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In Topic: 13-Game Plans Released

18 August 2014 - 04:08 PM

aren't the phantoms moving to Allentown? Are they done building the arena and are they starting there this year?


Yeah this will be their first season there. Kinda sucks that Albany is no longer in their division but the A-Devs will still play a few there I'm sure

In Topic: 13-Game Plans Released

18 August 2014 - 10:55 AM

You mean that space where the main escalators going up and those portable food/beer stands are?


No to get to this area you'd have to walk up the stairs in between 225 and 226. It's behind the top row of seats in 225. I remember in 2008 I sat up there a few times and wondered what that random space was for. Nice to see them maximizing the space

In Topic: 13-Game Plans Released

18 August 2014 - 10:14 AM

That's the thing they never do.  Instead they want to have a ticket rep hound you and have you listen to their sales pitch until you give in and purchase tickets.  Annoys the hell out of me.


Also anyone know why on the seating chart sec 225 is blanked out?


Yup, next season they are making it a "large groups only" section.. The front 3 rows will still be STH I believe, but only tenured ones who were there before this change. There's like this random open space behind 225 that JVB never really did anything with, so from what I heard, they're going to make that like the "food and gathering area" for whomever rents 225 for their group.. It's a pretty cool idea I think

In Topic: Newark - Unfriendliest City in US

18 August 2014 - 09:05 AM

Yeah about a month or so ago.  Apparently the issues were with ownership but who knows.


Never was impressed by them.  It was small and were the most expensive (for what you get) out of all the bars/restaurants in that immediate area.


Yup I agree, it was cool when they were the only game in town but I hated that they had a "Game Day Menu" which was really just their regular menu with jacked up prices. I understand maximizing revenue from high demand before events but I personally feel like I'm being cheated when that happens. Good food and a nice interior for sure, but nothing that made it really stand out enough, especially to draw folks on non-event nights

In Topic: Newark - Unfriendliest City in US

18 August 2014 - 08:53 AM

Didn't you get your window smashed in when you parked on the street during a game a year or 2 ago in the dead of winter?


The area right around the arena during event nights are not bad as there are cops on almost every corner plus tons of people walking around.  However, go to that area on non-event nights then it gets a little iffy.  I know because I have done so to go to meetings with lawyers near the Rutgers campus and it is not exactly a welcoming neighborhood on non-event nights.


When you take into the whole city into account, Newark is for the most part a sh!thole.  Yes there are parts of New York City that are rough but there are usually pretty far away from where most of the touristy and entertainment is since Giuliani and Bloomberg cleaned up the city (Di Blasio is trying his best to reverse that but I digress).  With Newark, you walk a block or 2 from the touristy downtown area and you are in areas what I would consider less than friendly.


Fact of the matter is that it doesn't come down to being white, sheltered suburbanite.  It's calling how you see them and only a few uber-PC people are drinking the "Newark is a virbrant city" kool-aid.  Yeah they have stuff that are being built and/or planned, but how many things that have been completed have closed (BCBG, Port 44, Uber Burger, that coffee house next to it, Arena Lounge, etc) or have not come to fruition (biergarden next to BCBG, triange park (yet), bridge directly from Penn Station to Arena (not counting Gateway tunnel)). 


Well when you leave a full hockey bag and sticks in the body of your car, plus 2 giant magnetic Devils logos on the sides that basically say to people "Hey I won't be back for a good 2 hours" I can see how I set myself up for failure.. I now chuck the logos and stuff i nthe trunk when I park.. Still, my parents have had cars broken into at our grocery store parking lot in western Essex county so if you leave stuff in the body of a car you'll tempt thieves anywhere I guess.. FWIW too I'd have spent more than double the cost of that window had I been parking in the lots all these years haha.. I'll admit though I'm always a little anxious now when going back to my car to see if it's been hit or broken into


Again I agree that north, south, and west of the downtown are really bad, both in how run down they are and high crime rates, but I don't see how that affects going to games and the downtown/Ironbound districts.. There's nothing wrong with those areas and the crime rate is fairly on par for your typical city.. Most of the crime occurs in those other areas more than half a mile from the Rock.. Unfortunately, a homicide that occurs at 3am a mile from the Rock still has the headline "Homicide in Newark" and no one really cares where it happened, just that it was in Newark so all of Newark is now a war zone.. And yes, many white suburbanites are freaked out in downtown by the abandoned buildings (so scary!!) and raggedy-looking black people just going about their business shopping on Broad

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