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In Topic: Is it time to trade Cory Schenider?

Today, 02:44 PM

I'm not in a position right now to look it up, but it doesnt matter if its not a long list. Its possible. And my point still stands


Sure as sh!t it matters if it's a long list of not. It's a bad bet to make. Bad bets turn in profit every now and then, but we're talking probability here, not destiny.

In Topic: Is it time to trade Cory Schenider?

Today, 01:38 PM

I'm not entirely against trading Schneider if the return is phenomenal. To compare I wouldnt do it if we got something similar to what we paid for him. It would have to be double that in terms of quality. Cory's signed through 2022, so we have a long time with him yet and as its seen, goaltenders "sell by" dates vary incredibly. Cory could play at an elite or close to elite level for 7-10 more years, which is more than enough time for the Devils to get back to contention. Two solid offseasons and the Devils could be right back in the thick of things. 




If Schneider is elite beyond 33 then I'm surprised. Go look at how many top flight goalies that continued to be that beyond 35. It's not a very long list.

In Topic: Confirmed: Sergey Kalinin to devils.

Today, 11:25 AM

Done deal. 1 year ELC.

In Topic: Report: Sharks Name Pete DeBoer Head Coach

Today, 06:14 AM

Kinda feel for DeBoer. Goes to FLA, team falls apart/ownership/all that. Goes to NJ, gets one season with the full team, Parise leaves, Kovy leaves. Now he goes to SJ, with all that lockerroom strife, GM that wants to move two of his best players...they might implode next year. 

In Topic: Is it time to trade Cory Schenider?

Today, 06:11 AM

I'm not really in the trade Schneider camp, but it's increasingly likely that whenever the Devils are ready to compete, Schneider will be past his prime (and possibly in rapid decline, or close to it). The timeline for when this team gets good again and Schneider's prime just doesn't mesh, unless an amazing retool happens (which I can't see happening even in my wildest dreams, because the assets aren't there). The Devils basically need homeruns everywhere in this draft + shrewd signings + a heist of a trade.


That's why I'm not against the discussion on trading Schneider. Amazing goalie? Yep. Worth his contract? Yep. But what's that worth if he, in fact, makes the rebuild more difficult (because he's that frickin' good) and the assets you bring back could accelerate the rebuild? It's unlikely that the Devils' next goalie will be as good as Schneider, but then again there're more able goalies than there are teams these days.