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#1202569 The "Now That We've Had Time To Digest This Thread"

Posted by hasunow on 12 July 2013 - 07:43 AM

Clearly, as far as dark days in the Devils franchise go, Kovy "retiring" ranks waaaaaay the hell up there.  Goes without saying...and even worse, as fans it was damned near impossible to see this coming.  We were all blindsided today, and as expected, we all experienced a lot of emotions and feelings, and pretty much all of them were negative.
I am disappointed, but now that the shock is over, I can't say that I am angry with Kovy necessarily.  Don't get me wrong, as far as CR1976 the Devils fan goes, the fvcker's dead to me forever, but the human being in me sees it this way:
He's not American.  He's Russian.  Clearly Russia feels right to him in a way America never did. 
It's easy to say, "Well, if he had any doubts about staying here, he shouldn't have signed that deal."  He signed it in 2010.  It's now 2013.  A lot can happen in three years.  People can change.  What seemed like a great idea in 2010 can feel like a lousy one a few years later.  Since Kovy clearly had a change of heart and no longer wanted to be a part of this franchise, it's a good thing that the Devils are no longer on the hook for paying him $77 million.  Yes, it's going to hurt in the short term, but Kovy's contract was a bad one the minute it was signed.  I can't imagine he could've held up continuing to carry the workload that was being asked of him.  His deal was going to be a rough one in time (same as Parise's).  With this contract null and void, new opportunities WILL present themselves, but I'm not going to pretend that the Devils became a better team today.   
So in short, I can't bring myself to hate Kovy.
But I can hate the NHL right now.  Because today showed that the brand has been cheapened, and the NHL has no else to blame but themselves for this.  They've taken the brand for granted for too long, and because of their arrogance (thank you Gary Bettman), they allowed another game to ride into their turf and become a competitor for the world's best players' services.  This is such a sad joke.  The NHL is supposed to be the best league in the world, the league where the top players from all-around want to compete for the right to hoist hockey's ultimate trophy. That's supposed to be a fvcking NO BRAINER!  Remember, it wasn't so long ago that Russians were yearning, screaming, begging for the chance to play in the NHL...not the opportunity to go BACK! 
With Kovy's defection, to me, everything about the NHL took a hit today.  The league, how it's perceived, the Cup...somehow all of it seems a little less significant, a little less important, and the NHL is not a league that can afford to take hits to its credibility like this.  One of its best players willingly turned his back on what is allegedly THE friggin' PREMIER hockey league of the world.  I'm still amazed that this could even happen, regardless of the circumstances.   
Anywhere, just curious where others who are somewhat breathing normally again are.

While still in shock and will miss his style of play immensely and what he brought to this team, I share almost the identical thoughts and feelings as you. Well put!
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#1157196 Operation Hat Trick charity hockey game - Brodeur vs. Lundqvist

Posted by hasunow on 25 November 2012 - 10:23 AM

I was at the game last night at it was an amazing experience. Just really great to have any form of hockey back, especially with a bunch of NHL pros. Walking around AC during the day it was very cool to see lots of people in hockey apparel (jerseys, hats, shirts, etc). And at least in my case, everyone kinda gave one another a 'nod' when they saw them wearing some kind of hockey team item as if to say "I don't care what team you like just as long as we get to see hockey." The game itself was pretty wild; i was fortunate enough to be able to get seats right on the glass. It was very much an all-star game atmosphere with guys messing with one another, smiling, laughing, not a ton of defense and having a lot of fun. I've been to many games before but never been to a game before with seats this good so it really was a site to see (i was in the away team corner). I have to say, watching Lundqvist was a sight to see. He played out of his mind at times, like he's still in playoff mode. But as always it was a awesome to see Marty flash the leather and handle the puck in his own end. He even got an assist on an Andy Greene top shelf goal. Lot of cheers to bring back hockey and a couple to fire Bettman. And the usual 'Marty' sing-song chants but all in good fun at this point. Daniel Alfredsson waved at me which was cool and Matt Martin (islanders) and Lundqvist all threw their sticks in the crowd afterwards. Alfie skated right to me and tossed his stick over but signaled to give it to the small kid behind me so i was happy to oblige. Here are a few photos from the game...

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