers lower level or premium areas, but it's too costly to get full season in those areas. Boom, Flex Membership to the rescue.

*The diehard Devils fan who likes to hit about half of the games and enjoys the player events. He/She now has the flexibility of buying a single ticket to weeknight games to sit with friends in the balcony & drink brews & yell YS! and then 4 tickets for certain weekend games to sit with his/her family in lets say the lower level. Full season tickets was not a good fit for this type of fan.

*The older fan that only likes to sit in the calmer lower level, will go to a fair share of games, never tries or knows how to re-sell their tickets, money/ticket pricing is not an obstacle in their post retirement/golden years.
But they are in Florida or a warmer climate for a few months out of the winter.
Flex Membership fits like a glove as they can now pick the lot of the early & late season games and even a few in between to give as Christmas gifts to their kids and grandchildren. They also want to feel appreciated and a part of something and Flex Membership will do so.

In Topic: Devils Membership Program?

17 March 2015 - 11:07 AM

Have any other franchises offered something like this?  Because it makes an absurd amount of sense.  The flexibility with this really makes this appealing. 


Can't say I've ever heard of it like this before. I mean flex plans have been used by many teams including the Devils in the past, but this takes it to a new level with the Membership aspect. It's obviously a bigger financial commitment than a flex plan, but you can see by the sheet I posted on the previous page that it comes with a bunch of cool perks that appeal to every audience. Pretty genius concept and I hear it's selling very well despite barely being announced.