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Random Thoughts on the trade

05 February 2010 - 06:30 PM

I'm probably one of the few that's not quite sure what to think about this trade.

I know the Devils desperately needed help in the scoring area - no doubt about that. This trade will certainly help. But, we all know this is a rental, which leads to my issue with it. I hate rental trades. I hate this one simply because I really do not see this team having a shot at the cup. I just don't.

Then again, I'm probably one of the few who doesn't like the fact that Lemaire is coaching. Didn't like it when Lou chose him, don't like it now. He didn't disappoint me either - he's still the same in my opinion. Overcoaching, stiffling the defense, overplaying Brodeur... Hate it. I remember why he got canned - I guess Lou didn't or he's the only game in town.

While I'm not happy Oduya is gone, I feel he never would have panned out with Lemaire. He just didn't seem to get him. I don't believe for a minute he's the type of guy who stops playing after cashing in. Personally I was interested to see how he played in the Olympics to judge whether or not he was having a crap year or just can't play for Lemaire. He should be able to - but Niedermayer didn't flourish under him either (and no, I'm in no way comparing the two). His confidence was gone - guess we'll see how he does in Atlanta. Who knows.

The point production from the defense is crap in general. Andy Greene was racking them up - on the PP anyway. I would guess about 95% of his points came from the PP. Even strength is a problem. Should be interesting seeing him in the post season, especially considering he's never played a full NHL season. I don't know why, I just can't get into him. Just can't. Too soft along the boards. Too soft in front of the net. Too indecisive. Drives me nuts.

As much as I always loved Pandolfo, and it pains me to say it, he's done.

I think Niedermayer is the laziest player I've ever seen. I just want to bitch slap him.

Maybe I'm being overly pessimistic (Shocking, I know) - I just don't see it this year. Even with the trade. Brodeur scares me, he really does. Those god awful untimely goals are still there. White is still running players in the neutral zone leaving a rattled Mottau left alone. And can someone explain to me why those two are still paired together? Slow and Slower? I don't get that one either and I don't get why Mike Mottau is getting 25 minutes a game. I don't want to knock the guy - he's playing a #1 position with #6 talent. I don't fault him.

Anyway, the defense is now worse, god help us. I've got that same feeling about the defense that I had when the Giants were 5-0. The feeling that somehow they're winning, a bit of luck and timing perhaps, but it just seemed as though they shouldn't. Sure the defense is ranked high, but as retarded as this may sound, I just don't see it. Salmela scares the bejesus out of me. I guess Lemaire will play him 7 minutes a game with Fraser so we can overplay Greene even more. I know Martin comes back and the defense should improve without a doubt, but let's not forget the Martin was playing like crap too before he was hurt.

Maybe the trade will work, I don't know. I just hate rentals, they always seem to bite you in the ass.

Sorry - these anti-Devil fan thoughts have been killing me all season. Don't mean to be a downer, I couldn't contain myself any longer.