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In Topic: Chico makes his retirement official

13 April 2014 - 07:07 PM

Someone put the Chico centric postgame on youtube.

In Topic: Martin Brodeur Final (?) Game Thread

13 April 2014 - 11:28 AM

Years from now, will you tell your kids/grankids about Marty's last game as a Devil and how you were there, or will you tell them about the random men's league game you played in in April of 2014? You decide brother. :P

I dunno, for me I have seen Marty play dozens of times. I don't know that its THAT big of a deal. Or even if its his last game as a Devil of course.

In Topic: Martin Brodeur Final (?) Game Thread

13 April 2014 - 11:03 AM

Damn it, I have a hockey game at 6 tonight so I'll have to miss the last ten minutes and any potential send off


As painful as it's been the last 2 years with Marty, the guy gave us two decades of gold.  Between memorable runs like 1995, 2000, 2003 and 2012, so many memories were made.  Not to mention he willed the Devils into the playoffs for the first couple of post lockout (2005) years.  The fact that he has every meaningful goalie record and that he did it in New Jersey is special. Even if he plays 40 games in another jersey, it does not take away from what he did here....Brooks is right about that. 




He was, is and always will be the New Jersey Devils.

I have tickets but a championship mens league game at 550.


I am torn.

In Topic: David Clarkson

12 April 2014 - 09:43 PM

Clarkson is a great guy, did a ton of charity work in NJ. Can't laugh at him too much

Basically this. Laugh at the leafs.

In Topic: Chico makes his retirement official

12 April 2014 - 08:55 PM

There is and never will be another tandem like doc and Chico to me.

It's just never going to be the same. Still haven't adjusted to Steve.

I'll miss him more than Marty.
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