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City Gardens - Butthole Surfers

03 April 2009 - 02:24 PM

This is an insane recount of when the Butthole Surfers played City Gardens in Trenton.


Mickey Ween: A security guard came onstage and Gibby threw the alcohol on him. The dude just started backing away, it was clear that Gibby probably would set him on fire. And now, knowing Gibby like I do, it was definitely within the realm of possibility.

Mark Pesetsky: And Gibby just gave me that psycho look with the Charles Manson eyes. He grabs a bottle of the rubbing alcohol and throws it on me and then starts walking towards me with a lighter. And John, the other bouncer, just jumps offstage. It was every man for himself at that point.

Gibby Haynes: Oh yeah, I do remember that. I mean, I’ve lit kids’ heads on fire and they were smiling! They were happy about it. If I was on fire, they figured they were safe too. When I say light their head on fire, I don’t engulf their head in flames. If you cover your hand in alcohol and light it on fire, for a quick moment you can touch the top of someone’s head and leave a handprint of flame on top of their head. And it’s really cool to look at. And people don’t even realize that their head’s been lit on fire, that’s how benign it is.

Mark Pesetsky: We turned around and went back to the stage and we were both ready to hit him. I went up to Gibby and tapped him on the shoulder and he turns around and sticks his hand out to shake my hand. So, I just shook his hand. But, when they were loading out, I stole his guitar tuner.

You’re with us, or you’re not.

02 April 2009 - 09:47 AM

This board has really surprised me over the last week or so.

I knew that we had our share of fair-weathered fans – Ive been going to games for 14 years, since I was 12. And I’ve seen them at pretty much every game – the people who don’t pay attention to anything but goals, wont participate in ‘LGD’ chants, who sit there with their arms folded, waiting for the goal to come and are bored otherwise, the people who EXPECT the team to win every game, and boo when they don’t. I’ve seen a guy painted red with fake Devils horns boo Patrick Elias after a playoff ousting, while he was being named the second star of the game. Ive seen plenty of people give up on this team when its easy to do so – like right now.

I also know that the core fanbase of the Devils is hardcore – they don’t give up, ever. And I know a lot of you guys on here are those same people, so I am by no means trying to lump this entire board into one category of Devils fan. On the contrary, I see that a lot of you have unreasonable enthusiasm and hope for this team, even though the last few games have been pretty much as ugly as they can get – which is awesome, and the way that it should be.

Also, I am not saying that blindly supporting the team is the right way to be – criticizing your team is part of being a fan, obviously. I bitch about bad games as much as anyone, and if you are passionate about something its going to piss you off when that something is sh!tting on your face.

However, there is a huge difference between critiquing/criticizing the play of this team and abandoning them, saying negative sh!t with no point, and just generally being a horrible fan. If you hate the team that much, don’t root. Don’t come to the games. Nobody wants to hear an arena full of boos and groans when the team is doing poorly. If anything, you are there to support and encourage the team, ESPECIALLY when they are doing poorly. Isnt that what home ice is supposed to be about?

Like I said, criticizing the team is obviously a part of being a ‘real fan’ - someone who cares enough to be annoyed or frustrated with the way the team is playing. But in a season where we are going to grab 100 points, make the playoffs AGAIN, and have home ice in the opening round – you wouldn’t know any of that from the way a lot of people around here are talking.

It just makes me sick. Literally – it makes me physically ill that a 6 game stretch of uninspired play and some bad breaks could turn so many people from being ‘avid fans’ into saying the team ‘sucks’, that its Martys fault somehow, that they are going to watch preseason baseball instead of the Devils…(that one I really cant understand and Im a huge Yankees fan).

Basically, like the title says, if youre not with us now, I don’t think you should be with us during the playoffs. So if you really are going to choose an exhibition baseball game with backup players over a crucial stretch run Devils game, or youre going to bash the face of the franchise, say we need to fire Lou (ughh), and are planning on turning in your playoff tickets, because ‘why should I care if they don’t’, (which is the whiniest sh!t Ive ever heard in my fvcking life), just tune out, negativity breeds itself, so stay away from the team – check who won the cup in June, and focus on whether Oliver Perez can get it together this spring or something.

The rest of you, lets just get behind the team, hope they can turn it around, and enjoy the most exciting time of the year – the NHL playoffs.


Dying Mother? Outside of the ER?

26 March 2009 - 02:34 PM


Parise vs. Kariya

24 March 2009 - 03:51 PM

Personal opinions and affinities aside, how do you stack these two up against each other?

Ive been a huge fan of Zach since we drafted him, and I knew he would become a very good/possibly great player in this league.

Whenever I try to describe his game to a newer fan, or someone who is not really ‘into’ hockey like I am, (girlfriend, usually, who doesnt care haha), I end up using the Kariya comparison.

I always include the fact that there are very distinct differences in their skill sets and overall game, (grittiness vs. raw skill mostly), but I was wondering if you guys had opinions on who would be a better fit to compare him to.

Just want some thoughts on who you would compare Parise with, not a whole bunch of idiotic rambling about how wrong it is to compare Kariya and Parise. (Just saw that coming ahead of time, and wanted to let it be known I don’t care if you disagree with my comparison, just tell me yours.)
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