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#976047 Anyone see Bettman at the game tonight?

Posted by JustinZ on 05 January 2011 - 01:42 AM

Scored some free club seats and was in section 8. Right before the third started I was chilling in the ice lounge. I ran into a friend and was bsing with him. Then he says there's Bettman, and I turn around to see him walking by me. I couldn't resist. I yelled you suck at him. Then I see this huge security guy in a suit look at me and start heading over, so I go back to talking to my friend thinking, fvck this guy's gonna kick me out. He taps me and says don't be a fvcking dick. I then apologized, and the guy didn't take his eyes off me for like 5 minutes. Looked like he was heading down to his seats, had to be in section 6 or 7. Can't believe he would sit anywhere but a box after what he did to this team.
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