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In Topic: Who is your Favorite former NJ Devil?

06 April 2009 - 10:03 AM

i would have to say Ken Danyeko or Chris Terreri (sorry can't spell) lol.

they were the best i loved chris because he was an awesome goalie and ken what can i say awesome fights and an awesome team player

In Topic: Help me develop a rally towel

03 April 2009 - 04:48 PM

We all know about the Terrible towel for the Steelers. Then there is the Growl Towel for the Caorlina Panthers. I know the guy by the PATH sells some 60 minutes of Hell towels, but they are a cheap advertisement for him (and "HELL" isnt for everyone and limits sales).

I need help coming up with a great idea for our own towels. Ive been trying to think of something cool to print up (i am a screen printer on the side) and give out/sell. The key factor is no use of the Term "New Jersey Devils" - "Devils" - or anything else that will get me sued by the Devils and the NHL. There is no law saying i cant print up towels that say something similiar to the Terrible Towel since it doesnt have the Steelers trademarked name on it. There is a new ruling that a misleading use of the colors and whatever can get me in trouble but I can handle that part. Leave that to me and my lawyers :-)

Basically Ive been lokoing online at some word association sites trying to come up with something cool. Here is a list of words that would be cool to use.


And tons more. I just cant think of anything. Keep in mind i wouldnt wanna use the word "Flamer" or anything else the dumb Ranger fans can use against us.

Here is the deal. If you come up with the idea and it becomes the new slogan for the towel, I will pay you $50, give you 10 free t-shirts ($120 worth), and 10 free towels ($50 worth). Plus I might even use your name (if you want) as the creator.

The playoffs are coming and i wanna get some towels out to the fans for free. After this season ends ill prolly put some on ebay for a couple bucks.

If we come up with a few names for the towel, maybe the mod can post a poll and we can vote on it.

Anyway, thanks for thinking about it and great site.


we def can't use Flame because it will make it sound like calgary and the rangers will mock us just like someone said in this forum. Horns just doesn't go because it will be mocked as well..

i was thinking of something along the lines of : "bring the heat" - on the front and have on the back: "the nasty red and black are back!" or vice versa

In Topic: Rangers Suck Chant

03 April 2009 - 04:33 PM

I love the "Rangers Suck!" chant as much as anyone. It is fun, especially when see Rag jerseys at The Rock while the Blueskirts have an important game of their own going on. Real fans. But people were singing the chant on the way out after the loss to Carolina last week. Of course the Rags have sucked, still suck, and will suck. But is it not the right time to have them on the mind when the Devs lose after being 6:55 away from a shutout?

Should house rules be: No Rags chant after loss?

who cares the rangers suck and who cares it lightens up our spirits after a game because even tho we aren't doing that great. I have been a real fan since i was born and always will be and its our thing to say that the rangers suck just like the flyers suck but who cares its ur choice to say it. if you don't want to say it then thats ur choice but others will say it not matter how drunk we are.

In Topic: David Clarkson Autograph Signing

01 April 2009 - 09:22 AM

each item.

thanks! hope to see everyone there! :)

In Topic: David Clarkson Autograph Signing

31 March 2009 - 04:12 PM

another question is: is the $10 for one autograph or for whatever stuff u want signed?