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In Topic: Prudential Center's New "No Smoking" Policy

26 September 2014 - 06:07 PM

We went to the Grasshopper on someone's recommendation (another friend of my bro)...I was truly a fish out of water...I used to smoke all of the time back then (my early 20s...it's already been almost 22 years since I made the trip), but Amsterdam is the major leagues, as far as pot goes.

Where in Colorado can you get the goods Colin? My company has a second branch in Colorado Springs, but as late as April, you still couldn't buy pot there (I could be wrong...my daughter was with us and I didn't want to trek around looking for a little weed with her around, so I didn't exactly give it the good ole' college try. But when I WAS in college, every so often we'd make a city run, just across the GWB, in an area that stupid young white guys like me and my pals had no business trekking to. We're lucky we weren't beaten and left for dead).

We were in Steamboat Springs and it was amazing timing because we got in 3 days after their only dispensary (at the time) had opened.. It's an interesting system Colorado has.. Very regulated.. All stores must grow their own and RFID tag everything.. The state has a computer system the shops use to log inventory in, and then log every sale to ensure they're only selling their own goods.. The system shuts off at 7pm so every day there was a huge line from 4pm on and people would get turned away.. We got there at 5:30 our first day and got turned away with about 5 people in front of us.. So many stores across the state were trying to make their final sales that the system kept freezing and then shut down at 7 to everyone's disappointment.. Didn't help that everyone wanted to take their time at the counter asking about what each strain's effects would be (and one kid who went "so how many grams is an 8th?", to which everyone yelled "GTFO if you're asking that!")

In early April, I was actually in Colorado Springs on a business trip at the Broadmoore.. Yes, there were several operational dispensaries open then.. You have to look for a green cross on buildings (like the red medical cross but green for obvious reasons).. And because it was legal, so I guess they felt more comfortable speaking on the subject, all these executives we met with were sharing stories about times they got high both in their 20s and more recently too haha.. Some even said they ventured off resort to try today's weed, which is obviously far more potent

I can't really describe how liberating it is to walk into a store and casually pick your buds based on the desired effects.. And you're getting crystally, sparkly buds grown organically for a very similar price to what regular stuff costs here.. Then add in edibles, it was awesome.. No different than going to a liquor store, only everyone was way more friendly haha!

In Topic: Prudential Center's New "No Smoking" Policy

26 September 2014 - 03:35 PM

That's a fantastic story CR! I did also make it to the 'dam once.. We went into a shop and looked over the menu with my brother and gf.. They picked the least-potent strain while I figured I'd test my tolerance a bit.. Got AK47 (what an idiot! try something you can't buy easily back home) and we went to this place called The Cannabis College, where they had a vape attached to a pipe (and all these cool videos about how BS pot prohibition really is).. Hit like a charm and we walked back to our hostel, though definitely would not have made it back if she didn't remember the way because all those streets/canals look the same.. We laid on my bed watching the ceiling swirl while my brother couldn't stop giggling.. Later we went to Walk to Wok, which is like Chipotle but asian stir-fry and will definitely go viral when legalization spreads.. Also tried brownies a different day and they tasted amazing, not like the crap I cooked up in college!


I'd love to have had a story like that but my problem is, I get super paranoid when I smoke so I know I'd have been freaking out if I consumed that much.. Any time I'm in a public place I have that feeling like everyone is looking at me and everyone knows! It's better now that I'm not a novice and know how to keep it together, but still creeps into my mind.. Double-paranoid at hockey games but I will say it's a fun experience if you've never done it


Anyways, went to Colorado this past year and it was amazing.. Tried everything from gummies and chocolates to soda! I'm a really good skier so it was no problem on the mountain either (add in some tunes on the iPhone and I was in heaven).. Can't wait to go back.. They're collecting millions in tax revenue right now while the rest of the country guzzles its alcohol and pops its prescription pills (both way more harmful and actually physically addictive).. Gotta love it!

In Topic: Preseason GDT: Devils @ Islanders 7:30pm MSG+

26 September 2014 - 02:52 PM

I'm going tonight too. Sitting upstairs behind the net this time instead of downstairs like I did for last year's game.


Be sure to post about the experience!

In Topic: Preseason GDT: Flyers @ Devils

26 September 2014 - 02:41 PM

Totally agree on Gomez.. Watching him live last night, he looked constantly on the tips of his skates like his body wanted to go faster than his feet would allow.. A couple times he tried to dangle with the puck and ultimately coughed it up.. Seems to fit with his comments when the PTO was announced - that he still believes in his mind that he has some left in the tank.. His body, however, disagrees

In Topic: Prudential Center's New "No Smoking" Policy

26 September 2014 - 02:10 PM

Can we please get back on topic and continue talking about pot?   :devil: :P

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